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I am here to help people find out if their other half is a cheater or not! Online preferably.


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Helping people with their mental health, figuring out if things are in your head or if you're right about your suspicions on your partner being a liar, cheat..

Being through it myself, being cheated on, not trusting other partner for reasons that turned out to be true

Reliable, trust worthy and on your side of course!

Cheating isn't always physical. Ive dated enough people who have sent others very flirtatious messages that ended up becoming physical at some point. If they are going to flirt through messages,they will also flirt physically.

Since Covid 19 I have made this business all online only.
Not only that, it's just not safe with me going to meet people I do not know and do not know if they are aggressive, I need to also protect myself


Contacting your other half to see if they will cheat, flirt (depending how far is unacceptable to you) or even make a hint that they would cheat

Offering herbal/holistic advice