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Katsiaryna Emeljana, nutritionist in Beckenham and online

Beckenham, Greater London


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Clinical nutritionist, fitness-expert in Beckenham, BR3 1DZ.
GP in the past.
More than 10 years of experience.
Dealing with any medical conditions.
Developing diets and meal plans for any aim (lose weight, gain muscle, improve health, treat diseases and disorders)

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30 August 2019

Meeting and consulting Katsiaryna in 2018 I was impressed by the level of care and commitment to my well-being she showed.

She listened to my issues and came up with a health plan that suited my requirements, including dietary preferences and budget.

No hard to find ingredients or complex plans to follow.

Initially my plan was to get healthier and not worry about weight loss as I’d been following a very strict low calorie diet and needed to reintroduce real food. Katsia worked with me over the three months and I was healthier and happier than I had been since my early 20’s.

I would recommend Katsiaryna to anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being.

23 August 2019

Before I met Katsiaryna in October 2018, I was unhappy with my gut health and how badly it had affected my body and confidence.

I have now been seeing Kate for about 10 months (Skype-meetings), and can honestly say that she is the BEST nutritionist one could ask for. She's extremely caring, listens and genuinely wanted to help me get better and get me out of my gut rut. I had about 9-10 sessions with her and out of those, only twice was I prescribed medication/probiotics. I understood why I was taking everything which was not only reassuring to me, but to my family and my partner.

After that, we worked on my corrective process which involved introducing more bitter foods into my diet and also slowly reintroducing gluten and lactose as well. Katsiaryna has a wealth of knowledge and explained why certain foods would help my gut and what else they would improve (e.g. serotonin levels, liver health, gut lining, etc.). I was also not forced to eat any foods that I didn't want to and she gave me options for everything. It felt like I was eating like a "normal" person again.

Katsiaryna has truly changed my life for the better.

22 August 2019

Katya was so brilliant! She listened carefully and was very considered in her recommendations. She is so friendly and was very enthusiastic with her help. Would highly recommend her!!!

22 August 2019

Katerina is fantastic! Non-judgmental, knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Helped me a lot with my digestion problems and high level of cholesterol (went so much down!). Highly recommend.

22 August 2019

I am so happy with my nutritionist Katsiaryna, i have started her special system at the end of Fabruary and by June i lost 2 stones (12kg). My skin is glowing i feel fantastic. With her competence and methodology she helped me to loose weight healthily and without starving myself... she is always prompt to provide support and is genuinely happy for her patients achievements... i am glad i met a professional of her caliber. I highly recommend a consultation for anyone who is looking to loose weight proper way and more importantly healthily. In love with my new lifestyle! More...


"We are what we eat" - This phrase explains everything!

I love to see "magic health and appearance transformations" in my patients and clients! :)

I started my own business more than 10 years ago. The opportunity of freedom in all aspects attracted me.

I`m owing very deep knowledge about the human body, medicine, biochemistry, and nutrition. Always studying and refreshing my skills to help more people.


Weight loss

Muscle growth

Diseases and disorders
(diabetes, heart diseases,
GUT disorders, anemia,
skin and hair problems, autoimmune
diseases, allergy, intolerance,
high sugar or cholesterol etc.)

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

3,5,7 options for each meal

One day of current food

Diseases and disorders
(diabetes, heart and vascular diseases,
bones, joints and spine problems, etc.)

Old traumas

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Weight loss

Muscle growth