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Bristol, UK


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


It costs me £5-£8 to reply to you on this site. My phone number, email and website are just to your left. Phone or text 07717665265. Get in touch direct! My standard charge is £50 per session, reduced to £45 (forever) when you contact me direct.

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28 May 2020


I 100% recommend Fiona. She is very lovely and approachable and always knew how to make me feel comfortable. If something was not working she would use different approaches until we found something that is comfortable for me

28 October 2019

Not too long after I’d picked up a lot more to do and oversee in my job, I was lucky enough to have some regular sessions with Fiona. We looked at things in ways I hadn’t seen before, found things I hadn’t realised were there, and worked through my relationship with what I do and the people around me. Easy rapport, powerful but subtle methods, felt like a well considered approach. Through the work we did I’ve got some great embedded techniques and knowledge and it’s helped me in becoming a happier, stronger, more resilient person. 10/10 will work with again More...

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11 October 2019


Very professional ,very relaxing ,and informative.

26 July 2019

Working with Fiona has completely changed my life. I am a strong believer in NLP and Fiona is an expert in the field. I have had group and 1-1 sessions with Fiona, covering an array of topics and my confidence and quality of life have soared because of this. I would recommend Fiona to anyone.

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24 July 2019

Informative and transformational. Fiona has a talent for finding the kinks and ironing them out. Often having an instant impact on the underlying causes of the unhealthy passive automation we can lock ourselves into.Highly recommended.

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24 July 2019

I decided to try NLP after realising that I wasn’t coping with stress, anxiety, and depression. At the same time, I was also receiving a course of CBT. The CBT was such a disappointment, the approach seemed to be trying to get me to fit the CBT ‘mould’, and given my issues at the time I felt very ‘boxed in’ which was not helping me in the slightest. A dear friend recommended NLP and with trepidation I met with Fiona.My first session started without me realising it had, such was the friendly, safe environment Fiona has built for her coaching and is also testament to Fiona herself. During the session I was asked questions which allowed me to explain my problems in my own words, at my own pace, and how they affected me. The following sessions saw me delving into parts of me I never thought to visit again, or confront. They were deep, emotional and ultimately cathartic. In addition, she gave me various practical techniques I could use in the future which would also help me overcome my problems. I cannot thank Fiona enough for this insight into me, and how NLP can help me in the future both professionally and in my home life. I highly recommend Fiona and her excellent NLP coaching. More...

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When I see clients leave behind the beliefs, behaviours and patterns that had held them back. And instead blossom, walk taller, confidently and with an inner calm knowing they are valued, deserving and capable of creating what they want.
I love to hear my clients success stories!

I KNOW what its like to struggle with yourself. To feel alone, unloved, doomed and stuck in a cycle which seems to keep everything you so desperately want just out of reach. I also KNOW (because I've experienced it) that none of this has to be the way it has to be. Our minds are way more flexible than we think. Changing deep beliefs and patterns can be easy.
I believe there is a real need to help people actually change, talking about it alone is not enough and sometimes just makes us feel worse!
It is totally possible to achieve quick, easy and lasting change.

Choose me if you're ready for real change.
I work fast, looking for the deep underlying structures which are holding you back from what you want. I will guide you through you designing new beliefs and patterns that serve you.
If you believe you can't, I can help you make it possible. If you believe its possible I can help you make it your reality.
You could spend months talking about it, or you can change it!
#Goals #Career #Weight loss #Fears #Limiting beliefs #Confidence #Anxiety #Relationships