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My goal is to be the best option for solving dog problems from the typical to the truly troubling. I hold my Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed designations, which requires adherence to a Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics, and to maintain these credentials, I attend multiple continuing education opportunities each year, including conferences, workshops, and seminars.

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21 September 2020

Great experience with Nicole. In a difficult situation, she gave us hope!

21 September 2020

Nicole is amazing with our dog! She is also wonderful at conveying information to humans!


I got my first puppy while living in a big building in the middle of a city. At the time, I already had 3 years of training experience. "I got this" I thought. And it was HARD. Training a new puppy, when you're sleep-deprived, and you're together 24/7 can be stressful, overwhelming, and discouraging for anyone. And that's why I'm here to help.

I wanted to create all-positive dog training programs specifically designed to facilitate stress-free urban living with your dog, and I want you to feel supported the entire time.

I know you’re probably here because your puppy is peeing all over everything or puncturing skin and clothing with those baby canines. Also because you’d like that little bundle of cute to come when you call and sit when you ask. I understand, and all of my puppy programs are designed to tackle these issues and get your puppy started on her basic manners.

But while I'm at it, I also want to make sure your pup is properly socialized so you get to enjoy a super chill, laid back adult dog who’s great with other dogs, kids, and strangers-a dog who can go anywhere with you, handle any situation.

It can be hard to prioritize socialization when you’ve got a wriggly, friendly puppy on your hands. But too often friendly puppies break their peoples’ hearts by turning into fearful adults, and fear easily morphs into aggressive behavior like barking, growling, and lunging to make scary thing move away. Puppy socialization-systematic, positive exposure to all we want pups to be cool about as adults-is key to avoiding this heatbreak as your puppy reaches maturity.

The good news is that socializing puppies is easy and fun and can be done while your puppy is learning her basic manners. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand perfectly. So let’s get training and socializing your fabulous new family member together!



Need a more personalized puppy training solution? Let me bring puppy raising relief to your doorstep. From basic manners to problem puppy behaviors to socialization to ensure the adult dog of your dreams, I will personalize a training program designed to reach your goals and fit into your daily routine.

For: Puppies of any age

You Should Know: Private training begins with a one-hour initial consult to discuss your goals, devise a training plan, and bring some initial relief.

Program Length: Your training program will be customized to your goals. Just need a little housetraining help? A session or two will do. Looking for basic manners? I generally recommend 3 to 5 sessions depending on goals. Struggling with larger issues? I’ll tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Training Fees: £80 per hour; discounted package rates available when you commit to 5 or more sessions

While you work or run your busy household, I'll guide your puppy through fun socialization outings complete with basic manners lessons. Your pup works on potty training and learning to keep her teeth to herself, on walking with poise through town, and polite sits to greet family, friends, and strangers. She learns basic manners like sit, down, come when called, and not pulling on leash. And all that exercise and learning translates to a significantly calmer puppy at the end of the day!

In short, if you’d like a London puppy (and eventually grown dog) who knows how to handle herself at home as well as about town—but you don’t have the time to train—this is the puppy program for you.

For: Puppies 9 weeks to 5 months old

You Should Know: The Puppy Fast Track program was developed to support and train puppies throughout their critical socialization period, and for best results I would recommend 2-3 sessions/week for several weeks before your puppy enters adolescence. However, the Puppy Fast Track program also can supplement other services like Puppy Socials, in which case you may need fewer visits to get the full benefit of the program.

I’ll ask you to provide treats, ideally your puppy's lunch plus some appropriate high-value treats (such as chicken, cheese, jerky treats, etc.), and 1 or 2 of their favorite toys. I will bring a leash and front-clip harness to use on the outings.

Each session will include an outdoor socialization adventure. The socialization trips may include visits to busy neighborhoods, puppy-friendly stores (banks, hardware stores, coffee shops, and more), or vet offices. At the end of each session, I'll leave a report card with details about the exercises your puppy worked on and their socialization outing.

I require a minimum of 2 sessions to join the Puppy Fast Track program. Two sessions will provide your puppy with an introduction to foundation basic manners like sit, down, and come when called, along with some systematic socialization to people, places, and things in your neighborhood.

2 sessions/week – £145. Includes follow up support and information to transfer the training skills and a 20% off discount for all Puppy Socials.
3 sessions/week – £210. Includes follow up support and handouts to transfer the training skills, a free Puppy Social, and a 20% off discount for any additional Puppy Socials.

Puppy Fast Track begins with a free 30 minute Meet & Greet. Reach out to schedule yours.

Your puppy will learn appropriate greeting and play behavior with fellow canines and with humans, too. I’ll also shake things up with a variety of socialization exercises to help your puppy learn to ignore life’s distractions and surprises. A kid whizzing by on a skateboard? Ho hum, says your puppy. Loud, sudden noises? I didn’t even notice. My puppy social’s motto: A well-socialized puppy is an easy-going dog—and that’s exactly what my puppy socials aim to provide.

For: Puppies aged 9 to 20 weeks (5 months) old

You Should Know: Puppies must have at least one round of vaccines and must have been in your home for at last 7 days prior to their first social. Puppies need to be free of any illness – no coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Please have a copy of your puppies shot records

Tuition: £15 per session. Package of 3 for £42, package of 5 for £70. Payment and shot records due at booking.

New dog in need of training? Old dog who could use a refresher? All are welcome! In this fun, lively dog training class I lay all the basic manners foundations: sit, down, stay, come when called, and polite leash walking. I’ll also introduce you to targeting, an easy and fun way to get your dog’s attention in just about any situation. It’s a great way to build manners, too.

For: Dogs 5 months and older who are comfortable hanging out around other dogs and new people.

You Should Know: 5 week online class (through Zoom). First class is an orientation.

Tuition: £115


If you’re struggling with a dog who behaves badly toward other dogs, members of your own household, or strangers, you know the stress, inconvenience, frustration, fear, and sometimes embarrassment of living with a fearful or aggressive dog. Let me bring relief to your doorstep. I'll come to you for an Initial Consult to assess your dog and discuss your goals, then craft a customized training plan to create positive change—and see you through it.

For: Dogs of any age exhibiting signs of fear or aggression, such as barking, growling, lunging, snapping, and biting; as well as more subtle signs of fear, shyness, or lack of confidence such as frequent tail tucking, hiding, crouching, fleeing, or freezing in place.

You Should Know: Private training begins with a one-hour initial consult to discuss your goals, devise a training plan, and bring some initial relief. I primarily work in.

Program Length: Your training program will be customized to your goals.

Initial Consult Fee: £105

Training Fees: £85 per hour; discounted package rates available when you commit to 5 or more sessions.