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Chellaston Tutoring is a local independent company consisting of fully qualified and experienced teachers. Our vision is to support our students in reaching their learning goals and raise their academic abilities to their fullest potential.

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5 March 2022

I must say Chellaston Tutoring continues to impress me time and time again.

Ryan really goes above and beyond for his students. My daughter has really progressed in English and has recently moved up in her school sets. She is a lot happier and more motivated in school. 10/10 would definitely recommend them if your child needs help. I also really love their brand new building. More...

12 December 2019

Thanks very much to all the Chellaston Tutoring teachers who helped and supported my daughter with her SATs preparation, shes already moved up a table and her teachers are very impressed with her progress. She now feels ready to take on her SATs and achieve the best possible grade. More...

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5 December 2019

Chellaston Tutoring is an amazing tution. In my experience, it's probably one the best I've come across. The teacher is excellent. He tailors the teaching to the child's needs and gives homework which supports and encourages the child. I've seen a huge improvement in my child's understanding, and now she is flying in her school. I would definitely recommend Chellaston Tutoring whether it's for GCSE or Sats. More...

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5 December 2019

My daughter is so much more confident in Maths now. She looks forward to her lessons in school and she’s getting much higher scores now. Not only in Maths but also English where she’s moved up a literacy group! Thanks so much the whole team at Chellaston Tutoring. It’s thanks to your and all your help with her this year. Defiantly recommends the place to all parents. Education is key and you can’t afford not to help your kids these days. I personally fond the 1:2 tuition offered her was really personalised for her and she felt comfortable to learn with this style and this place. More...

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27 November 2019

Really great teachers, in a short time helped my daughter feel much more confident for exams.

Reviewed on Yell

24 November 2019

So after reaching a point in my life I decided I needed a Maths tutor in order to achieve my goal for university and have been tutored by Jordan. I needed that extra help to understand the more complex problems and topics that I never understood at GCSE for my Level 2 Maths Functional Skills. The tutoring was top quality and I was quite surprised with how Jordan was able to tail my tutoring so specific to my needs and learning style. He constantly assessed my knowledge and personally, I found the lessons were planned in detail so I made the most progress overall. Jordan was inspiring and patient through it all and my mistakes. I never felt so ready and prepared for an exam in my life. And gladly I can say I passed with flying colours in a short amount of time! It is all thanks to Jordan and his help so again a BIG thank you Jordan! This review was the least I could do for all the help you gave me. Can’t recommend Jordan enough! Thanks again mate! More...

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Develop fluency in the fundamentals of core mathematics topics to support the correct application of knowledge in increasingly complex problems. Here at Chellaston Tutoring, we ensure we cover the whole curriculum needed for secondary students of all abilities. We focus on the concepts necessary to achieve those all-important GCSE grades. In-depth knowledge of grade boundaries, syllabus and exam requirements are used to ensure all students can achieve their highest possible grade.

Our primary Maths tuition works at a multi-level approach to teach, secure and practices the different mathematical skills taught at a school. Alongside our students, we work on maths skills with three strategies mirroring that of schools. We explore mathematical areas of fluency, reasoning and mastery, to ensure our students have the latest teaching and learning experiences recommended by OFSTED. Alongside this, we provide all our students practice mathematical questions of challenging natures to ensure our students have the advanced maths skills to aid their work in the classroom and make sure they stay ahead of their class.

To teach English at a primary level, we use a variety of approaches to ensure our students grasp the knowledge of the written word. By teaching our students the skill of decoding, to widening their knowledge of vocabulary, we provide our students to have the required skills to feel confidence in comprehension tests. Through practising writing, we focus on building the relevant grammar skills in our students, so they can comprehend, identify and use, their grammar skills with ease, whether in their work for their teacher or tests. Similarly, we work on writing written pieces through fiction or non-fiction and explore the various devices used by authors to elicit different responses from the audience.

English language and literature are an integral part of students’ academic curriculum. We focus on understanding classic texts and also improving on creative and transnational writing. In regards to language, we look at modern fiction texts and how they can create an opinion through the passage of information. We also focus on creative writing skills, with the students using their language to tell stories. In regards to literature, we look at plays, poems and novels to analyse, understand and interpret the nuances present in literary works.