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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Entrepreneur Solutions has been established to provide both aspiring and established business owners and entrepreneurs with a wealth of invaluable Business knowledge, Marketing strategies and support.

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8 February 2021

Neil has worked with my business for over 2 years and the marketing and business insight has been of immense value.
After the update of my website Neil was able to reduce our advertising spend on Google whilst increasing enquiries through the use of long tailed keywords. A recent Video Marketing Campaign from the team at Entrepreneur Solutions increased our turnover to £220,000 per annum through a clever use YouTube SEO and promotion. Would definitely recommend! More...


Your industry is unique and your business is unique, that’s why a marketing strategy needs to be unique to attract your customers.
Cut and paste marketing templates may be fine for a student project but not in the real world. For business owners like yourself spending your hard earned cash directly out of your pocket every penny spent on advertising and marketing needs to count and make you profit.

I have saved my clients and business owners thousands of pounds in wasted advertising whilst increasing profits and I can do the same for you

What you really need is a friend who can provide you with calm, inspiring, practical solutions and positive insight to help you turn your situation around quickly.
Quite often when we are so close to a problem we can’t see the wood from the trees. Friends and partners might be great in providing positive words of comfort but within business you also need real life practical and proven solutions.
That’s where I come in as a friend, an adviser, a coach – your right hand man, I’ve got your back all the way.

With a fantastic team of developers, coders and graphic designers we can develop the website of your deams on a down to earth budget!

SEO is not a quick fix, this is a long term strategy which can take many months to achieve and works well with immediate quick fix marketing strategies such as Google Ads (aka Pay Per Click) to acheive both immediate and long term results.

With SEO knowledge is key so if you have ever asked yourself the question “Why are our competitors acheiving better results?“
Let me Explain why

I have a team of Professional videographers and video editors who produce high quality, cost effective videos for all types of businesses. You will be surprised at how cheaply Video Production is but more excited on what results you can expect to acheive for your money