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Cue Film Productions offers a wide variety of services.
We work with many different sized businesses and strive to understand the nuances of each one. We do this because it is our passion to provide media which matches our client’s business goals and ethos.

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23 July 2018


Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Very useful, helpful. Has really helped me understand the needs website SEO and social media.

Reviewed on Facebook


Social media marketing achieves higher conversion rates in a few distinct ways. Perhaps the most significant is that your online presence personifies your brand. Social media is a place where brands can act like people do, and this is important because people prefer to do business with other people and less businesses.

It’s very true that having a great social media campaign can greatly help your business. It is also true that it can take a lot of time, managing all the aspects of different social media channels and directing your posts to the customers who you want to read them. We can do all of this hard work for you allowing you to concentrate on things that are more important.

Animated video is an incredible way to quickly and memorably convey a message. People of all ages and from many different backgrounds, identify with animation much more quickly than other mediums.

Using animation to convey abstract concepts is extremely powerful. This is because you can provide visual and audio clues to guide your viewer, in ways you can’t via other channels, such as film or photography.

This results in potential clients understanding your business and concepts in much more depth. In turn, resulting in better conversion rates and trust levels in you company.

It is a common misconception that corporate video is boring, yet it doesn’t need to be. We pride ourselves on creatively and artfully blending images, audio and film to ensure your message engages your audience.

Utilizing short film on your website will have a number of beneficial effects. In these modern times people want instant access to bitesize pieces of understandable information, a well-planned video can provide this perfectly. This results in potential clients having a better understanding of how you can help them, they stay on your website longer and are more likely to follow up their initial exploration of your company with an enquiry.

Design and branding is probably the most important thing you must get right before you do anything else for your business.

A great design can create an affinity and level of trust with your potential customers, whilst a bad design can put them off your business forever. Once you have made a bad impression it is sometimes impossible to win that potential customer back.

So make sure you start off on the right foot and invest in a decent business design.

It is now common knowledge that a fantastic website design is crucial to success in a world driven by online Marketing.

People now prefer to do as much business online as possible, meaning a good online presence is one of the most important things a business must get right. With so many good websites online, it is now more important than ever to have yours stand out.

Research shows that when people search a website if they don’t begin to find what they are looking for within 20 seconds, they will most likely get frustrated and move on to the next search result. 20 seconds is enough however to grab your audience’s attention, if your design is good enough.

Photography is used to great effect in campaigns, advertising and branding and across all of your platforms, such as your website and social media profiles.

Photography’s importance to the promotion of business is greater now than it has ever been. Visual communication potency has rocketed with the rise of digital and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. It is proven that photography and images are far more likely to engage your potential customers than text alone. Resulting in a necessity to include imagery and other media in your marketing campaigns, to effectively get your message across.