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Hannah Thompson


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Hi, I am a university student in Liverpool studying English Literature. I love teaching and allowing people to develop their own understanding and comprehension, especially in topics I enjoy.

I am a fully qualified swimming teacher and lifeguard, so I have a lot of experience in teaching people age 3-21 by making a comfortable environment and having an approachable outlook.

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I love English so much, it has always been something I have loved. By doing this job, I get to hopefully let others see the beauty in language and help so many to grow in themselves in a world overrun by the English language.

I grew up constantly being told that asking for help was a weakness, so as a result it took many years to sort myself out and realise that asking for help is one of the only ways you can improve on what you know. In my lessons, asking questions will be encouraged, and I aim to make an environment that you find comfortable and relaxed.

Each lesson will be tailored to your needs in order to get the best results, whether that be sitting and reading in a calm space, or answering exam questions. My aim is to make you so confident in your work that you no longer need me!


Whether at GCSE or A Level standard, I can help your comprehension of texts, analysing texts (both seen and unseen), and essay writing. I can help with all the inbetweens and overall just help you improve your grade!

At any age, reading can be a huge struggle, so if you want any help in reading, let me know and we can pick books you want to be able to read and I will offer support at any point you require it. This will be a quite a free flowing lesson, and at the speed and level you are comfortable with!

Grammar can be very tricky, especially English grammar. There are so many different rules to follow that sometimes it can become overwhelming. In these lessons, we will look at a wide range of techniques to improve your grammar, from reading books to writing your own short pieces. This will allow you to see good examples of grammar, as well as putting it into practice in your own way.