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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


As specialists in digital marketing, web design, branding and web development, we'll help you to re-position your brand to be more relevant to target audiences. We'll design and develop the next generation website to support your business growth.

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6 customer reviews

2 May 2019

iDC was a company that was recommended to me, and I would likewise recommend the services of iDC. The team are extremely professional, and skilled within their field.

From start to finish working with the design manager and admin team was extremely smooth. The team were able to build a site based on a few vague concepts that I sent over – but they were able to use their expertise to build a site that was perfect and very visually appealing for our business.

The design manager was able to build the site and add content in such a short space of time, I was shown the progress of the site at every stage during the build and felt very much a part of the whole process.

2 May 2019

iDC, always provided professional recommendations which my business were able to take on board. They explained things, using terms that were easy to understand . They were able to recommend the best hosting package that we would need – and it was an added bonus that they provide hosting for sites – which is an option we have gone for.

The communication between us was highly professional, the team were always just an email away – on deck to answer my many questions!

Overall my site looks exceptional, and functions extremely well! It is very good value for money. I am thrilled with the outcome and would most certainly recommend their services.

2 May 2019

Right from the outset, iDC have been excellent in the whole development of our new website. They are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process.

At all times we were kept informed about the progress and next steps needed, in fact changes to the draft were usually done the same day.

The communication between ourselves and iDC was simple and straightforward with very little (if any) jargon used and we are absolutely delighted with the final outcome.

2 May 2019

I found iDeliver through a google search. The team responded to my enquiry quickly and promptly.

Service throughout the web design has been very efficient and the team tailored a design that matched my requirements very well.

Would highly recommend the service provided it has been both painless and cost effective way to start the beginning of my web site.

Thanks iDeliver

2 May 2019

Great design team and quick turn around on all projects and request. With their help we have improved our Google search results. My company J Burgers has depended on them for quite sometime now and we have been doing business with them for over 5 years. Their web design team is very knowledgeable and they always let us know when a new Google update is coming up before anyone even knows. If you want a reliable Web Design Company call them! I recommend 100%. More...

2 May 2019

Our company has been working with iDC since 2012. iDC has evolved in a very positive way through the years. We recently worked with them to update our website. We have been mainly working with Ray. We are beyond pleased with Ray’s impeccable service. He is extremely helpful in guiding us through the whole process. He is very knowledgeable. He pays close attention to details. He is also very patient in training us on how to use the new administration system. Overall, we are very pleased with iDC. More...


So, if you’re wondering what makes a good website, I’m going to give you a handful of design tips on how to create a fetching, user-friendly and effective website.

Purpose: Each page of your website should have a clear purpose. It will most probably sell your products and services, generate leads or build your brand. Ask yourself what is your customer going to look for on your website. Will it be information, purchase, entertainment?

Visuals: Your website needs to be eye-catchy so visitors want to explore it. If it’s unattractive and old-fashioned, it might mean that you don’t care about improving your product or services. Even if you’re not a web designer, you should have an impact on how your website is going to look. The best way to figure out what you want is to check your competitor’s websites and think about what you like and what would fit your brand’s personality.

Relevant, original content: None of your website visitors will have time to read essays about your products or services so remember about the main rule of content writing: clear communication. Once your website visitors enters your website, make sure they know who you are, they know what you do and what kind of benefits they can get if they decide to become your customers.

Clear website navigation: Navigation is about how easy it is for people to take action and move around your website. You can have the most beautiful website ever, but if your customers won’t be able to find the information they are looking for or get confused while encountering obstacles in the purchase process, your website won’t sell. Think about creating a logical page hierarchy with clickable buttons and categories. Also, remember about the “three click rule” of clear navigation. This rule means that users should be able to find the information they are looking for within three clicks.

Some crucial questions you should think about before getting started?

What does your business actually do?
What do you want your site to accomplish?
Do you have a website already?
What makes your company remarkable?
Who are your competitors?
What websites do you like and why?
Who exactly are your customers and what are their pains?
What features do you want your website to have?
How will you record your results?
Do you have a style guide or any existing collateral?

I love to connect with clients and to have a meaningful impact on their project and to deliver above their expectations. No two projects are the same and they come with their own challenges

I always dreamed of having my own team with whom I could make an impact on people’s lives and goals through websites and marketing. I wake up with a buzz and go to sleep with excitement. Everyday is different and we have grown organically with client’s becoming friends.

We achieve success by making it easier for customers to do business with you, now and in the future.

Our innovative and strategic team are continually learning, experimenting and creating successful projects and customer growth strategies for our clients.

Our motto is "Complicated made Simple"


Whether you’re a brand new start-up company or a small business, the need for a website is integral to getting anywhere. If potential customers or clients cannot find you, you’re highly unlikely to have your services used or your products purchased. iDC know the importance of a good, modern website and so we want to help you.

iDC has had over a decade’s worth of experience in web design and marketing, we’ve worked with numerous large companies on their own bespoke websites but we want to make that experience accessible to all. In using a iDC Starter Site you will get an easy to use, well-designed website at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you’ll also get exactly the same experience with us as those larger companies. We want you to end up with your perfect website and so we will bring all of our expertise to help you reach that.

Achieve better results with your website. Creating stunning sites that are built for growing your company, increasing visibility and encouraging engagement. Get it right with a tailored web design that can help you smash your goals and boost ROIs.

Secure, robust website development from a team of experts. Developing effective online solutions that deliver ROI.

Technology develops quickly and with it comes new opportunities to present your brand, services and products, and to captivate new and keep existing customers. Fifteen keep up to date with developments keeping our customers at the cutting edge in their respective sectors.

We have a dedicated account management team that look after our clients and ensure that they are supported throughout the delivery of a website. We have a proactive approach to our ongoing relationship too, with regular catch-ups and recommendations all part of the service.
We’re available for support and training and we don’t charge for telephone calls or involve you in support tickets – we like a personal approach where you deal with the same people from start to finish. Our team can support with new additions to your website in terms of features and functionality as well as keeping you abreast of the latest trends and technology. We can also help to maintain your website from a technical point of view too.

Your reputation is everything. In the age of social media where news travels far, wide, and fast, a strong and positive brand design is a must. So what does your brand say about your business? Does it talk to your audience? iDC offers real expertise in developing and executing innovative brand building strategies that enhance your brand equity.

Graphic design is at the heart of iDC and strong creative is fundamental to our success. We deliver stationery, brochures, prospectuses, exhibition stands, leaflets, posters and bill-boards for a range of clients across a range of industries.

Our graphic design team will firstly take a brief from you and work to understand your business and objectives. We’ll then move to deliver creative concepts that truly wow. From the initial concepts we’ll move to finalise artwork ready for print.

We are an expert SEO agency specialising in improving organic search positions through technical and creative strategies, which means more traffic and conversions through the search engines.

Near all online journeys begin with a search query. Organic search is consistently the top source of traffic to a site. Harnessing the power of search engines such as Google or Bing is all about understanding best practices and creating fantastic, relevant content.

Unless you have someone in-house specialising in Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO) it can be increasingly difficult keeping up to date with the latest best practices and insights. Side by side with evolving results page features. Every website also faces stiff competition within the search engine, and you want to be able to monitor these logically

Social media marketing can trigger interests they didn’t even know they had. More importantly, this is where your customers are looking every single day, and you can inspire them with some exciting content. You can delight your existing consumers, or recruit new ones to become brand advocates. You can put out those customer service fires and serve up your latest sizzling offers. You can use the power of social data to find an audience in places you never thought to look.

We communicate your key messages to your audience from promotions and competitions to general comments and responses to conversations within your social sphere. Not only does this allow for social interaction but also presents a promotional platform similar to search. Social media is a highly useful tool when you take the time and attention the platform needs to profile and segment your audience and engage with these individuals or communities.

Bring your app to life with engaging design and enhanced functionality to deliver an exceptional experience.

Harness unprecedented visibility by placing your brand at the centre of a user’s digital world. A successful app puts you at the user’s fingertips, on the one device they use more than any other. Whether it’s for consumers, businesses or your staff, mobile apps exist for convenience. You want to make their experience effortless, with easy UX, simple functionality, smooth integration and fast loading speeds, so that your app works seamlessly.

That’s where we come in. We have the design, development and technical expertise to build your app and ensure it fulfils its purpose.

iDC has a dedicated team of mobile app developers who design and build iOS and Android apps to meet your precise specifications. Our developers use Java, Objective-C, Swift, React Native and HTML5 coding languages to build apps for iOS, Android and cross platform.