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I've been in the business for 5 years now I like making my customers 100% satisfied if you are not satisfied when the job is finished to do not pay at all

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12 February 2021

I had minor work on my roof and posted a message on MyJobQuote.co.uk and Christopher Mongan from Four seasons Property Service also trade under CM Roofing. I checked the credential by visiting your website and saw a decent review. He arrived on the day with a van marked as CM Roofing. he carried out inspection prior to this and quoted £280 I provided a drip tray to be installed on the roof while he was carrying this out he damaged my ridge tiles more and felt underneath for which he demanded further to fix the issue. I agreed to pay him more for the job and after a while he said he has fixed everything and asked for the money which I paid £550 in cash and he said he will send the invoice once he gets to the office on Monday.

After he left a neighbour of mine approached me and told me that Christopher Mongan stole a few tiles from my neighbour’s house to replace the tile which he broke while carrying out a job on my roof. I then rang Christopher Mongan and he returned back to the house in 30 minutes he then removed 2 tiles from my roof and replaced my neighbours roof tiles. He then took my tiles for a sample and promised to return them back after getting replacement from stores.

He failed to return the whole day and left the roof open and stopped answering calls. He left the roof open exposed to the snow and caused further damages to the roof and structure. I had to call a different trader to install tile which he stole from the roof. Upon further inspection I came to know that the drip trays which I provided were stolen along with the tiles and the ridge tiles were removed from the roof making it unsafe.

Made various calls to Christopher Mongan to resolve the issue and he kept saying that he is a troubler and after talking to the citizen advice bureau and other agencies I was informed Christopher Mongan is misusing logos and operating under a business that is not legitimate.

25 September 2020

Roof Repair

These guys should be arrested for a minimum of fraud. £1,600 - cash - paid for a job that took less than an hour, and failed within two days. No response when I called to complain. More...

26 August 2020

Roof Repair

Totally agree with Bhavin's review below!
Christopher Morgan has been now reported to the authorities. He has taken money from me and not done the job! Not answered any calls. Until my money is not returned, I shall not be taking the case back! More...

26 August 2020

Christopher Mongon (Mongan) called me for a quote and promised me to not charge until work finished.
Following problems:
1. Did not gave me any paperwork for a quote / contract / receipt
2. Increased the quote telling me that there is more work to do. I agreed.
3. Total revised quote £1,200 however asked for £150 (he agreed) now and further £760 and £100 in the afternoon (now he is denying that he received this money)
4. Lied telling me that he never conducted work at my property. He realised that he may get caught so he then confirmed that he conducted the work.
5. He left the unfinished work but moreover he dangerously pulled my neighbour’s gutter and left it hanging.
Details :
Business name: Four Seasons Property Services or Four Seasons Property Specialists Ltd
Address: Unit 225, 28 Park Street, Luton - LU1 3FL or 2 Greenacres Slapton Rd, Little Billington, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 9BP or 160 Kemp House, London - EC1V 2NX
Website: https://www.fourseasonspropertyservices.co.uk/
His Vehicle Reg No: BD65 WWN
His picture: https://www.bidvine.com/pro/four-seasons-property-services
Further details from the public record: Born in September 1995

25 August 2020

Roof Repair

Not answering calls after payment made! Not done the job either!

25 August 2020

Roof Repair

Terrible! Taken the money after they promised job done! Roof is leaking even more now! They are now not answering calls. Promised to send a receipt and not even able to get in touch. Please do not use these people. I got photo of their van too. Number plate: BD65 WWN More...

17 June 2020

Roof Repair

Terrible job, will never ever use him again. Didn't fixed the problem but asked for an incredible high price, refuse to give receipts and invoice after work. The review below is totally fake, he used my email address and left a 5 star review himself. I will never recommend him to anybody else. My roof starts leaking again but will never ask him to go back to my house again. More...

17 June 2020

Very good and relayable very with his work highly recomed

15 June 2020

Four Seasons property specialist cleaned all my roof and my guttering cleaned up all mess what fell on the ground and highly recommend them thank you Chris

14 June 2020

Thanks to Four Seasons Property specialists for my new driveway really good workmanship and very clean and tidy really would recommend them will have them back in future thanks

12 June 2020

Had four seasons out to clean my roof and wall off my house highly recommended arrived on time when they said they be their done the work to a very high standard will use them again

12 June 2020

Quick fast reliable service did a great job on our roof very professional and everything was very clean after the job Highly recommend

11 June 2020

Roof cleaned very happy with work

10 June 2020

Four seasons property specialist has cleaned my roof and gutters I am very happy with the work


I get to meet new people every day and experience new things

Why I start my own business was to get further in life so that I can make my customers happy and satisfied

Why I think customer should grow with me because I do good work make them happy and satisfied