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I teach piano, keyboard and music theory. Exams (ABRSM TCM LCM) are optional; some pupils need exams to get motivated - it's a fact....
I refresh my teaching repertoire regularly, which keeps myself from getting stale!

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1) Seeing pupils progress. 2) Seeing a growth in their love and appreciation of music. 3) Seeing pupils achieve good exam results

I love teaching and music. So, both combined makes sense! I think that I have derived a lot of satisfaction from being my own boss and consequently building up things myself, eg my website and YouTube channel.

I really try to be flexible regarding choice of music worked on: however even I have limits! Rap and hip hop just dont work on solo piano!

I honestly prefer face-to-face: it is simply an easier way to teach. However online makes sense fo many families - most obviously due to covid. I use facetime, but I prefer Skype.

Not letting them in the building! Since March 2020 I have exclusively taught online. I have no idea when I will be able to return to 'normal' teaching. (Who does know...)


This is usually working with a 61 key instrument eg Yamaha, Casio etc. The real fun with a keyboard (as opposed to a piano) is activating the rhythm sections with left hand chord positions (simply not possible on a trad upright piano). This method required a different repertoire of books eg the "Complete Keyboard Player" set.

Working with classical, pop, jazzy, film etc. Working with a traditional piano (88 keys) opens us up to a massive repertoire going back hundreds of years.

I am willing to take you up to grade 5. I recommend that everyone covers the ground up to grade 1 even if not sitting the theory exam. You will thus become more independent from the teacher.