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We were fascinated when we realized what we can do with codes. In fact, we are after a potential that will eliminate all our problems. We now know how to do it and we are here for it.At the same time, we are trying to provide services such as security cameras, burglar alarm systems with our technology team.

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In addition to our corporate and dynamic structure, we attach importance to reflect our environmental awareness to our work. We are aware that even small coding errors that occur in software systems can cause great damage in terms of values ​​aimed at protecting the environment. In addition, we actively follow technological developments and show the necessary work to protect the beauty of nature as much as possible.

As Codenra professional software company, we attach importance to the fact that your creative website websites contain unique designs and support your corporate identity. As we produce special color options and design ideas that will increase the memorability of your company, we also make sure that your site is easy to use while doing all these works. We are happy to produce the website with the most comfortable interface in terms of user experience for you.

Adapting to rapidly developing and changing technological opportunities is among the priorities preferred by many leading brands today. The most striking of these priorities is to use serverless cloud systems under the name of serverless services in accordance with server logic. These systems, which will develop your brand thanks to being a technology that is both budget-friendly and energy-saving, is a new and logical technology. Thanks to serverless systems, you can make your company's internet pages work in the most successful way. It also minimizes the workload on your site and prevents unnecessary energy wastage. In this sense, it would be a very appropriate decision for you to integrate your company into these systems, which are becoming more popular day by day and supported by well-known platforms such as Google and Amazon.

Desktop applications are advanced systems that can process millions of data synchronously. These applications, which require extra attention during their coding and software, are one of the requirements that will increase the accessibility of your company at a high level. Desktop applications are preferred in that they allow the user to directly access your service without dealing with systems such as a web browser. The point you need to pay attention to here is that you have your desktop application done by a reliable and experienced software company.

Blockchain, which forms the infrastructure of the virtual currency Bitcoin, which has not fallen out of languages ​​recently, is actually a software system that has been in our lives since 2009, thanks to its advanced algorithm. Thanks to blockchain, your information is not tied to a center, on the contrary, the users who use your system are independently involved in the operation of the system. Blockhain algorithms, which are not limited to bitcoin and stock exchange transactions, attract attention with being a database. Blockchain, which is a very advantageous technology in terms of privacy and data protection, ensures the security of data that is constantly verified with the help of certain mechanisms. Blockchain, which is a distributed database, is not connected to any company thanks to the fact that it does not have a center controlling the system and keeps your privacy at the highest level. This system based on cryptographic transactions cannot be hacked and touched. Problems in such an important system can cause big problems. Therefore, as the Codenra software team, we are happy to provide Blockchain Solutions services.

VR applications, simply to explain, are called technologies that deceive your senses with various stimuli and make you feel like you are in a different place. Today, this sector, where many popular brands show themselves, stands out as a digital feature that innovative companies also gravitate towards. If you want to experience virtual reality, the basic equipment you need is a virtual reality glasses and software. A virtual reality software has the chance to influence the user in any direction, thanks to the codes it contains. In addition, by moving the user to another world, it is possible to leave the desired psychological and decision-making effects on the user. So much so that many people, under the influence of virtual reality applications, are extremely disconnected from the real world and focus only on virtual life within the software. In this respect, a VR application should be carefully coded and have all the desired features.

Best Intelligent Home
Security Systems
Security systems are produced to prevent and deter real threats. Home security systems not only record crimes but also prevent them. Security systems include outdoor security cameras, lighting and security sensors, doorbell camera offering package detection and protection, and smart locks that perceive and deter those who pose a threat.

Thanks to the security systems, both home and workplaces are protected at all times.

Alarm Systems Designed by Professionals
As your home is unique, your security systems that ensure the security of your home should also be unique. Home security systems developed by professionals offer the best protection for your home. All of our security systems are customized for your home and offer complete security, fully integrated into your home. All areas, including all doors, windows and even blind spots, are included in the security system.

You can start building your home security system immediately and ensure that your home is always safe.

Codenra Epos, all in one hospitality program, designed to manage every aspect of your business.

The program can be optimise for all different type of environment such as:
Coffee Shops
Markets and many more.
Save time and money with Codenra Epos powerful features
Send accurate orders directly to the kitchen. Taking orders has never been easier or more accurate with intuitive item modifiers. Manage multiple items simultaneously and instantly change details like price, name, or quantity.

Split checks seamlessly. Merging, transferring, and splitting checks is fast and simple. Servers can split checks into specified amounts, or move various items to individual checks.

Reporting. Get the lowdown on your business with powerful reporting and analytics. Also you can tracking same time from your phone anytime anywhere.

Why you choose Codenra Epos?

Fast reliable epos system
Increase success of your business
Minimise mistakes and errors
Helps handle your business efficiently
Easy to use, user friendly interface
Save money and time.
Access report anytime anywhere

Restaurant sound systems designed for background music, foreground sound and paging. We have designed thousands of restaurant sound systems for a wide variety of applications, designs, and layouts. We can make it easy to budget and purchase the perfect restaurant speaker system package for your floor plan. From simple background music and paging to high-powered foreground music for sport’s bars and TV sound, you can tailor music formats, sound coverage control and customer paging capabilities in outdoor entrance areas, hostess reception stations, waiting areas, bars, restaurant dining areas, bathroom and washrooms, kitchens and outdoor patios with zone and routing control.

Enjoy exceptional sound quality by Bose, JBL, Yamaha and more for your casual and fine dining restaurant, fast food chain, cafe, bistro, barbecue grill, cafeteria, steakhouse, sports bar and buffet-style restaurants. Our business hospitality background music and paging sound systems greatly enhance your customers’ mealtime experience with any audio and or video source, wireless Bluetooth device, music streaming service, MP3 device, TV sound and Multi-Disc CD players.