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For over 40 years Dr. Boshnick has developed and maintained a cutting edge Optometric practice covering all types of vision care including non-surgical vision improvement, contact and scleral lens care, children’s vision and vision rehabilitation for the partially sighted.


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23 July 2018

Dr. Boshnick gave me back my life. He is by far the most caring Doctor I have ever been treated by. He continually strives to perfect your situation. He truly is compassionate about what he does and his patients. I am thankful and blessed to have found him and his staff. Thank you Dr. B! More...

23 July 2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Boshnick's since as far back as I can remember. Dr. Boshnick is whom all Optometrists, and Medical professionals in general, should aspire to be like. He and his staff are professional, courteous, caring and trustworthy. I always feel welcome when I visit and I leave satisfied knowing that I've received the best care possible. Thank you Dr. Boshnick, and your team as well, for always taking such wonderful care of me and my family.

-Ariel Istueta

23 July 2018

He is fantastic, highly recommended. Helped me enormously when I had a torn retina. Great doctor and super staff.

23 July 2018

Dr. Boshnick is a fantastic doctor that cares for each and everyone of his patients. I have had first hand experience working along side him for three months per my clinical rotation for optometry school and I can attest that Dr. Boshnick is very special. He has been in practice for many, many years and has not lost a step. He has so much passion in his craft that it is tangible; and I will add that this was consistent, every. single. day. He loves his profession and will do everything in his power to provide you the best service and care to everyone that walks through his door. More...

23 July 2018

Dr. Boshnick is absolutely amazing. I came from Canada visually impaired, and two weeks later I went back home with Scleral lenses that allowed me to see clearly. Thanks God for Dr. Boshnick, I'm now able to get on with my life, and enjoy the precious moments. It will feel sureal to be able to recognize my daughter on stage at her school's music concert. I had PRK in 2011, over the years, several Doctors in Canada and United-States have seen me to treat my complications. Dr Edward Boshnick is without a doubt the best. More...

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No effort will be spared and no expense avoided in order to provide
the best vision care available to our patients



Corneal ectasia is a condition resembling keratoconus but comes from a different origin. Almost invariably the cause is refractive eye surgery, specifically LASIK. After LASIK, the cornea has been made thinner. Because the corneal “wall” has been made thinner, internal pressure from within the eye can cause expansion or distension of the cornea.

Over the past 25 years, a number of gas permeable and soft specialty lens designs have been developed to address