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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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Get a free quote from this professional


I’m a freelance digital designer with over 20 years experience (15 agency) in -

- Website Design & Development (Wordpress)
- E-Commerce (Shopify, Woo Commerce)
- User Experience Design (Conversion Rate Optimisation / Wireframing / Prototyping / Design)

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A great website does what you want it to do and promotes you in the right light at the same time. If you REALLY want to know how great your site is though, your conversion rates should tell you and Google will definitely tell you.

Above all else, what are you trying to achieve?
What do you actually need this site to do?
What are the key messages that you'd like to get across?
When do you need this site live?
Who are you targeting?
What do you class as a conversion?
What's your budget?
What branding do you already have?
What content do you already have?
What do you love in a site and what do you hate?

First off, we need to establish a lot of the points mentioned above - objectives, timings, messaging, branding, what you deem to be a conversion etc. so we chat
Next, I come up with a set of simple wireframes built into an interactive prototype. Nothing crazy - but it gives us a great idea of how the site may work before any finished design or build.
Then I will provide designs for a few key pages to give a really good idea of how the site will look. These will be applied to the wireframe prototype and also be provided as a PDF. You can then feed back and I’ll update the designs until you’re happy. If at this stage you’re not feeling happy then we can cancel the entire job and there will be no charge. I’m confident that this won’t happen so I’m happy to offer this as a guarantee.
Once the designs are signed off the build begins. This will take place on a staging (development) server which you will have full access to towards the end of the build. This will give you a good deal of time to review and feedback while I run thorough cross browser/device checks.
When we’re both happy with the site we will launch and ensure everything is fully functional on the live domain.
Post launch I will offer 12 months of support to ensure that the site is functioning exactly as it should. I will also offer 90 days of support to help you get to grips with the content management systems and general maintenance of the site.

Above all else I need to know what your objectives are with the site. This is the most important bit of information because the whole project will be built with the objectives in mind.
I need to know what, if any branding you currently have and if you have any additional guidelines based around that branding.
I need to know if you want to host your site yourself or if you would like me to host it for you. This is fine either way but it helps me with the project setup if I know which you would prefer early on.
I need to know how you’re sourcing the content and imagery for your site. Do you already have this, are you in the process of creating it or do you need some input from me?
I also need to know when you ideally want to launch the site.

I love creating and building sites. The whole process can be fantastically rewarding and it's great to see the end result and the positive effect it can have with people's businesses. The technology available now is incredible and it's constantly getting better, making the whole marketing process more and more seamless and effective. It's a great industry to be involved in right now. Taking someone's poorly performing site through to an effective and inspiring shop front to a business is a very rewarding experience.

I just got to the stage where I was confident that I could make it work. I was working for a digital agency who had become more and more specialised in lead generation rather than website creation so it just made sense for me to go it alone, take on their design and build jobs while at the same time focusing on building up a client base of people that I enjoyed working with. The other defining factor was the developments in technology over the last 5 or so years. The tools at my disposal today are incredible - from website design and build to ongoing digital marketing, hosting and support, through to tools that make working remotely really easy. Even the business software available today is such a huge bonus so it really just made perfect sense to jump in.

I love what I do, I'm genuine and honest and I always struggle to say this but I'm pretty good at what I do. I'm lucky enough to have had a really thorough insight into the complexities of digital marketing over the last 10 years which means what I can now offer is so much more than just a website. I create solutions with objectives in mind and I've got the knowledge and enthusiasm to make sure that I make the most of what's available with every project. I've also been lucky enough to work remotely with some ridiculously talented overseas developers so I have the bonus of some substantial technical backup and support. Anything really is possible.


I create websites with all sorts of objectives in mind using Wordpress and Elementor Pro as the page builder and content management system.

I can also provide tremendously reliable and secure hosting on either shared or cloud based dedicated servers but I'm also happy to build on your own hosting if you'd prefer.