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Just be hypnotherapy and coaching


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What if well being, resilience and Peace of mind could be yours? Well it can, you already have it. I'm a 3 principle practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist and I enable people to uncover and reveal the well being that is innate and is always within them.

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Seeing the transformation in the clients that work with me as their confidence grows, as their understanding of how their psychological system works, growing from an inner knowing that they can have peace of mind, well being, contentment, calm, security, and a belief in themselves.

I see the change in myself and wanted to share what I had learnt. I am passionate about sharing how experience works. how our minds work so that everyone can realise how what they experience is always generated from their own thinking in the moment, and a thought can always be changed! Therefore our experience of life can be changed. Life works 100% from the inside out.

I am successful in treating various problems because I listen deeply to what is needed, treating the cause, getting to the deeper levels of what is the problem and not just the symptoms. I uncover and reveal their inbuilt resilience, well being, wisdom, peace, calm, creativity and the ability to respond to any situation appropriately allowing them to achieve the success that they are longing for : a release from addictions, fears and phobias, excess weight, etc,.