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30 September 2022

Personal Trainers

“Two dress sizes down and feeling great”
After using an online mentor and not getting the help I needed, I was about to quit and go back to the bad habits of eating too much and not exercising. Jon sent me a messaged and asked me to give him a chance to show me that he can help me achieve my goals. Jon has been amazing, he worked with me to find out what type of exercises I enjoy and what works best for me, he also pushed me when I needed that push as I get in my head a lot and overthink most things. Jon has given me the support and motivation to not only achieve the goals I had set, but to also change things in my life that were affecting me and stopping me being happy with myself. More...

10 September 2022

I started working with Jon post covid, I had lost all enthusiasm for working out and needed a push. I wanted to focus on strength rather than weight loss and Jon was the first PT I'd met who was totally accepting of that.

Working with Jon has been such a positive experience, it's helped both my physical and mental health, and I am far more motivated to work out on the days I'm not training with Jon. I've seen huge improvemnets in my strength in a short space of time. I cannot recommend him enough.

3 February 2022

Personal Trainers

I have gone from a size 22 to a size 12/14 with help from Jon and the training sessions I do with him each week. He has made me understand my relationship with food and that it's not always the scales that show progress. Last week, I went to a shop and picked 4 dresses knowing they would all fit, I just had to chose which one I liked best. I would never have done that before losing my weight as shopping was always a miserable experience. More...

29 September 2021

Personal Trainers

I decided to begin working with Jon after I lost all confidence in working out post covid. I struggled a lot with flexibility and being able to get the most out of my different muscles.

In the time that Jon has been my PT he has helped me build back the confidence I lost and really helped me get the most out of different muscle groups through various exercises, stretches and knowledge of how these different muscle groups work.

My workouts have improved so much since working with him and I'm seeing much quicker results than before, ever grateful for the work he put in 💪🏻

5 January 2021

Working with Jon has been a positive experience. I have learnt so much from my sessions with him and have finally cut through the masses of information out there to get to the route of what’s best for me. Jon is understanding and always aims to keep the workout sessions lively and fun (even in the pouring rain). I would definitely recommend Ignite! More...

3 January 2021

Personal Trainers

I started training with Jon in the summer and knew straight away that I would get a lot from our sessions. Jon took the time to really understand my goals, my circumstances and more importantly my reasons for wanting to get in shape and lose weight. He's very knowledgeable and knows exactly when to push you and what will motivate you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Jon (which is saying something as I usually really dislike excercise). He put me at ease from day one and with his friendly personality and advice I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to get fit and improve their general fitness.

24 December 2020

Personal Trainers

I started training with Jon about 6 weeks ago.
I was following Weight Watchers to lose weight - I had 7 stone to lose when I started my journey.
I had started to exercise more by walking and wanted to start to tone up whilst losing weight, without the monotony of the gym.
Since starting to train with Jon, he has changed the way I think about food. It's no longer a struggle trying to keep within my weight watcher points, I now count calories following Jon's advice and have so much more freedom with food.
The exercises I do with Jon have made me so much fitter, but without it feeling like hard work. I feel more confident to try a little jog in my local park.
I feel like I can contact Jon whenever I need to and he always replies with any advice I need.
I can also continue my training at home with videos Jon has given me as well as the equipment I need to do the training.
In the 1st month training with Jon, I lost 11lbs and 14 inches all over my body.
I would definitely recommend working with Jon and look forward to training with him in the future.

25 May 2020

Personal Trainers

Having never had a PT before I didn’t know what to expect but Jon put me at ease straight away spending time getting to know me and what I wanted to get out of it & why. The sessions are always challenging and focussed on both doing different fun (excluding the assault bike!!) activities as well as talking through my food & challenges. Even though I hate Jon through most of the sessions putting me through my paces, I’ve lost 2st over the past year and there is no way I could have done it without his support. Genuinely a nice guy who actually cares & I would highly recommend! More...

11 March 2020

Personal Trainers

I have never had a PT before but since working with Jon it has really helped me to keep up the motivation to attend the gym and eat the right things. The sessions are challenging but fun and there is always something different to do. I was worried about having a PT because I was worried about feeling judged but Jon is so easy to get on with and really made me feel at ease. Jon is knowledgable and I would definitely recommend ! More...

14 August 2019

I have trained with Jon for over a year. When I finish a session with him, I am sore, but its all good. With his training and guidance I saw an improvement in my body. I had to stop training with him late last year but am hoping to start again very soon. Bring back the pain!!! More...

17 July 2019

Jon has been my personal trainer for the last 3 months and in that time I have seen a significant improvement in my strength and stamina. My running times have reduced and I am more toned. He uses unique training exercises which gain great results and every session is different and enjoyable. He has managed to keep things fun whilst also gaining results. Not only has my physical health greatly improved since starting with Jon my mental health also. I definitely recommend and I will continue my sessions as I enjoy them so much. More...

22 September 2017

I attended Edgbaston Physiotherapy Clinic having no idea what was wrong with my back. I’m a fit and healthy 23 year old with no health concerns other than having a painful lower back for over a week. I met with Isaak Tyros who pinpointed my pain, diagnosed and treated all within 3 weeks. He’s a master of his art and I’d fully recommend a visit. I was treated faster than it would have been to have waited to be referred by my GP. Excellent all round. Thank you Isaak. More...

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19 September 2017

Isaak is an experienced physiotherapist. Professional and thorough.

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27 August 2017

Just a quick note to say how pleased I was with my Physiotherapist, Isaak Tyros. After over three months of pain I was so releived to have been refered to Edgbaston Physiotherap. Issak managed to disgnose my problem in minutes and started a treatment plan. his experience and sound advice has made such a diference, words can't explain how pleased I am. No pain killers since just after my first appointment. Thank you and well done Isaak. More...

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7 December 2016

Very professional and highly qualified physiotherapist. I visited him for a lower back pain due to strenuous gym exercise. In a few sessions, he managed to diagnose the issue and provide an effective treatment. All handled with care and professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone. More...

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24 October 2016

Incredibly pleased with level of service received!

The therapist was professional, clearly well versed in current research around spinal injuries/whiplash type symptoms and incredibly experienced. I was with a different therapist at a different clinic shortly before contacting Edgbaston Physiotherapy and did not feel any improvement or relief in my symptoms. After a couple of sessions with Edgbaston Physiotherapy I felt an immediate improvement and was able to gain a better understanding of how I can aid my own recovery through exercise, sitting postures etc. as well as attending the sessions. The sessions were not repetitive and each one was different and targeted at achieving results. I felt that the therapist prepared for the sessions, researched around and gave my treatment and my recovery real care and attention.

Sessions were easy to book and to pay for, the therapist remained in contact for advice and assistance by email in between and the therapy rooms were clean and comfortable. Sessions took place on time and the therapist was friendly and easy to talk to.

The therapist listened and understood the difficulties I was having and I felt provided me with a tailored and excellent service. My pain has almost gone, I feel I am better equipped at managing my symptoms and ensuring they don't reoccur.

I would recommend the clinic a thousand times over!

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