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We teach all subjects and at all levels (including SATs, 11+, 13+, and even Masters Pharmacy!). Face-to-Face, Online, one-to-one and groups!

Students don’t always experience the best learning outcomes in the school environment, despite the efforts of teachers to do their best in doing so.

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13 customer reviews

24 April 2019

Needed tutors for my A Levels and was recommended Grade Scholars by a friend. They offer an excellent and professional service, and helped me raise my scores by 35%. They offer online tutoring using video calling and an online whiteboard which is very useful if you cannot travel around to meet your tutor. I found this flexibility amazing. More...

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24 March 2019

Excellent tutors! Gave my son the help he needed and he ended up getting good grades and getting into his chosen sixth form.

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23 March 2019

Excellent service, great communication and overall I would highly recommended.

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22 March 2019

Excellent and professional service.

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21 March 2019

A great service based in London, friendly tutors who know what they're doing. My child has improved in his maths and science grades over the last 2 months. Couldn't have asked for more! Thank you Grade Scholars! More...

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21 March 2019

The tutor I had from Grade Scholars was for GCSE Maths and was really helpful! So far I have been tutored for four months and have seen improvements in my grades. I have gone from a level 5 to a level 8. More...

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19 March 2019

My son was really struggling at keeping up with his peers at school, until I found Grade Scholars, the tutors here have been amazing for my son and he is finally doing very well at school couldn't be more proud of him. Thanks GradeScholars!

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16 March 2019

I enrolled into one of the courses here recommended by a good friend and the results were absolutely wonderful staff/people here are brilliant love what you guys are doing here !!

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15 March 2019

I booked the turoring service for my nephew. Unfortunately I had to cancel cause of relocation. Their service was great and refund was hassle free.

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15 March 2019

I was falling behind with my assignments and learning in comparison with the rest of my class at A-levels. I contacted Gradescholars and was even given a discounted rate for my first lesson. The tutoring was amazing and after several lessons over a few months my grades had improved from scraping passes to over 67% in all my final exams. Thank you gradescholars! More...

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13 March 2019

Interesting but successful way of tutoring students. They don't just teach you the topics to get a grade, they teach you how to learn as a skill in itself.

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16 February 2019

Amazing opportunities

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16 February 2019

Brilliant tuition from this company. It is different from all other tuition agencies. My daughter improved very quickly. She used to work extremely hard but did not ever get the marks that she wanted. The GradeScholar tutor did not only teach my daughter to improve her grade, she gave my daughter particular learning principles and techniques to improve her own learning when the tutor wasn't there. More...

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As the owner of the company, I genuinely, genuinely take great pride in seeing progress from students and parents being happy and impressed with the work of our tutors. Students who struggle at school, and especially those who have worked hard but did not used to get good grades, but had been been taught by our tutors (who are trained by me to teach not only topic content, but learning skills) and then got taught the correct learning principles (not taught in schools) and thus not only improved their grades , but their inner confidence to know how to pass an exam! I used to have this issue as a student and I remember how getting tutored helped me rocket my grades. I want to do the same for other parents and students.

What inspired me to to start this business is that I see too many students study hard but do not get the grades that they deserve, or that parents are not receiving enough advice from teachers to understand how their "academically behaves" and their work ethic at school, hence do not know the full picture of how their child may be doing, except their grade reports, why is a symptom of the cause.

I used to be a student who studied hard but did not get good grades, and this always happened to me. After failing my A-Levels, I took a gap year to retake my exams and during the year, I had self reflection and I was mentored to understand how to study correctly. My grades went from C/D to As. I also came in the top 5 for my exams in my Masters Pharmacy final year.

I don't want students to suffer in the same way. Lets go get it!

To all parents and students out there; many tuition centers charge a lot of money to parents, but students are not given 1-to-1 attention in groups, and this should be prioritized because a lot of money is charged and each student does not get full attention. Furthermore, students do NOT get taught HOW TO LEARN, and so they don't study as effectively to get good grades.

After my own failures and trials, I achieved academic success (see inspiration of starting my business for more information), and I know what doesn't work and what does work. This is not even about how we learn things, as everyone is different (e.g. audio, visual, note-taking etc.), but the information that we absorb and how interpret it.

We provide free learning worksheets on top of teaching subject content to radically change and improve student's learning skills so they know that when they study, it'll be effective and it'll give them the tools to achieve great academic success! Remember, 70% of academic success comes when the student is learning by themselves; our trained tutors give them the tools to do that!


Our trained tutors give consultations to students (and parents) to improve how they learn so they can study effectively.

A course which teaches parents and students learning skills to achieve the grades that they desire. This is a great course to learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Normal tutoring services as normal.