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I really understand that this a difficult time and can help you to overcome your issues with either Hypnotherapy or Counselling.
I have use of really lovely quiet rooms based in Nottingham city to be able to listen and take time to understand what is going on for you without interruption.

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29 August 2019

A lovely, 5* professional who gets resultsThis was my first experience with hypnotherapy and I confess to having to work at keeping an open mind at first. However, Danni's explanations of the theory and process helped me to drop my preconceptions. She put me at ease immediately and was thoroughly professional; she took the time to understand my individual circumstances and personal goals without overdoing it, adapting her approach instead of providing an 'off the peg' therapy. I was uncertain for a while whether I was making progress, but after completing a short series of sessions I began to notice that the problem I arrived with had all but disappeared. I really enjoyed the sessions (very relaxing!) and will go back for a 'top-up' session if I ever find myself backsliding, but for now I am made up with the results! Never thought I'd beat this habit. I can't recommend Danni highly enough - if you need to make a change, she's your lady! More...

29 August 2019

Helped me in overcoming anxiety issues. Extremely relaxing and well worth exploring. Staff were very understanding, making me feel at ease with a difficult issue

30 June 2019

I have been suffering from anxiety for years and in December last year I was at breaking point as my anxiety was taking over my life due to university and other life events. I have been seeing Danielle once a week and the difference in myself is incredible. Every session Danielle has been fantastic with listening to my problems and helping me solve them. I am incredibly grateful for how much Danielle has helped me progress as I never thought I would be able to overcome the crippling anxiety. Could not recommend more!!! Thank you Danielle!! More...

30 June 2019

Danny is really nice I have had excellent experience and results form doing the hypnotherapy it has really helped me progress and achieve what I wanted out of it, I highly recommended it as it is good well Tailored to your needs and is flexible for work.

26 April 2019

Really helpful and effective hypno helped me to overcome an issue from my early adulthood that had resurfaced. Danielle is a gifted therapist who was able to offer valuable insights into the issue that I had not considered, even after much introspection, and her hypnotherapy removed a block allowing me to move forward and let go. She helped me to do this over a few weeks in relatively few sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend her. More...

26 April 2019

I cannot recommend DSH Therspy enough!! Working with Danielle on my anxiety issues, has helped me immensely. She has helped me turn my life around. She is so easy to talk too, with an understanding of everything I was going through, which anyone with aniexty knows, it helps stop you feeling so alone, with confirmation your not going crazy. She been with me through this tough journey, but I am happy to be coming out the other side, to be able to go back to work full time and just feel more like myself in a long time. If your going through this now, stop, pick up the phone and call her, it’s hard I know, but the weight that’s pulling you down will be lifted off you, with her sessions. I am proof of that. More...

26 April 2019

I’ve been seeing Dani for some months now. She’s had a lot to get her head around! I can not recommend her enough. She really listens and understands. Her approach makes you very comfortable and she makes it easy to discuss your worries. Her treatment has helped me beyond my expectations. Anyone who is considering therapy should definitely visit Dani as she really will help you work though your concerns and also guide you into dealing with ongoing issues as they arise. More...

14 April 2019

I recently had some hypnotherapy with Danielle and the results have been very positive. Danielle was great and very understanding and helped me greatly. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with any aspects of their lives!! More...

10 January 2019

Danni is a very understanding and highly professional therapist. Danni helped me a lot to find myself again after going through a rough time in my life after which I lost my faith and confidence and suffered from anxiety. She helped me speak out my mind and carefully found the root of the problem and gradually helped me get out of my anxiety and then to gain my confidence back. I felt like a huge blockage was cleared up from my mind. She is very patient and listens with no judgement and confidently help you find yourself. She has a very calming and soothing voice that will instantly put you to relaxation and trance, making it easy to receive the hypnotic suggestions. Above all Danni has a very positive and bubbly personality and I am very glad to have found her and to receive help from her. More...

9 January 2019

I’d never tried hypnotherapy before but I’m so happy I did as it has changed my life. Danielle has been amazing and from the first session I have noticed such a change in my anxiety and general well-being, that I wish I’d done this years ago. I’ve had a few sessions now and really feel as though I am changed for life. I cannot thank Danielle enough, I was a nervous, anxious person before I began this process and she has helped me develop into a logical, practical person who no longers worries or is anxious about irrelevant things. I have a new lease of life now More...

26 September 2018

I must say am very impressed with my therapy I went from being very low suffering with anxiety and depression after a few sessions started to feel positive more up beat and happy with myself . Danielle Hutchins was very understanding she took her time with me explained what to expect I just can't believe to start with I was a very nervous person at the start and now have a spring in my step once again .Thank u Danielle I will recommend you to my family and friends excellent service . More...

7 September 2018

Absolutely amazing. Went to see Danielle with anxiety issues and she's totally turned my life around. Friendly, understanding and professional. I would recommend to anyone

8 August 2018

Danielle has been working with me recently with my underarm sweat issues that I believe to have been caused by anxiety. And I am pleased to say she has helped me a lot over 5 sessions and I have seen results after the 3rd session I had a whole day without any sweat under my arms and has made me a lot more confident to buy clothes that arnt just black or white so I don’t feel I need to hide it anymore

14 July 2018

I have used DSH Therapy for a couple of months now. Danni is an amazing woman. She is a kind, caring and compasionate counsellor and hypno therapist. She takes the time to listen to your needs/problems and goes over and above to help. The cost of both hypno and counselling sessions are definately worth it and the results you see (in yourself and mental health) are outstanding. I can't thank Danni enough for what she has done for me over the last few weeks.xx More...

8 July 2018

Danni is a very friendly person who makes you feel comfortable to talk to. She’s understanding of your issues and always goes out of her way to help anencephaly support you. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s helped me. Would definitely recommend to anyone. More...

30 June 2018

This is a review left by one of my clients ......Thankyou for helping me overcome my anxiety, I feel so much better.I would recommend Danielle she is friendly professional and she listens. Thanks again so muchAmber S

27 June 2018

The whole experience was Fantastic and the overall results were great for me. I attended a stop smoking session and I haven't looked back it's wonderful.

27 April 2018

Thankyou for helping me overcome my anxiety, I feel so much better.I would recommend Danielle she is friendly professional and she listens. Thanks again so muchAmber S


I love to be able to be a part of someone's journey and to be able to help them overcome their issues and see them start to love life again.

I suffered with my own mental health many years ago and sourced alternative ways to help me through, after I reached the other side and felt better I realised I really wanted to help others to achieve the same.

I am a really friendly warm genuine person and will make you feel at ease, I can empathise and help you to overcome your issues and learn to love yourself again.