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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


At Kc-Bells Fitness we specialise in Kettlebell training for full body workout at a location of your choosing or at a gym with other equipment. Total body toning, fat loss, strength & endurance, conditioning and stability are just the few benefits of Kettlebell training.

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28 July 2020

I have been fortunate to have Kashif as my Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor for nearly 3 years. During this time, he has unearthed in me a genuine love for physical activity. Before i started training with Kashif, I did not have an understanding of what my body was capable of. Under Kashif's motivational and directional guidance, i have seen very positive changes in my body from a reduction in body fat to greater strength, stamina and muscle mass.

Reaching out to Kashif to be my personal trainer was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. There are any number of things that we can all spend our money on, but the investment i have made on my own well-being and health is something that money cannot buy. Health is Wealth after all. Behind the Kettlebells is a lovely gentleman who will be by your side throughout your fitness journey. And what a wonderful journey that will be.

26 June 2020

I’ve been doing Kash’s KB classes for a while now. I can’t think of a better way to help me work out. The classes are fun , interactive and always different. I didn’t think I’d like doing virtual classes and felt I wouldn’t put in maximum effort but honestly surprised myself. Can’t recommend these classes enough, you’ll be burning the calories ! More...

26 June 2020

I can undoubtedly, 100% highly recommend Kashif Chaudry as a PT/Instructor who will guide you to achieve your fitness goals! I’ve been having weekly 1hr PT sessions and attend his gym classes (Kettlebells, Circuits,Core) for just over a year.
Kashif is committed to teaching the correct technique and emphasises quality over quantity to prevent injuries. He is a ‘Perfectionist’ and will motivate and encourage you to always do ‘your best.’ I love his calm and focussed manner and patience - breaking down moves, step by step. He is an excellent Kettlebell instructor!
His PT sessions and classes are always very well planned and organised with a variety of moves and equipment which keeps you engaged. I can guarantee you will be tired at the end of a session but you will enjoy and have fun at the same time, leaving you feeling ‘good.’
My strength, endurance and cardio have increased. My body fat has reduced, my muscles are toned and I have reached my ideal weight. I have received positive comments on my body transformation by family, friends and colleagues.
Most importantly, my mental and physical health have vastly improved, hence my Well being is in a good place! So, if you’re looking for a PT/instructor, Kashif Chaudry is the person for you!

26 June 2020

I'm 62 and hypothyroid, which makes it harder to build muscle and lose fat, and some of my joints are stiff and painful. Like many women I found the gym mysterious and intimidating . Kettlebell classes with Kash were always my favourite, and I started one to one sessions initially with the aim of doing the kettlebell moves correctly and avoiding injury. Several months in I can say my body is much stronger and more flexible, pretty much pain free. I have lost weight, gained muscle and look pretty good! I can't recommend Kash highly enough More...


Client consultation is important to start with during which we arrertain what their goals and aspirations are and how we achieve them. I would take body measurements and body metrics which would include weight, skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass which we do through out our program to track our progress.

Training for someone new can sometimes be a daunting task. Will I be able to do this? What if I fail? And so on.. I believe in taking a different not too serious approach sometimes. Training should be fun as well as trying to reach our goals. Getting your dream body and doing it whilst having fun is the best way to do achieve that.

This is one job that enables me to actually change people’s lives. How they feel about themselves, how they see themselves in the mirror. My job helps people look, feel and walk with confidence and that, I feel, is the deal breaker. After every session that “sense of accomplishment” look on my clients face makes me love my profession.

It’s not everyday you get a chance to help people change their lives. To better them selves. To help build their confidence in themselves. And it’s the people who I work with that make my job worth while and the reason why I started my own business. I care very much about the industry I work In and and my clients and it’s because of that love I’m sometimes out of my door 5am for sessions.

Personal trainer client relationship doesn’t just end there. In that session the two get to know each other as people and on many occasions become friends. I am an easy going person and always make time for my clients in a very professional environment.