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Edinburgh Newborn Photographer

Diana Baker captures delicate portraits of your newborn baby, in the comfort of her Edinburgh based home studio. It is best to have your newborn photography session within the first ten days of baby’s birth, so please schedule it during your pregnancy.

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12 May 2019

The best maternity and baby/family photographer you could ever ask for! Diana makes everyone feel and look their best and is fabulous with children. I have been using her for 2.5 years now and would never ask anyone else to take important photos for my family. Sessions are never rushed, children and babies are made to feel like the most important beings in the universe and if you’re in for a newborn shoot you’re treated to tv with Netflix, as much tea and coffee as you could want along with yummy treats while your newborn baby is being preserved for all time. The product you get is unparalleled and the quality is amazing. You also get all your photos from your session (the edited ones) on a special app that you can share with friends and family. This way if they want any copies they can contact Diana directly to organise them, and you can show them off wherever you go! What more could you want! More...

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5 May 2019

Delighted with the great photos and the whole experience. Diana was amazing with our 11 month old and he loved every minute of her interaction with him - which definitely came across in the end pictures. Very much exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend her services. More...

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26 May 2017

Diana photographed my baby boy it was a brilliant experience Diana is very friendly and brilliant with the babies, she made us feel very welcome, I would highly recommend xx

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The secret to taking a great photograph is to not just think of it as a "photo" but a piece of art that will carry you through time and become your families legacy.

When I work I like to have a personal connection with my babies and their families. In New Zealand where I am from everyone is an Aunty and Uncle, and because most of my clients see me once, twice a year I become the kids Aunty DiDi. I see them grow up, from sitting up, to crawling and then taking their first steps. I am forever woven into that child life and I consider that a true honor. That level of feeling and connection allows me to make a true piece of art.

The questions I might ask a client when starting a new project is all based on and around how would they like to be remembered in the future?

I have Mothers ring me everyday saying "I just want a nice photo of my baby", which is perfect what mother wouldn't want to capture their pride and joy at this point in their life. The next step from that is... ok now what... what are you going to do with those amazing portraits? Having great portraits of your baby on Facebook or stashed away in a draw somewhere doesn't show your kids how proud you are of them, it doesn't say I love you so much that I want to celebrate you!

I want you to enjoy your images not just for the few seconds you load them up on Facebook but every single day. I have had a mum say to me every time she is tired, stressed, overwhelmed all she does is go and stand in front of those amazing portraits of her girls and life gets a little easier, the reason she is doing it all is for those girls and those portraits help her remember that.

So I ask, how do you want to display your portraits?

My Job is not my Job and that is the best part of it. Sure I do it full time, and sure I work really hard at it but its not my job. I invest in my equipment, my location and my props but its still not my job...

its my passion, my hearts desire, the fuel that fills me up and keeps me going. And because it is for me my work fills my clients hearts.

Start your own business is hard work, everyone wants to believe they can but very few follow through and do what it takes. The reason I do what it takes is because what it does for my clients, what they tell me is does for them. Every client of mine contributes to the next client by supporting me in keeping this business running, if it wasn't for my clients I would not be able to supply portraits that inspire, move and fill my clients hearts and that to me is my biggest driving force. So thank you for supporting a local artist in making a difference in peoples lives.

I want people to choose my art, I am just the person who it flows from. I want you to choose work that inspires you, that moves you, that will make its mark on your heart. If that is my work then I really look forward to meeting you and creating your story.


Edinburgh Newborn Photographer

Diana Baker captures delicate portraits of your newborn baby, in the comfort of her Edinburgh based home studio. It is best to have your newborn photography session within the first ten days of baby’s birth, so please schedule it during your pregnancy.

Newborn photography requires techniques, creativity and skilful training. Edinburgh newborn photographer Diana Baker is creative and has the necessary patience required in capturing the most precious moments of an infant. What are the benefits of hiring a newborn photographer? A major benefit of hiring a photographer is all the creative props and special lightings to receive the best quality of photographs.

One of the most difficult tasks a newborn photographer has is capturing creative pictures of infants. The photographer needs plenty of patience to capture moments of the baby smiling or other facial expressions. Diana Baker, a top Edinburgh newborn photographer knows all the correct newborn props to use in order to capture those special moments. Regardless if the infant is awake or sleep, a professional should be able to creatively take some of the most memorable pictures. Newborn photography is in popular demand by many new parents.

sessions with Diana are best scheduled months in advance, as Diana photographs only a limited number of newborns every month. Most parents prefer to have pictures taken in Diana’s professional photo studio. A huge benefit of newborn photography is that parents can conveniently come to the fully equipped home studio. They come with the best quality of lightings and latest photographic equipment.

Newborns sleeps a lot and are on a two to three hour feeding schedule. Diana, an esteemed Edinburgh newborn photographer works around the infant’s schedule. Newborn photography as stated earlier requires much creativity. Hiring a professional can capture the best pictures while the baby is sleeping or awake. Babies make some of the most angelic expressions as newborns.

A professional newborn photography requires skill to capture such moments. They can add various props and themes. Once the photography session is complete, it will probably take approximate two weeks to edit all pictures. Parents are able to view proofs before purchasing various packages offered by Diana.

The photographs can be presented in a custom designed album. Parents are given a variety of options of custom albums and packages. These newborn photography albums are available with different themes that can tell a story of your newborn infant. Let a professional photographer like Diana Baker put together the best photo album for your newborn baby.

Babies go through so many milestones in their first year, and fine art baby photography sessions are a perfect way to document those cherished moments. The best ages for your baby photography session is around six months, when they can sit unaided.

As a new parent you are aware of how beneficial it can be to acquire life long memories of your baby as they grow up. Many individuals throughout the world are constantly filling their baby photo albums with photographs that will be remembered and cherished for many years to come. There are an ample amount of benefits to hiring a baby photographer in Edinburgh to ensure that your memories are kept sacred for a variety of years to come.

As previously mentioned, having the ability to acquire baby photography can prove to be exponentially beneficial due to the fact that you will be provided with an ample amount of memories. Although as a parent you are prone to remember the important dates throughout life such as birthdays and play dates but with the use of a baby photographer you will be able to acquire photographs that will mark the milestones in your baby’s life. As an example, on their first birthday (cake smash) you can have their photograph taken and then on their second birthday you can also have their photograph taken to see the progress in age.

Another benefit of acquiring an Edinburgh baby photographer Diana Baker is that you will be able to acquire professional photographs that will undoubtedly impress friends and family members. Although many individuals believe that using their own personal digital cameras are sufficient enough, many family members would prefer to acquire professional baby photography of your baby. With the implementation of a baby photographer you will be able to acquire photographs of your baby with extrinsic and beautiful back drops and a professional standard quality that will undoubtably help to make the photographs far more outstanding.

Convenience is also an advantage to finding the appropriate Edinburgh based baby photographer due to the fact that you will not have to worry about taking the photographs yourself. Professional Edinburgh baby photographer Diana Baker is trained to know how lighting works best and which angles will help to show the most beautiful sides of your baby. With her help you will be able to simply acquire the most beautiful baby photography of your baby with ease and convenience.

Many parents all over the world as well as in Edinburgh included, are beginning to reap the benefits of a baby photography because they are looking to acquire immortalized photographs of their child that can be kept for a variety of years. With the use of baby photography you will be able to reminisce on the memories with your significant other or even with your child as they grow older.

Child Photographer

Diana is a professional on-location child photographer who captures those special moments that families treasure for a lifetime. Serving the entire Edinburgh metro area, she shoots at many select locations throughout Edinburgh, and can also do your child photography session at a location of your choice.

When you’re looking to have photos taken of your child, nothing is more appropriate than Diana Baker Edinburgh professional child photography. You want to capture special memories with your children, and there are many occasions where the parents spend their time running around to take pictures as opposed to being in the pictures.

Hiring a professional child photographer Diana Baker offers you a lot of advantages. Diana specialises in child photography. When seeking a professional child photographer, the person needs to be patient and calm because children often have short attention spans, and this should be considered when looking for a Edinburgh based child photographer.

A second thing to look for is a gentle touch. Child photography is a broad field, but not every photography is equally skilled in dealing with children of all ages. Diana Baker, being a parent as well as a child photographer understands the dynamics and behaviour of different ages, and different personalities. Diana use a gentle and fun approach to elicit natural laughs and smiles.

If you hire a Edinburgh based child photographer for your newborn baby, you are going to want them to be able to handle the baby and care for it appropriately while taking the pictures. A child photographer should not just be taking pictures of the child. They need to be styling the child, posing, capturing the entire moment or scene. Diana Baker draws on her many years of experience in baby and child photography.

Child photography sessions require time and patience. When seeking an Edinburgh based child photographer, you want to find someone who can create a great deal of magic and truly capture the moment they are there to capture. Things to ask when seeking an Edinburgh child photographer are about experience, specialty, and style. You want to find a child photographer who has experience. This should not be a new endeavour for them. Having references makes that even better and creates a higher level of confidence. By looking at a portfolio, you can gain a level of understanding of the type of work the child photographer does.

You want to know what they specialize in. As is often times the case, many photographers are jack-of-all-trades. They will never say no, and pretend to be masters at everything. However, it takes a great deal of skill, experience and patience to execute successful child photography.

Childhood is a wonderful time to capture and hiring a professional Edinburgh based child photographer allows you the chance to not miss a minute, but still get all the wonderful memories.

Family Edinburgh Family Photographer

Diana strives to capture natural and enduring portraits for families that will be cherished for a lifetime. Family Photography sessions are relaxed and fun – set at the Meadows park in Marchmont, Edinburgh, or a place of your choosing.

Hiring a Edinburgh family photographer Diana Baker is beneficial in various ways. When you hire a family photographer, you’re getting personalized attention from Diana, a photographer who will take the time to get to know your family and take pictures of your family in a way that’s unique.

Another benefit of hiring a family photographer based in Edinburgh is that you’ll have a family photos to be cherished for a lifetime. This is why Diana welcomes you to view samples of her beautiful Scottish family photography she has taken, so you’ll get an idea of how well she does with family photos. Diana Baker Family Photography use the latest cameras and photography equipment which ensures that your family will look their best in the photos.

When you hire a Edinburgh family photographer like Diana Baker, your family’s experience will be unlike any other. Before you waste your time and money on a Groupon bargain, be sure to inspect their work beforehand, and ask for samples from individual sessions. Diana’s Family Photography has been critically praised for its authentic and candid approach. The benefit of hiring a Edinburgh based family photographer Diana Baker are many.

Another benefit of Diana’s family photography is that Diana draws on 15+ years of experience as a retoucher in the commercial/fashion industry. She considers no photo complete unless she’s removed the distractions from the background, adjusted the contrast, and enhanced its natural beauty into a stunning work of photographic art.

Diana is an experienced Edinburgh family photographer. Having earned a reputation as Edinburgh’s most sought-after family photographers. Being parent herself, she is very at ease with children of any age, and adults alike. Family Photography takes skill and experience. Diana knows how to pose a family, so that each member is clearly seen, comfortably posed, and at ease with the family group. Diana’s extensive experience in photography allows her to choose the best settings, make use of available light, and choose photographic angles that truly capture the essence of a family. Family photography in Edinburgh is her sole focus, and her status as an esteemed Edinburgh based family photographer are well justified.