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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Jenna is a freelance copyeditor and writer.

Her works can be found internationally, both in pixels and in print. Jenna has completed written and editing projects for many businesses since 2014, including record label giants, multimillion-dollar tech companies and social enterprise startups.


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13 July 2020

Excellent work. Could not recommend highly enough & will be using again in the future.

Thanks, Andy! It was a pleasure working on your project and I look forward to working with you again.

30 May 2020

Before working with Jenna, I was pretty sure I knew what my brand was, after all I'd been building it for a few years - it turns out I wasn't as clear about my brand as I thought! Jenna helped me to get clear on exactly what my brand is, the audience I'm speaking to and how to engage them. After each part of her workshop, I came out with a more defined understanding of how my business looks to others and importantly how to grow it further. I felt equipped with tons of online tools I was completely unaware of before. Jenna has a great knack at educating you and building on your knowledge step by step. I'm completely delighted with the 'signature offer' she helped me to create. Using her tips and tricks, the feedback in terms of sales has been almost instant. Thanks Jenna, you've really helped take my business to the next step! More...

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I know everyone says it but I love helping people. It's probably the old teacher in me, but I love that I can help people spot things that would have held them back. When I'm writing, I love getting into flow - when the minutes slip away into hours and you've come out the other side with a really good piece of content.

I've had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. My portfolio of "businesses" growing up was varied.

I bought my first croquet set by selling lemonade to thirsty builders (thanks to mum and dad for the startup capital) and spent summers mowing lawns for water park money. I babysat for the entire neighbourhood throughout secondary school, and once upon a time I ran a successful Etsy shop.

At university I participated in a career-building course where we learnt how to write CVs, conduct ourselves in an interview, and most importantly find out what we really wanted to do. It was a class I took on a whim, but it's still one of the most useful courses I've ever taken. I realised there that I wanted to own my own business; and then swiftly forgot about it as I trained to become a teacher.

Alongside a steady nine-to-five as an educator, I built up my experience writing and saw the opportunity to fulfill that forgotten dream. I'm now fully set up in my spacious home office and loving every second of it.

Clients should choose me for my experience, expertise and inability to underdeliver. I'll work closely with the client to produce work that exceeds their satisfaction. I've constructed a methodology over the past 7 years that enables me to do this. When editing and proofreading, I utilise paid software to accompany my experienced eye. When writing, I never work from a fill-in-the-blank template like many content writers. I research, outline and plug away. Each piece I write is bespoke. Even when I'm not working directly with clients, I'm reading, watching and listening to content about how to improve as a writer and editor.

As always, all of my services can be provided 100% remotely.

As always, all of my services can be provided 100% remotely.



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