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Iree Coaching is committed to improving quality of life for individuals by understand your background and issues Iree Coaching is able to assist with your personal growth, build and increased confidence, empowerment in order to overcome adversity, self-limiting beliefs, and even discrimination and social exclusion.

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14 July 2019

It took sometime for me to get my eating plan into action but I got there.. we got there Thank You. I went from 14st 5lbs down to 12 st 6lbs. Thank you for believing in me. My wedding day was amazing!! More...

14 July 2019

Thank you Nyree you have been a life changer. I still go to the gym can push up, press 140kg. Down from 16st 13lbs to 13st 6lbs At 56 I feel like I am 26 again, again thank you!


I need to assess, do full body measurements to then work out the best way forward looking at food Work out what your intake is and optimal intake assess activity levels. When and what time you need to reach your goal and see results. Remember it you never gained over night so results will not happen over night. No microwave 10seconds ping effect..!

Be honest and stay committed to you, as you can only do the results for you no one else. Only you will be the winner in the end to get that amazing feel good factor. There is not failure only try try and try again till we get there together!!
I have been there after 3 child births.

When I have help achieving the unthinkable becoming self employed due to the lack of self belief, limitations “can’t do it!” Getting ladies to fit into wedding dress, men losing weight not seen in 20years. Enabling others to try give back a “Can do!”

I have worked in funding projects that have many restrictions in how or where I could work. Age, area, circumstances. Now I am able to let people contact me who requested Iree Coaching services.

I am able to use learnt educational skills alongside holistic approach to gaining target results. Using Conditions - what’s the issue
= Thought - what you think
= Feelings - how you feel
= Action - creat direction towards
Results !

Very much tried and well tested...


Men and women, first time or more children. We all need help along the way., when things change. #antenatal, #postnatal, #child #growth & #development. #Child #Protection #social #services #Domestic #Violence #Domestic #Abuse, #Financial #Abuse

We have tried many ways to loss weight with little to no success. Let me show you what your body and mind need to do together to get the results desired.

Relationship get caught up in the honeymoon moment. Then reality sets and things are not how you imagined due to great expectations upon the relationship,
This may occur where theres not been discussions or amicably agreed in the progression of the relationship. Thus creating stress, tension frustration.
This could be you so let’s sit and re map to make a better path for both to agree and create happiness.
Iree Coaching could help work though many issues to resolve, compromise gain strength longevity trust. If you both want to work at the relationship. Or get to know what your looking for out of a relationship. Reaching a win win situation.

Mapping your life, working out what is right or wrong take this way or do it your parent/s way.
Let’s look at all the options, paths that you might have. When you try it’s not a failure is not the right path at that time. So adjustments are needed to try till it’s right.

We grow after we have been told what or how to do thing with the guidance of parents. Then we leave home find a partner then stay playing at a grown up. But we still need that helping hand to look if things are on the right path.
Iree Coaching is able to map options in life to plan and aim to a target, that prime goal building blocks on life.

Iree Coaching is in business and profiting, also specialise in non profit. The setting up running and building the business. Looking at objectives profits, forecasting, marketing, all elements to build a strong foundation. This one part of the business the other is your ability to build and grow with a flourishing business. Taking on staff managing and leading the business maintaining professionalism. Gaining sponsorship online recognition via SEO and social media build funnels many other calls to attention.
Let work on your confidence to build a prospering business let Iree Coaching help you.