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Dr Pandit -Educational Coaching & Tuition provides confidential, high-quality, tailored, weekly one-to-one tuition online and in your home.
All sessions will be online only for the foreseeable future.

Current specialisms:
GCSE Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Business.

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There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student develop their skills, attitudes and motivation, and to secure qualifications needed to open doors for the future. As a result of achieving good qualifications, past students have been able to gain entry to A level and BTEC courses, the Royal Navy, teacher training, degree apprenticeships with paid jobs and fully-funded tuition fees, and undergraduate degrees. Students have gone on to study medicine, dentistry, engineering, physical sciences, law, accounting and more, with some gaining entrance to prestigious Russell Group and Global Top 10 universities.

I come from a family of teachers! However, I was more interested in what I could do to really help an individual move forward, and found myself able to do this from my time at school, university and then at work, where I was a key member of a team that won a National Prize for CIMA Training Programme Development. As I have grown older, helping others to reach their full potential has become one of the most rewarding aspects of my work, and I realised this was what I really wanted to do for a living.

My clients often say I provide a very different service to most tutors they have experienced.
I provide a highly-structured, individualised approach to tuition that closely follows the requirements of the qualification the student is studying for, with regular feedback and support for students and parents as needed.
The aim is to optimise the student's performance, and over time, to help students become increasingly knowledgeable, confident and capable of working more independently.
Unlike some tuition services, this is a confidential service, so I will not discuss or disclose your details to anyone without your consent. I will also never ask you to provide testimonials on Bark or on my website, however great they might have been.
In addition, I take a holistic approach that looks at the student as an individual. This means we are always clear and up-to-date on a student's goals, and you can rest assured that I will always act in the best interests of the student.
Informally, students and parents will have access to plenty of additional support and information to help your student towards their overall educational and career goals!
If this sounds like the sort of service you need, please get in touch for a free initial telephone consultation.

All services are currently available online only. This is safer for everyone, and often more convenient. Importantly, online individual lessons have avoided any disruption to tuition, even during lockdowns, so the learning never stops!

All tuition is online only to keep clients and students safe. In many other ways, the online service has been adapted to incorporate the benefits of face-to-face tuition, so the student will see and have the same resources, explanations and notes as they would in person, without the risks and disruption of Covid-19.