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My name is Christine, I am a Professional Reflexology Therapist and a Licensed Professional Dianetics Counselling, I believe your well-being is a lifetime journey and I offer these therapies to assist and support the individual's healing, which they are very much in charge of.

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12 October 2021

Christine’s treatment was excellent from start to finish. A very calm and welcoming environment and an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. I had been having tummy troubles which I told Christine about and resolved after my treatment. It was an hour of bliss. Thanks Christine. More...

Christine's Reflexology & Wellbeing

Reply from Christine's Reflexology & Wellbeing

Hi Kate, thank you. Bless. 🌹🥰

28 July 2021


Very helpful Thank you. Thanks for all your help its really helped me a lots. 💙🙏

9 April 2021


Christine has been very helpful with assisting me through a difficult time - she listens carefully and advices with compassion and understanding. I look forward to working with her closely moving forward. Thanks Christine More...

Christine's Reflexology & Wellbeing

Reply from Christine's Reflexology & Wellbeing

Hi Aleks, thank you very much and it was a great pleasure working with you too. Christine.

10 March 2021


I just had a discussion with Christine. Very polite lady.

23 January 2021

I would highly recommend Reflexology with Christine. She was very professional and fully explained all aspects of the treatment to me. As it was my first time having reflexology, I booked one initial session to start with. After seeing the benefits, I have booked more sessions, as it is absolutely worth it. Her treatment definetley helped to relieve my symptoms. More...

16 January 2021

Christine has been my Dianetic Auditor since I began my therapy. It has been a real pleasure working with her. It was obvious from the moment we met that she was truly motivated by helping people feel better and improving their wellbeing. I cannot recommend her enough!

15 January 2021

I have worked with Christine as a Dianetics auditor and it has always been a pleasure. Christine is very professional and caring with her clients and there is a mutual respect and trust between them. I would highly recommend Christine as a Dianetics auditor as she gets fantastic results and helps people improve conditions in life. More...

15 January 2021

When I went to Christine's Reflexology session, I was suffering with terrible pains in my right hip and legs for quiet awhile.

Christine was able to invite me for a session at the time in an emergency, which helped me to relieve a lot of the discomfort and stress i was getting in my hip, leg and lower part of my back at nights.

The Reflexology session left me feeling refreshed and able to walk a lot better than before and it reached the parts that was aching and giving me a lot of discomfort and made me more flexible.

With the Dianetics Auditing sessions, I was able to release a lot of hidden pain and traumas that was sitting within myself, unknowly. These were causing me not to be able to reach some of my true potentials in Life and which was possibly holding me back at times.
With the support of Christine, I was allowed to be myself and unfold these dark areas of my Life and be able to advance in to new areas, that I have been previously having problems with before, all thanks to Christine and her proffesionalism in the way she audited me. I am very grateful to her for all she has done for me, both Emotionally and Physically.

Kind Regards

Sharon Williams-Muhammad

15 January 2021

The five star represents how Christine made me feel before, during and after my reflexology session. There was this beautiful serene ambiance in her room. She has a very personable professional demeanour and was great at answering my questions. I left her room feeling a sense of elation. But felt the deeper results surfaced the next few days as my body began to respond to her touch therapy. It was a such a tranquil and therapeutic experience and would definitely recommend Christine. More...

14 January 2021

I have had a few treatment sessions with Christine and have told many of my friends about her professionalism and the passion she has for the service she delivers.

Christine has a very calming aura which makes you feel at ease as soon as you come into contact with her. Christine explained how reflexology worked and what to expect from my first session. I felt very relaxed on my return home and slept like a baby that night.


What I love most about my job is working towards assisting my clients to achieve their wellbeing as well as listening to my clients concerns which is vital to me as this enables me to successfully meet their needs.

My inspiration to start my own business was to aquire a skill like Reflexology and Dianetics Auditing to provide a therapy that is so neccessary today, which will benefit many individuals. I have great passion for what I do.

I am a warm and very compassionate person with good listening, communicative skills and a joy to work with. As a therapist, I strive to provide 100% service to my clients and I know they will enjoy the outcome of reflexology and Dianetics Auditing.

I would prefer customers to visit our holistic centre in Kensal Green, London.

The changes made to keep my customers safe from Covid-19 is that we have a Risk Assessment in place where a customer is called the day before their appointment and are asked relevant questions relating to the safety of the customer and myself. This has been provided by the Association of Reflexology.


Reflexology with hot oil, working with the reflex pressure points on the feet to release any congestion or blockages and enable a free flow of energy to your body and enhance deep relaxation.

This therapy also increases your blood circulation in the body and eliminate your body's toxins. - boosting your metabolism & energy level.

Hot Stone Reflexology with essential oil and by applying heated stones to the reflex points on the feet, will bring about a state of deep relaxation and stimulate the body's own healing processes.

Maternity Reflexology provides an invaluable space to focus on yourself and your baby. The therapy encourages deep relaxation, reduces anxiety and any feelings of stress as well as improves quality of sleep. I can assist your pregnancy journey to the birth of your baby.

Ask Yourself:-

Do past bad experiences play a role in irrational behavior today?

Have you had any emotional discomforts of pain from a loss, relationships and anxiety.

Not sure where your life is going as so much has happened or is happening in your life right now.

Experiencing stress, depression and want to take control of your life.

Well Dianetics Counseling can assist you.

Please take a look at the Dianetics video to learn a little of what Dianetics is all about.