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We are Iris Rusterholz and Ruth Livingstone and look forward to working for you as virtual assistants.

Are you more involved with your company than you would like? Instead of worrying about your core tasks, do you spend too much time on time-consuming administrative and writing tasks?

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A great website communicates not only the facts, but the feeling, culture, and visual identity of it's company. It should create a strong balance between usability and style, and be designed with the customer's needs firmly in mind.
If you would like a great website, talk to us!

How can we work with you to reduce your day to day pressure, so you can focus on your core business?
For web design: What are a few websites you like the look of? What does your typical customer look like? Age/gender/mindset etc.
For copy-writing: What is a writing style that you like? What topics are most important for us to cover?
For Administration: What are the day to day tasks that are frustrating you the most?
For Event Organisation: What is the planned size and theme of your event?

The freedom to set our own schedule, and to really do the things we are good at.

After many years working for a range of companies, we decided together to become our own bosses, and take on new challenges.

As we are two people working together, we can provide a wide range of office tasks under one roof. We have extensive experience and knowledge in our fields, and are ready and willing to work with you.


General administrative work;
Word processing;
Appointment management;
Data acquisition and management / CMS;
Creating presentations;
Creating Excel Spreadsheets;
Customer service; and

Website Design and Building;
Content management;
Market research;
Updates and maintenance;
Technical translation for IT and engineering;
Hosting; and
Social media.

As we have both a native English and native German speaker, we can provide polished text in both languages.
Translations; and
Word processing

Event organisation;
Travel planning;
Shift plan creation; and
Annual planning.