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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I am a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur from Bristol, England.

I specialise in stress, anxiety and sleep problems, which can lead to many of the issues we can experience in our lives.

Using hypnotherapy, I help people with:

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3 June 2021


Nick was very helpful and temporarily helped with my sleep. If i had more sessions with him i feel like we could have resolved my problem entirely. Nick also felt genuinely like a friend. More...


If I were to be asked what is the most important aspect of being a good hypnotherapist, without hesitation I would say that it is the ability to ask the right questions and get good answers. Ask a person how they want their life to be and suddenly they are no longer focused on what they don’t want. When I see a person begin to view their life outside of their problem and realise what it is to experience life in that way, I am reminded each and every time what it is about being a hypnotherapist that I love: it is seeing people live their life as they want to, in the way that's right for them.

Above all, hypnotherapy is enjoyable and the consulting room is a happy place. I’m there to help you get the very best from yourself.”

To watch a person free themselves of self limiting behaviours, negatives self beliefs, anxiety, depression or whatever the problem may be and to see that person realise the immense resources they have available within themselves – hidden perhaps but still there – is to watch a person achieve their very best and be their real self. It is for this reason that I decided to set up my own business, Hypnotherapy with Nick.

Hypnotherapy is enjoyable and the consulting room is a happy place. I’m there to help people get the very best from themselves.
Sessions are fun and solution focused, always with the desired outcome of the client at the centre of everything we will do together. Hypnotherapy does not rely on a focus on the past (a need to know 'why') because focusing on the past and on problems serves only to reinforce the idea in the mind that we have the problems. Everything we do will be to ensure you are living as happy a life as you would like to and in the shortest time possible.


This is a combination of solution focused therapy (a form of talking therapy, where the mind is directed towards what we want to achieve) and hypnosis (considered an inner rehearsal of our lives problem free). Once we tell the brain what it is we want, it will work enormously hard to come up with a solution to that.

Therapy for stopping smoking is a one off session at a cost of £250.