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I'm often struck by the diversity of people I work with and the scope of challenges they navigate: across sectors, roles, responsibilities, with their unique gifts, private tragedies and public ambition. Then it hit me: I coach grown-ups who want to keep growing.

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21 October 2020

Kate recently coached me through a major transition point in my life and in my career, which resulted in me confidently shifting my career path from branding and communications to sustainability consulting. This entailed a change in employment, and further study.

Her insights allowed me to frame the decision and the transition in a way that made sense to my head and heart — and to everyone around me, from family to employer. She advised that I look at the situation from all angles and to give the tyres a kick, to see if anything would give way.

I feel that I am now following my true path and purpose, a journey which I started 30 years ago when entering university. With Kate's invaluable help, what could have been a mid-life crisis is instead a mid-life celebration!

14 October 2020

Kate is a great coach. She is totally dedicated to the outcomes you want to achieve, and you really feel like she's got your back. She asks incredibly insightful and useful questions, and is brilliant at helping you to re-frame issues that you may be struggling with - and hey presto, they are no longer a problem! Or you find a simpler solution than you ever anticipated! This is a unique and valuable ability. I also appreciate Kate's honesty, directness, creativity and kindness. More...

4 October 2020

Compassionate to her core, Kate’s ability to listen - actively, deeply and non-judgementally - created a safe, enabling environment where I could explore ideas and develop thoughtful solutions. Kate’s appreciation of diverse and multiple perspectives helped to open up new and fresh possibilities for me which I do not think I would have easily realised on my own. Thank you Kate Hammer. More...

3 October 2020

As a recent graduate the world of employment appeared extremely daunting and I found myself not knowing where to start. Having sessions with Kate, not only empowered me to help define my own life goals but allowed me to really consider the direction I wanted to go in.
Kate’s positive attitude, warmth and listening skills meant that opening up to her felt natural and I found myself feeling motivated after each session. I learnt to see the crossroads I was at in my career, as an opportunity rather than a hinderance and began to enjoy the journey I was on.
At any stage of your life, taking a big step is daunting and often lonely – starting coaching sessions with Kate during that stage in my life was definitely the best and most empowering decision I could have made.

29 September 2020

I am very happy to recommend Kate as a coach. She helped me with some career coaching and there were several aspects of her style that really impressed me.
Great listener. A key skill for a coach but she gives you 100% of her attention during the coaching.
Great preparation. Kate brought many ideas and exercises to the sessions to offer to me. Although this was done without obligation it was clear she had done some thorough preparation for the sessions and most of the exercises worked really well to bring out key points that she then helped me work through.
Goal oriented. This was really important for me. I have worked with some coaches who allow the conversation to drift towards "the meaning of life". I am sure Kate could help with this but for me she knew what I wanted to achieve and kept each session very much on track to achieve that.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that I found Kate to be so well read and informed that it inspired me to up my game too.
Choosing a coach is always such a personal decision but I can assure you that Kate has all the necessary skills and experience you would want from a top coach.


The way people's eyes light up when they make a discovery about themselves, their relationships or their path forward. The power people experience when an experiment they've undertaken brings something new, beneficial, delightful to their lives.

I've become the coach I wish -- at so many points in life -- I had.

I coach people 1:1 because so much beneficial change is possible when people have a sounding board, bold questions and a trustworthy space in which to think for themselves, without judgement or pressure to conform.

I offer safety and stretch; and people tell me our work together makes a lasting difference. I am highly skilled, well-trained, responsible and responsive. I have experience successfully coaching artists, creative industries professionals, mid-level managers, CEOs, recent graduates. I receive coaching supervision and am also trained as a coaching supervisor (to help other coaches build up their professional excellence).

I coach online using Zoom. Skype is also an option.
I worked online before coronavirus turned our lives upside down.


When you're in transition, this coaching practice supports you in corralling your resources, engaging your imagination and actively choosing pathways that are true to your values.

I accompany you as you juggle the demands of starting or running your own business, finding and keeping meaningful relationships and overcoming life's obstacles.

Life coaching that unleashes your imagination so you're better able to direct the poise you've gained in your mindfulness or meditation practice into creative action. Because life can be bolder, more full of gusto and relish.

Public speaking and interpersonal communication that starts with your mind and gut; releasing your honest voice to address the world.

When life's turbulence is affecting you, having a non-judgemental listener to accompany you with gentle curiosity and genuine appreciation can restore balance.

Challenge and support in navigating your specific world of work. Struggling to adjust to a team or company culture? Want to step into bigger shoes without toppling your life/work balance? Striving to assert your capabilities and secure a promotion? Coming to terms with a project closure or a change in role? Learning to manage and wondering why it's so tough? These are just some of the challenges you can work through in the confidential, catalytic space.