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I provide contemporary TMD/TMJ treatment services. This is to treat TMJ symptoms such as jaw joint pain, clicking, headaches, grinding, clenching, ear blockages, tinnitus, neck pain, anything which has a TMJ source. My treatment is unique because traditional treatments use mouthguards (splints) to alleviate the symptoms of TMD, whereas I use the Invisalign system to correct the bite to take the strain off the jaw joints permanently and therefore treat the TMD directly.



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Giving long term relief to patients who suffer from TMD conditions

I have had an interest in TMD/TMJ and its relation to occlusion (the bite) since University and have been researching applications for the Invisalign system for over a decade. After many years of international courses, extensive study of the relation of the bite to TMD, and having relieved many patients of TMD symptoms they've had for years, it has now inspired me to want to do this work full time.

Traditional treatments for TMD are based on mouthguards (splints), and if these don't work, then TMJ surgery. My treatment is based on what I believe to be the cause of TMD (a misaligned bite) and use of modern clear plastic aligners (The Invisalign System) to realign the bite, with the aim of treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Invisalign is designed to straighten teeth for cosmetic reasons, but it can also be used to realign the bite to allow repositioning of the jaw, to take strain off the jaw joints and jaw muscles, hence relieving the TMD and associated grinding/clenching and headaches. Some patients have ear blockages or tinnitus that is secondary to TMD, and these patients can also be helped. I developed this application for the Invisalign system over the past few years, hence I believe that in the UK I am the foremost authority in this technique.


Treatment of TMJ/TMD symptoms such as jaw joint clicking, pain, headaches, grinding and clenching of teeth, ear blockages and tinnitus, neck pain; anything that has a primary source in the TMJ. My treatment is unique in that I use the Invisalign system to realign the bite to offer long term relief of symptoms, as opposed to the traditional therapy of mouthguards/ splints that just give relief when worn, and often do not work.