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My fascination with SEO began when I built my first business on a shoestring budget. I created the website and did all the marketing. But it was the SEO part that I most enjoyed.

Then COVID-19 happened. Yeah, I know; how much did that suck? 'Fortunately', I had made the genius decision to launch a travel business 4 months beforehand

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10 February 2022

Amazing working with the team, everything was extensive but explained in ways I could understand. Not only was the service amazing but the entire process was seamless. Couldn't recommend more!

Mathew F (Black Plastic Glasses)

Reply from Mathew F (Black Plastic Glasses)

It's a pleasure to have worked on your SEO campaign Gabriella and thanks for the support 👍

8 February 2022

My business has gone from no show to showing up highly ranked on the first page. I am more than happy with all I've gained from the service provided by Black Plastic Glasses.

Mathew F (Black Plastic Glasses)

Reply from Mathew F (Black Plastic Glasses)

It was a pleasure to work with you on the SEO for demiaz.com 👍

8 February 2022

The service I've been given has been remarkably effective for my business and I am now gaining more clients than ever before! Black plastic glasses have really proven the importance of SEO and they've been approaching it in the most professional way. More...

Mathew F (Black Plastic Glasses)

Reply from Mathew F (Black Plastic Glasses)

Thanks for using BPG for your SEO Mikaela! Working on the project was great 👍.


**nerd alert** I love seeing pages and posts I wrote months previously start appearing near the top of the search results.

I learnt SEO out of necessity. I couldn't find an agency willing to impart at least some of their knowledge to me. Or if they did it was cloaked in technical jargon. #boring...

I aim to shrink the barrier between people (business owners) and machines (Google overlords). Sort of like Neo in the Matrix. Except I can't fly. Or plug-in to the matrix. Bummer.

I'm not going to bore you by telling you all about H1 header tags and schema markups (yawn). Instead, I'll show you the odd graph here and there to show your organic visibility growth because that's far more interesting to you.

There are no overly stiff communication barriers. We can discuss over WhatsApp, email or even good old fashioned phone calls.


With the help of machine learning tools, we can identify ideas and cluster content to build your topical authority. Each piece of created content dovetails into the whole picture; everything has its place–and purpose!

Every word get's run through a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool. That's a fancy way of saying that each article we send back gives it the absolute best possible chance of ranking in Google.

Whether you are looking for blog posts to create informational hubs or in-depth how-to guides for your product or service, I can tailor something for you.

Factoring in technical SEO (both on-page and off-page), searcher/user intent, competition analysis, link building and user experience signals. Whether its local SEO, national SEO, eCommerce, Wordpress SEO and even professional services SEO we can tailor a complete package to fit.

47% of searches on Google worldwide are for locally based services. So appearing in those searches can be business altering.

Everyone from the trades to hair salons and brick's n mortar retailers can benefit from SEO investment.

We don't need to re-invent the wheel or put you to sleep with boring SEO reports each month.

So we make it as hands-free as you desire and show you results by doing.

Let's cut to the chase. National SEO is super competitive in the UK.

If you are currently (or planning on) operating nationally, you need the budget to compete.

Links cost money, fact. And your competition is definitely spending money on building links.

Add in a content marketing strategy to keep up, and you're getting an idea of what goes into national SEO.

Keyword research, strategy, and planning
SEO competitor analysis and ongoing monitoring

Onsite SEO:
Technical SEO (scripts, code, etc.)
Website landing page, content, and keyword usage optimization, website performance analysis

Offsite SEO:
Website and backlink profile analysis, strategy, and planning, backlink building (writing and outreach)

Google Analytics

Design isn’t just how something looks. Design is how it works. The SEO landscape is changing, and user experience signals are becoming more substantial ranking factors. We reverse engineer from the user perspective and apply the remedy.

Amazon converts at an insane 9%. How did they manage that, I hear you ask? Three words. Conversion Rate Optimisation.

If you're wondering why a product is underperforming or people aren't signing up to your mailing list, it is time to look into CRO.

We will get software set up on your website that tracks clicks, scroll depth and a whole lot more.

Then we let the data make the decisions for us by performing split tests (A/B testing).

If the changes improve the conversions in the way we want, we call Conversion Rate Optimisation.