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Cobalt Beach Ltd is a data & technology consultancy and solutions firm based in London and Brighton, and operating across the UK. We specialise in helping businesses to create capacity to grow by fixing their processes and systems.

If your IT or processing need fixing, talk to us about your data, analysis & technology needs including:



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A great website is one that serves the needs of its' owner. For some businesses that means generating leads, for others it will be ecommerce or otherwise fulfilling the customer requirement directly. The first thing we always do on any client engagement is to make sure we understand what you need, and everything we do from that point will be focused on achieving that

We have a list of 10 questions we like to ask new clients, to help us understand their business. Nothing scary - just about your objectives, the size of your business and the market you operate in. It's really important that there's a good fit between the consultant and the client and if we feel we can't provide the level of service you'd be happy with we would rather say so upfront and save everyone some time

Helping people who have a dream and need some technical or coaching support to get there

After over 25 years in corporates I realised that I had a deep level of both technical and business expertise and I would be able to spend more time using that to make people happy and less time in endless meetings by setting up my own business!

Over 25 years experience developing business processes, software and data governance solutions for FTSE100 companies



Automate and digitise existing manual/paper processes

Website design and development, custom code or content-management platforms supported including Wordpress, Wix etc

Automation for service businesses such as builders, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, swimming pool maintenance, roofing, installers etc

Improve your online presence with both on-site and off-site SEO

Data Science as a service - our data scientists will analyse your data for actionable business insights

We will develop bespoke software for your business including web applications, internal reporting applications, dashboards ,databases and data integration middleware

A standardised package of analysis on your online (or offline!) sales data to provide you with insights you can use to adjust your marketing budget/approach