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30 January 2017

I've left a review on here previously for Tom Barnett Photography in Gosport, Hampshire. Sad to see that he's tried to fake this page to run away from bad reviews. Much like he blocked me on Facebook and emails to run away from photographing my event after promising he would. He'd rather run away than face up to mistakes or tell the truth. I hope he doesn't rebrand and manage to trick more people More...

16 December 2016

I have written one of the reviews below and it was NOT about Franky's Fotos. It was about TOM BARNETT PHOTOGRAPHY GOSPORT. He's obviously changed his details on here and put a fake website address to cover his incompetence. I waited months and months for my photos and my emails were either ignored or he would reply with different excuses and promises. I did finally get my photos after a very long wait and he did include some extras but only after I ran out of patience and threatened him with legal action. He should never have been allowed to change his details to false ones on here after getting bad reviews. More...

20 September 2016

Do not use. I'm still waiting for my photos nearly 4 months after they were promised. I've been fobbed off with many promises and excuses and now he's ignoring my emails.

18 September 2016

Do not use! Absolutely fine on the day seemed friendly and was good with out guests. We were told three weeks for the photos and finally got them after 8 weeks only after having threatened legal action. The photos came back with lots missing including our only whole wedding party photo! And to be honest they were poor quality especially having had 8 weeks to edit them properly! More...

11 September 2016

I'd agree with the other review. I had booked tom for my parents anniversary. It was a big deal, my dad had just overcome cancer and we were excited to remember this big party. However a week before Tom started ignoring our emails, Facebook messages etc. We didn't then have time to book another photographer because he was too much of a wuss to say he didn't want to do our event. I'm furious and disappointed. More...

14 June 2016

I would seriously reconsider using this photography especially for your wedding, we have been waiting 3 months now to view our wedding photos and still he does not answer our calls or messages.