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Get a free quote from this professional


FOREST PRESS is a full production photography and videography service provider based in London, curated by Mohnish. We believe it all begins somewhere and our story started in 2015 where we first started providing our services to clients for a whole range of projects.

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26 September 2020

Mohnish was lovely and professional, we had a great time! The whole shoot ran very smoothly, and he was great at giving direction to get the best photos and capture some lovely moments of me and my partner. He created a nice calm atmosphere, and the the photos are beautiful! Wound definitely recommend. More...

7 July 2020

Mohnish is a pleasure to work with. The shoot was playful and relaxed whilst being well-structured and efficient; I admire his work and am very pleased with my range of shots. I am grateful for the experience and I hope to have more opportunities taking photos with him in the future. More...

29 June 2020

The session with Mohnish was simply amazing! The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. And I found myself talking even though I’ve never considered myself to be a talker! Mohnish guided me in positioning and posing as I had no experience in photo shooting before. He was very patient and didn’t mind me being clumsy. And the results are incredible. I love my pics and I never thought I will ever say such thing about the pictures that I’m in. It gave me the confidence I needed.
Thank you, Mohnish!

29 June 2020

I would definitely recommend Mohnish as he went above and beyond to make sure I had amazing photos of my wedding. I had spoken to many photographers and they were nowhere near as helpful as Mohnish was. I asked Mohnish for a few short clips of the wedding and he made sure he caught everything on camera and even made me an amazing personalized video! Lastly, he was extremely professional, punctual, and super friendly. Thank you Mohnish! More...

29 June 2020

Mohnish provided outstanding service and quality of work. He was efficient from the day we got in touch with him. He was professional throughout our dealings and was organized throughout the filming itself, he took on board our input during the editing stages and we couldn’t be happier with the final result, we look forward to working with Mohnish further

29 June 2020

Working with Mohnish was great. He has done the best work in such a short time. I barely felt how time passed, it was fun working with him. The pictures are wonderful and his indications during the shoot were very useful. More...


The secret to taking a great photograph comes down a range of factors we believe, it's the location, the composition, the subject, and of course the perfect moment which we want to capture and cherish and or use.

We believe that to every project the client's vision is of the utmost importance, the more information we can get out the client with regards to their project the better project outcome they will get. And so, at The Sahara House, we really like to get to know the client regardless of what project we embark on or are approached with. We have a systematic procedure that helps us do exactly that whereby we will ask the client a range of questions to better understand their project. Questions may vary depending on the project so it's quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what we will ask, however, clients will have various means of contact when helping us to answer these questions, whether it be via a Zoom/Skype Video Conference, via Email or Telephone or even over a coffee in town.

I love the feeling of helping make a difference or give something to someone that will help them with whatever their goals are through the services we provide. Making connections, meeting new people, and solving their problems is what is really exhilarating and what drives me, as well as making my clients happy with the product they receive of us.

With Wedding Client's it's all about capturing those subtle moments, those laughs, smiles, tears of joy, and happiness which the couple will cherish and admire for a lifetime. Helping couples to receive quality service as well as a great end product is really motivating and satisfying for me

Having over 7 years of experience in the Videography and Photography field of work, I wanted to put my skills at use in helping and crafting products that my clients will use for their benefit. The desire to help people and provide a product and service of quality to my clients is also a factor that plays in with my inspiration and desire to start my own business.

Clients should choose us because of various reasons and benefits for them...

1) Communication - We believe that great communication is at the heart of an amazing project outcome. Whilst working with us the clients will be ensured that they can contact us throughout the project should they have any questions or queries and likewise we will to when we should require any more information - We will never leave our clients in the dark or with unanswered questions.

2) Punctuality - Punctuality to us, is really important, and rest assured the shooting will start on time if not a tad bit earlier.

3) Price - Our prices and quotes are catered individually within the client's budget and expectations. We like to be very fair when calculating the cost of the project and guarantee the client will be getting the best price for their project within their brief.

4) Quality of Service / Product - Having over 5 years in customer service we know how to treat our customers and how to keep them happy with our service. As much as product quality is important to the client it is to us too, we guarantee that all our clients will receive the highest quality products whether it be in photo or video form. We shoot in the highest resolution and deliver to the highest standards to meet the requirements of our clients.

5. On-time Delivery - We understand that the delivery of the final product is very important to most clients and so during your consultation and review will inform your of your delivery date for when you can expect your product to be delivered to you. We have a minimum of 2-4 weeks minimum on delivery, varying depending on the project type, however, sometimes you may even get your product earlier than expected as we'd hate to keep you waiting.