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Birmingham, City and Borough of Birmingham


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020



Are you thinking about extending?

Houm makes quality and affordable architectural design services accessible to everyday homeowners across the Midlands, UK.

We offer the following services:
- House Surveys
- Planning Permission

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16 January 2020

Our house was in desperate need of extra space as we have 2 young daughters and maybe another on the way.

We were very nervous about starting this project as we had no idea where to start or any idea of costs that are involved in a project like this.

Then a friend introduced us to Houm. They helped us on where we could save money, how we could alter our design ideas to accommodate problems we had not yet thought about and provided realistic estimates on how much the works would cost and much more.

We are now excited for a project to be completed that is a reflection of US and who we are as a family thanks to carefully planning and design input from the team at Houm!

16 January 2020

Professional and timely service. The advice and support they offer is priceless. The service is also fairly priced. I felt comfortable seeing they specialised in and around the Midlands for many years and my expectations were exceeded. The staff are also super friendly and easy to get on with! More...

16 January 2020

I am a property developer who has hired Architects regularly in the past. I have used Houm more than once and I can say that what sets them apart is how they approach each project with the individual care and attention to detail that it deserves. They also have extensive knowledge on how to design to increase property value which saves me a lot of time. Simply put, they know what they’re doing. More...

16 January 2020

Houm went beyond what I expected with their service. They really opened up the design potential of my home whilst offering a fast and professional service. 100% recommend!


At HOUM we relish the challenge of taking what are often small budgets and a simple brief from clients and squeezing it for every ounce of creative juice possible to make sure our clients aren’t just happy with our services, but BLOWN AWAY!

Many of us at Houm have years of industry experience working on all sorts of buildings, ranging from schools to stadiums.

However for all of us here we believe there is no building that can bring more joy and happiness out of YOU than your own home.

At Houm we understand the impact the space you spend most of your time in can have on your physical and mental health and we aim to make sure these factors are working with you instead of against you to bring you more joy and happiness out of every day life.

We often see poor quality work in the industry being produced for a quick buck and that couldn’t be further from who we are as a company.

We are Architect’s who truly love designing spaces and treat each home development we take on as if it were our own but from the unique perspective of each individual client.

You can be rest assured knowing your project is in the safe hands of not one, but multiple Architects all working to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

We make TRUST the number one priority when meeting new clients and taking on new projects.

Establishing clear goals, budgets and timelines are the foundations we build our trust on.

We tend to only take on a handful of projects per month to ensure your project is receiving the attention it deserves.


If you don't already have existing house plans then a house survey will need to be conducted to ensure we draft up your project accurately.

We offer a special discounted package for those who hire us for House Surveys & Planning together. Get in touch to find out more.

If you are unsure whether your home extension needs planning permission or not then we can help you figure it out.

If necessary, we can provide a full Planning Permission drawings package to submit to your local council.

We have a great track record of our projects passing as it is an area we specialise in.

We get it, sometimes it's difficult to visualise your project from planning drawings alone.

They can often seem confusing with a lot of lines and not enough colours or imagination present.

That's why we offer a bespoke 3D Visualisation service that will allow you to see what your project will look like before you hire us to create Planning drawings.

This is where things get really fun.

3D visualisations not convincing enough?

Do you want to step into your new space before it is built?

Simply slip on our Virtual Reality headset and be immersed into a 3D virtual model of your new space.

This will allow you to immediately see what you are happy with and what you want to change about your new home.

This can save hours of design consultation between Architect and Client and help your project become realised much faster than usual.

Need something to hang on that new wall?

Most people are super proud of their new space once it is built and cannot wait to show it off to their friends and family.

We offer a unique professional film & photography service for clients that want to celebrate an important milestone in their life and the work put into creating their dream home.

This service can range from simple interior shots to a full blown photoshoot including you and your family or friends!

A short video can also be made showcasing the aesthetic of your new space, allowing you to share the results of your hard work with friends & family on social media.

Building Regulations drawings will need to be provided to your builder once planning has been approved.

These allow your builder, which we can also help you find, to construct your new build to UK government regulations.

This is a requirement for most new constructions across the UK.