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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Personal Trainer.

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Available to train 6 days a week! Whether you're tying the knot or tied to your desk, I can help you reach your fitness goals and become body confident by offering; nutritional advice, aerobic fitness, weight loss/gain, increased muscle strength and endurance/circuit and weight training.

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18 April 2021

I have been training with Jo for 9 months now. When we had our first consultation I explained my fitness goals and also explained about a rotary cuff injury that I was still suffering with after 6 years.

Our sessions are on zoom which are perfect for me as I didn't have to worry about childcare. Every session were challenging and never repetitive. She targeted my main area of concerns as well as giving me a total body workout.  She avoided any exercises that would cause pain to my shoulder and over time, and sessions with an Osteopath my shoulder is much better, literally pain free.

Jo gave me fantastic nutritional advise and  after adopting these changes I started to see results. I feel stronger,  my body is more toned and I have lost weight. I feel Jo helped me to reach my fitness goals and I highly recommend her.

27 March 2021

My main goal of starting PT sessions was to keep my energy level up and positive especially during the coronavirus year. Starting with Jo was exactly what I needed. Her sessions are fun, engaging and very much based on my goals. The fact that my body shape changed for the better, I lost weight and toned are just wonderful side effects.
From the beginning I never felt that the exercises where overwhelming or too hard (which is where I loose confidence) but based on the level I am at. Since then I increased in exercises and weights and I now love the challenges.
Thank you Jo!

8 March 2021

Personal Trainers

Jo has helped me achieve so many of my goals: I feel stronger, I’m sleeping better, my mental health has improved, my body shape has toned up (I have abs! ) and I’ve lost weight. However for me the biggest bonus of working with Jo is she’s helped me be consistent and stick to exercise. I was someone who always tried things but never kept it up and always made excuses - I’ve been working out 3 times a week for over a year now and it’s now part of my life routine! I’m super grateful to Jo for her clear instructions for diet and working out but also being a compassionate and friendly person to train with, which makes it so easy to keep going. If you’re wondering if you should, get in touch - I’d highly recommend her! More...

18 February 2021

My trainer, Jo, is great!!! I am an out of shape senior and I was very surprised to feel benefits after only one session. I expected pain from the exercise coupled with my arthritis . It was, in fact, the opposite. I am very excited and looking forward to my next session with Jo. More...

18 February 2021

My trainer is amazing. She takes the time to carefully coordinate a workout plan that is tailored to me and my goals. She spends time not only on helping me thru the exercises, but educating me on the importance of nutrition and sends me encouraging communications throughout the week.

20 November 2020

Personal Trainers

I found Jo via bark and I am happy I have found her. We started before lockdown, orginally doing 2 sessions per week F2F. However due to lockdown we adapted to online sessions . Now we do 3 sessions per weeks, doing a mixture of HIIT and weight training. Still on my jounrey with Jo, I have become more fitter, which is one of many benefits since working with her. She has great flexiability, to adapt to your needs and good advice. I have lost 9 kgs so far and will continue my jounrey with Jo. If you looking for a friendly Trainer who will help you where every you are in your jounrey, you are looking at her. More...

16 November 2020

Choosing Jo as my personal trainer was one of the best decisions I made regarding my physical and mental health. Hitting certain age and not exercising for the last ten years left negative effects on my body and mind. Now after 4 months working out with Jo, twice weekly, in her great communal garden I can say that my results exceed my expectations. Jo is kind and fun but very serious about helping me reaching my goals and explaining what and how. She makes me to really want to work out instead of seeing it as a daunting business. Thank you Jo!! Highly recommended! More...

29 April 2020

Personal Trainers

I initially booked for my mum but took the block booking when she could no longer attend. Jo is a no nonsense but friendly lady. Very fit and has a decent variety in her repetoir. I went from being weaker than I would like to have been to now able to do my own work outs at home. She gave me all the tools and tricks I needed to get going on my own. Only negative is the room is small and for some may be claustrophobic. For me it was fine. Thanks Jo More...

9 April 2020

Jo is a great personal trainer. She's energetic and intuitive in her approach, pushing you to go further but also mindful of your limitations. She explains the exercises and their purposes very well, so it all makes sense. Thanks to Jo's training, combined with an NHS recipe app, I've been making big progress towards my losing weight goal, but what's even better is that I feel energized and keen to keep moving and exercising, even when we had to move the training online due to the COVID-19 situation. I highly recommend Jo! More...

17 January 2020

Personal Trainers

she's polite and professional. She's close in proximity and sounds friendly.

19 December 2019

Personal Trainers

I chose Joanne to hit my goal and I have to say that training with her is fantastic. An intense and very productive hour.

21 November 2019

Personal Trainers

I’ve been training twice a week with Jo for a month now. I really enjoy the sessions - I can see myself progressing already, and feel a real benefit in energy. Jo sets a good pace, she’s patient and explains the exercises/form really well. I would definitely recommend her! More...

11 November 2019

Joanne is a great PT, I worked out with her for 4 months and could see the results straight away. She designs ad-hoc schedule fitting the trainee’s body strength and resistance. I am really happy of my training with Jo and would recommend to everyone!
5 stars!!

6 October 2019

Working with Jo is a pleasure. My previous experience with PTs was that they were pushing me too hard to the point I was dreading going back. . and in fact I did not. Jo, instead, understood my limits and pushed me slowly and steadily. She was also attentive to my health concerned and tried to help with my shoulder pain. After 10 sessions with Jo I think going to the gym is much more than just doing some cardio and my body has toned up. Thank you Jo. More...

9 August 2019

Personal Trainers

I've been training with Jo for 6 months and It's been incredibly rewarding as I lost 5 kg since, noticed toning, shaping and lifting. I've also increased my fitness level and she is always pushing my targets forward. She's got good equipment at her place. Now with hotter days we've been doing a part of our session in the communal garden that has plenty of space to run. She's also been incredibly supportive in many other ways :) Thanks Jo! More...

31 May 2019

I would like to say a big thank you Joe for everything she has done while training me over the last 8 months.
Looking back to September, just the thought of putting on gym kit and getting into a the gym scared me to death.
I was self conscious and embarrassed about how unhealthy I had become. I hadn't exercised for over two years and was 3 stone over weight. Then I met Joe and things and things slowly started to improve.
Joe helped me with nutritional advise and gave me some simple ideas to improve my diet .
We began training and worked on my fitness levels before moving on to weights to tone up. Before long my clothes started to fit better, people noticed I was looking healthier and I could actually keep up with the tasks Joe was giving me to do .
During the cold winter mornings there were times I thought it was too hard and I wanted to give up however due to the encouragement from Joe I was kept motivated to keep going.
now 2.5 stone lighter and three dress sizes smaller its obvious all the hard work has paid off and I am extremely happy with the way I look and I haven’t felt this fit or healthy in years!
Although it may not have seemed like it while I was training, but I thoroughly enjoy my sessions each week and Joe is so very easy to get along with. She was very helpful, extremely accommodating and lets not forget encouraging and motivating, but the best part of all is that she genuinely cares about her clients!

12 February 2019

I have been training with JoJo for about 8 months. Originally my goal was to lose weight and get fitter, but then I discovered I was pregnant about six weeks into training.

JoJo has been fantastic throughout my pregnancy and I could not recommend a better personal trainer to work with during a pregnancy. She really helps me feel great every week, maintaining my strength and adapting my workouts throughout each trimester.

I am now 7 months pregnant and we have been working on strengthening my hips, because they have started aching from having to sleep on my side. Some weeks I feel so tired and JoJo keeps me motivated to keep going but taking it at a slower pace, then I am grateful because I end up having a better nights’ sleep.

I plan to continue working out with JoJo until birth, then of course after too. I know every pregnancy is different, but I truly feel that it has helped my pregnancy.

Thank you JoJo xx

15 June 2018

I experienced an important wait loss a couple years ago (-40kg). I had subscribe to a gym to reinforce my core and shape my body, unfortunately, the experience was not productive. Moving to London from Paris, I subscribed again to a new gym where I met Jo. I had not exercised in a gym for at least 2 years, Jo made me enjoy each moment, never knew going to the gym could make me this happy. Jo is an amazing PT, after only 3 months I could already see great results, it's been 8 months now since I am working with her and I do not want to stop ! I feel more confident and absolutely love the way I am shaping my body, all of it thanks to the precious sessions with Jo. She is super friendly, professional, and understanding. She pushes to get better and stronger every time, and it works !! More...

14 June 2018

I've seen fantastic results from my PT sessions with Jo! She started out by gaining a clear understanding of my goals and then worked with me to achieve them. She makes sure that I'm always pushing myself and she takes time to show me the correct technique. Our sessions are always fun and varied - thank you Jo! More...

9 January 2018

Jo has been very supportive on my health plan while I was in London. With a focus on body building and weight control, she has pushed me to the next level - and yes, by "push" I mean that she's the most motivational trainer you could find around!

13 December 2017

It was a pleasure be trained from Jo
She gave me the right motivation to do the job and push me to do it so properly.

10 December 2017

I worked with 3 different personal trainers in London before, JoJo is the best!!!

Almost 6 months working with her, and I'm looking for more.

She is an amazing person, friendly and professional. She is flixable and motivating and this helped me alot to reach my fitness goals while I'm busy with my studies.

I highly recommend her for everyone (my friends are also working with her now).

I hope all the best for you JoJo!!

9 December 2017

I have both enjoyed and thoroughly benefitted from my sessions with Jo. She has provided a constant steam of support, encouragement and helpful advice. When I started my sessions I was a complete novice, but the improvement I’ve seen has surpassed my expectations. This is due to Jo’s knowledge about what exercises would be most helpful and her talent at adapting to my ability at any particular moment. She’s also looked at my dietary habits and given me achievable targets to ensure a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.
I am really grateful to Jo and I intend to buy another package and take advantage of what I’ve found to be a very enjoyable experience.

7 December 2017

Training sessions with Jo are always fun and motivating! She has helped me on my journey to achieve my fitness goals as well as building up my confidence. She has helped me tackle my weakness and I saw an all round improvement in my fitness level! More...

7 March 2017

Personal Trainers

Absolutely loved training with JoJo!! Highly recommend very professional but so friendly.. always available to contact around your sessions as well. I was pushed to my limits and got what I wanted. More...

19 November 2016

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with body couture.
The whole experience is made fun and interesting.
My coach has been very patient with me and has built up my confidence no end in my quest to get fit and healthy.
Her approach has been to work on my strengths, then to build upon my weaknesses.
Week in week I have felt the benefit of my training programme.
I lead a very hectic and sporadic work life and jo-jo has been nothing but patient and flexible regarding this, very refreshing in this day and age.
All in all, I would recommend body couture to everyone, especially if you need that extra guidance. I would go as far to say that it has been a "magic" experience.
Nicky (south London)


I would meet with my client to establish and agree their short, medium and long term fitness goals. I would explain in detail what the fitness programme would consist of and the importance and benefits of following a tailored programme. We would discuss likes and dislikes and this would enable me to put together an achievable and realistic programme for my client.

The best way to achieve your fitness goals and become body confident would be to follow a structured healthy balanced diet and fitness programme put together by a professional like myself. I will ensure the programme will be varied, interesting and above all, fun!

I love to see results! I enjoying seeing my clients achieve their goals and making progress! It's very rewarding.

I have always enjoyed exercising, well running mainly, but when I had my 2 children I put on a lot of weight. This dented my confidence and I remember wishing there was a service that catered for women like me that had little time to exercise and lose weight while working and looking after 2 children. I used to be prone to putting on weight if I didn't eat healthy or exercise regularly! I realised there are so many woman like myself who just need that one-on-one training and expertise. I have the Level 3 Diploma in personal training I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help others achieve their fitness goals full time!

I am a professional! I love what i do! I love to see results! I will provide knowledge, skills guidance and support at every session. I will motivate and inspire clients to do their best and I will always be approachable and easily accessible! Believe me, you won't feel like you're doing all the hard work all on your own! I'll be with you every step of the way!

I provide Online and remote sessions including 1:1 in person. Keeping 2 metres apart. Equipment is cleaned regularly

I follow Government regulations. keeping 2 metres apart outdoors. Cleaning equipment after every session


Free weights, kettlebells, resistance training, battle ropes