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Forward Graphics

Linthouse, Glasgow City


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30 June 2017

I see Forward Graphics has a 1 star review which has compelled me to write my own. I have used FG for around 15 years, on and off, mostly for event posters, gig flyers and most recently some prints. Tony and crew are some of the most friendly and professional people I have worked with. They are very experienced printers and will often do test runs to check the inks and colour balance are correct.I cannot fault FG in any way, so I'm not sure what happened in the relationship between the previous reviewer and FG. It sounds like a file was missing and they simply used what was sent them. There must also be some other issue because I get frequent responses to emails so I'm not familiar with the experience of them ignoring emails. In response to the skewed colours on the hi-res version, I also am not sure why this is. I can only imagine it may have been a RGB -> CMYK conversion issue. I might also add at this point that the only time I have ever had an issue with colours being wrong was when I placed an order online for posters from a different company. The only reason I ever use online companies is if I need something done quickly, a small run of 50 posters for example, and cheaply. I think it's pretty much impossible for small, independent printing companies to be able to compete with online rivals but I still do go back to FG regularly and, as I said before, the only time I had a mis-coloured poster was with an online order. Plus they do non-standard and irregular sizes, which is nigh on impossible to find online.So, to get to the point, take the other review with a pinch of salt. I'm sure there was a bad experience by the sound of things, but I feel it is most unfair that this review is the only one on Google and so should not be what people base their opinions on, and hence why I'm rebalancing the real truth in some way. As far as I'm concerned they do a really great job and often go above and beyond the call of duty. E.g. I got around 30 extra prints (for free) the last time I went there to collect....on super thick card.....so that was a nice bonus. Finally, attached is the last print I had done there.....on 320gsm card....the colours and alignment are perfect. More...

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