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I help people in their 30s and 40s to feel younger so they can keep up with their kids and hobbies by dropping 10 lbs and getting 2x stronger in just 90 days.

​My unique online coaching programme is designed to help people do things they never thought was possible and we celebrate your wins no matter what they are throughout your journey.

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27 September 2021

Calumn is professional and friendly and wants to see you succeed. He is an amazing teacher and I really felt listened to. I have gained the confidence to be comfortable around virtually every piece of gym kit and no longer feel intimidated when I visit the gym on my own . My goal was to make going to the gym part of my routine for life and to maintain a good level of strength and fitness so I could also participate in races for fun. I discovered I loved to lift and enjoyed achieving new personal bests as the weeks and months went by. I cannot recommend Calumn enough. More...

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Over the last 5 years, I have personally coached over 400 guys and girls to turn their lives around whilst building incredible nutritional, fitness and lifestyle habits to help them become the best version of themselves ever.

What I really pride myself on is the education and coaching you will receive within the Transformation Academy mean that you will never feel lost with your health or fitness again. This is the last place you will ever need to be to make your results stick long after we have parted ways.

So no matter who you are I am committed to making your success my mission.

This is more than meal plans and workouts, this is about you building the best version of yourself that lasts forever!
My only goal is to encourage a transformation that takes a short time to achieve but will benefit your life forever. Together we focus on behaviour changes, build healthy habits and routines that promote healthy living that can fit around your other commitments.

I never set out to become the go-to personal trainer in Edinburgh or an online coach to help people improve their confidence.

It was only through time that I realised that when a client was making progress I noticed a crazy shift in what I was actually providing.

People on the outside looking in may think that I have never struggled with confidence. Let me tell you I have and I still do. I still freak out when I go live on social media because of imposter syndrome, I think one day I’ll get caught out, what if people think I’m fake?

I love the job I do, I have worked my ass off getting to where I am, learning from some of the best people in the world to fine-tune my craft.

I realise that I have the potential to serve and provide value to my clients is much great than any fear I have about myself?

And when they came to work with me directly, many of my clients had experienced this for themselves too.

Too self-conscious to walk into a gym.

Always wearing baggy clothes as they don’t like the way they look in public.

Always offering to take the photos so they didn’t have to be in them.

My question to them is always the same: how long are you willing to let these feelings run your life?

Nothing is going to change if nothing changes.

My clients now walk into a gym feeling proud and knowing what to do.

They have tons of photos of themselves with family and friends because they are proud of how they look.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, confidence is a by-product of change and working on yourself by taking control of your actions.

It's always been my passion to help people become the very best version of themselves and achieve things they never thought was possible.

I understand you may have tried one or more things to start your journey towards the fitness and health you'd like to achieve but they didn't work. Most of these plans involve many restrictions and sudden habit changes you may not be able to sustain for the long term.

I believe in baby steps, assessing where you stand right now and decide where you'd like to go, then set up a plan to a pace you're comfortable to follow, including nutrition habits and exercise routines you enjoy and they fit around your lifestyle.

I only provide Online Personal Training as a service.

Decided to move from In-person coaching to online coaching.