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Wilmslow / Manchester, Cheshire / Greater Manchester

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INSTINCT Fitness & Therapy provides professional health services for Manchester & Cheshire.

We offer Fitness coaching and Personal Training. Sports therapy and Sports massage.

Our focus is to provide the best possible service. Every client matters!

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We do not believe in diets, but rather in living a healthy life. When people take up diets, they assume that one day these diets will end. Our aim is to teach people to see the benefits of living this lifestyle and adopting it for themselves. We focus on all aspects of it, nutrition, training, mentality. We provide support for our clients in all of these areas. When you become our client, you become a part of something bigger. That is what we believe.

We help our clients by supporting them at all times and never letting them down. Our clients have full access to our knowledge and skills set, we make sure that there is no one left behind.
Not only fitness, but our clients have various goals, which are what we work towards. We make sure that we cover all areas of life and teach people, so that one day they no longer need us.

The secret is making sure that your mind is in a good place. There is no such thing as the body of your dreams, as the human being will always want more. We make sure that our clients are happy with their bodies, which leads to them feeling amazing. If our clients are happy, then we are happy.

What we love most about working in this industry is the opportunities to meet various people and be able to change lives for the good. Our clients are our motivation, they are what makes us keep going. There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing that you have helped someone achieve a goal, or get out of a dark place.

What inspired our Director to start this company was the fact that there is a lot of people out there, who are seeking a professional health service, which cares for them and wants them to progress in their lives. The dream is to influence as many people as possible on a global scale and improve lives and help people reach dreams.

Our clients choose us, because we care. Because we are there when they need motivation, support, someone to talk to. We do not judge anyone and we are proud of all people, who choose to help themselves. We respect our clients and that is what matters.


Fitness coaching is all about YOU. It is a one to one coaching method, where we TEACH you exercise, in order for you to one day be able to perform each and every exercise on your own and learn about your body. It is hard work, but once you see results, there is no going back! We have the knowledge to help you overcome pain, weakness and teach you how to control your body. It is after all, the most complicated system in the world, once you master that, nothing will be able to stop you.

The title is misleading. Sports Therapy is not just for ”sports” people, or athletes. It can help anyone! The reputation of Sports Therapy has grown massively in the last couple of years, after a lot of people realised that they need something more than the normal physiotherapy treatments. If your injury is in our list, it can be treated.

Massage has been used for thousands of years to help alleviate minor ailments, decrease stress levels, rejuvenate tired muscles and improve skin tone. All of our therapists are trained to give an effective massage using various therapies and techniques such as Swedish relaxing massage, deep tissue massage to help stimulate muscles, and seated acupressure massage used for quick stress buster sessions.

– Not a fan of the gym environment?

– Do you feel like you do not know what to do when you go to the gym?

– Do you feel intimidated?

Fortunately INSTINCT Fitness & Therapy offer mobile fitness coaching services, where our fitness coach will come to your doorstep and train you in your own home! Don’t waste anymore time on excuses, contact us today and book your first home fitness session.

– Had a busy, hard day at work and need to relax?

– Do not have a local therapist to go to?

– Have an injury, but not sure where to go?

Look no further. We also offer mobile treatments that range from basic Sports Massage to Sports Therapy treatments for a wide range of injuries! Stop living with the stress and pain and book your first home treatment today.

Online coaching has become very popular, as it is an easy way for people to keep track of their workouts and progress, by a quick look at their mobile device, or laptop.