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Biggleswade, Beds

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Canine behaviourist
Darren Davidson adip.cbm m.i.a.c.e.
TCBTS Board member
Full member of The canine behaviour training society
Fully qualified
Fully insured

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3 February 2020

Darren came for a Puppy consult for my 13 week old puppy - a Cotonoodle called Darcey. She was doing quite well with some home training with just me - but a consult with Darren gave me a core structure to stick to and work from, rather than me just floundering about - trying to learn from books and videos. Darcey was really receptive to Darren, his instructions were clear, and I learnt a lot too... and Darcey was exhausted after a fun 2 Hour Consult....it is important for young pups to learn early...as they are so receptive in the first 16 weeks of their lives...and Darren gave me a great foundation to work from...thanks Darren. More...

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8 August 2019

Can not recommend Darren enough. We have a Jack Russell - Shitzu cross and had a number of behavioural issues. This included aggressiveness towards dogs and being an all round pain in the backside. After the first appointment we were taught basic and different skills and hand gestures (which I was sceptical my dog would even listen to or acknowledge) After approximately two hours of Darren's time we could of probably managed to get our dog to juggle flaming knives he was that alert. With a lot of persistence we have seen no end of change in Milo (all positive). Darren is very personable, friendly and to be honest we are a little disappointed our two appointments have finished. If you are looking for behaviour changes in your dog then Darren should be the first person you contact. All the best Darren and I hope many other people and dogs benefit from the skills you have established over many years; Sam & Emma. More...

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17 February 2019

Our poodle is now much better behaved. Thanks so much.

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19 December 2018

Darren came and helped us with our new puppy who was very anxious when left alone. The advice he gave us to solve this particular problem has seen massive improvements in just a couple of weeks. Darren also advises on the learning theory and basic techniques to use which has meant that our dog has started to feel much more secure in the home environment. Definitely recommend. More...

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19 November 2018

We got in touch with Darren as our Boxer used to get extremely excited when meeting new people and other dogs. As he got bigger this started to become a worry as he could, although harmlessly (he's the nicest natured dog you'll meet) hurt someone or get into an aggressive situation with other dogs, as they'd get annoyed and snap at him. Darren saw this first hand when he came round and was even surprised at how excitable he was. But what he did with Leo and how he taught us to do the same in just a few hours was genuinely amazing. We took Leo out with a neighbours dog that day to practise the techniques with Darren and they worked! Since then, we've continued to practise the techniques and he's getting there surely but slowly!Very highly recommended. More...

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22 June 2018

Should highly recommend

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18 May 2018

We called on Darren's services to help with our rescue dog, Rocco. We have had Rocco for just under a year (Staffie cross), but recently we had realised that Rocco was now into his teenage years and was thinking that he could rule the roost, as well as his family! Though a loving family dog, we needed Darren's help in learning how to let him know who is boss and to do what we ask of him. We cannot thank Darren enough for his patience and his advice on what instructions to focus on and how to master keeping his attention. Darren took me and Rocco out with his dog to help me learn how to control Rocco when socialising with dogs we have not met before, and make sure that the experience is safe and controlled for Rocco and any other dog involved. Another area that was a big help, was in learning how to maintain his attention when teaching him recall, this was always a little hit and miss in the past. Rocco would sometimes come when called but to be honest there was always a 50/50 chance that he would decide that he was not going to come to me, no matter how much I called or tried to temp him with treats.In just a short time we feel we have a much better understanding of Rocco and he has a better understanding of us and now we all follow the same rules.We have started out on a long road but with Darren's guidance and support, I am sure we will all be much happier as Rocco grows into a happy and settled dog. More...

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13 March 2018

We are absolutely thrilled with the progress Ru has made following his behaviour modification programme after his consultation a week ago.
Before the consultation I was quite anxious but we felt thoroughly reassured, educated and positive about ways we could move forward with Ru's behaviour.
We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and we are committed to continuing practicing the tools and methods we learnt at our consultation to make Ru the best dog he can be. We will certainly be recommending your services to all our friends. Thank you for your time, patience, knowledge and commitment, it's the best money we have ever spent on Ru's development.

Many Thanks


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18 May 2017

Any dog any time brill

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Making a stress free home for you and your dog ? it gives me huge rewards when I see a dogs life change for the better this is immediately mirrored with its owners thus changing the household for the better

The love of dogs,it gives me great pleasure educating owners that enables them to educate their own dog so they can be happy in our domesticated world

Fully qualified and experienced with a kind hands off approach that get results,there are far too many so called trainers out there who are not qualified and can do far more harm than good


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