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East London, England


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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Hello and welcome.
My name is Dougie Robertson MBACP (Accred) Counsellor with 13yrs experience in private practice and 5yrs within the NHS.

Whether you're hoping to understand and move beyond traumatic experiences originating in your past, or to realise long-awaited changes in your personal or professional relationships in the present, I'm here to help.

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20 December 2016

"My counselling with Dougie has helped me to identify and realise my issues. During the course of our sessions, I was taught how to deal with my irrational fears and lack of self-confidence. I have now learnt new skills which enable me to be more mindful of previously challenging people and situations. With this different mind-set and approach I have become more aware of what is going on, have learnt to accept what I cannot change, and to let go of any unnecessary suffering previously experienced. I feel as if the weight I have been carrying around for so many years has now been lifted. ” More...

20 December 2016

'Through the five years of my therapy with Dougie, he guided me to see things with a different perspective, challenged old ways of thinking I had become accustomed to. Throughout these sessions, no matter how hard they were, I always left feeling positive, with hope, that life is actually ok and I do not have to be held back by my past. He guided me to find my own answers and find the right tools to deal with challenges I encountered in life. I guess a good way of looking at it would be to imagine my mind was like a really messy house and he helped me to tidy it up and put the mess into cupboards.
I had a mindset of wanting to get fixed before my therapy, with Dougie's guidance I realised there was nothing to fix and I'm great just the way I am'

20 December 2016

Client A
'Dougie was able to offer me caring & compassionate support through some personal problems & at a time that I felt in crisis. He also helped me realise that my thinking (my internal dialogue) was actually adding to my hurt & he showed me that through embracing rather than fighting uncomfortable feelings, I could move towards a more peaceful and balanced existence. His techniques enabled me to quieten my mind and he invited me (successfully) to become more compassionate to myself & my life but most importantly, Dougie was there to witness my experiences.
Dougie is a good man and I recommend him to you'



On an existential level its a heart warming experience to give the gift of freedom even liberation to others who are suffering. A life without giving is an isolated one. We all need others, whether we warm to that idea or not. Living with chronic anxiety or enduring depression can feel very isolating and lonely. Our capitalist culture often increases our sense of alienation and separation.
So my being a therapist is one of the ways in which I attempt to help others to move beyond the isolation they may be experiencing and make deeper, more helpful connections.
I will admit that In attempting to help others my life is enriched. I have a sense that I am in greater harmony with others and the world. The money I receive from clients means I can then be generous to others. I do less paid work and more volunteering now.

The opportunity to work at the heart of humanity. Seeing others grow beyond their early conditioning and flower is an unmatched satisfactoriness.
In my own way being a therapist supports my desire to make the world a better place. For this to happen we need human beings with fit minds in touch with their emotional experience to take on this responsibility.

My colleagues and people who I meet inform me that my clients must get a lot from me.
I am very committed to helping others and the change process.. Its not just a job it's a vocation.
My clients inform me that I have significant awareness of cultural diversity.
I am non judgemental, friendly and open minded therapist and have been running a successful private practice for 10 years.
I'm a practicing Buddhist and work on my mind regularly. I try to walk my talk, and of course at times fail brilliantly.