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Hello! Bespoke Visuals specialises in personal and corporate photography/videography including weddings plus everyone’s favourite, the cake-smash! We offer a natural, relaxed style which doesn’t try to limit your happiness to a number of photographs or contain your own idiosyncratic charm to a carbon copy videography package.

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23 July 2018

Darcy is a true professional loved our wedding photographs - thank you so much for capturing our memories

23 July 2018

Darcy spent time getting to know Milo before taking the great pictures. He was patient and able to make him behave so each shot was perfect. I have ordered a large picture to be framed and can't recommend bespoke visuals more More...

6 June 2017

Great experience with Bespoke Visuals as I was impressed at how Darcy put me at ease from the start. My ideas and requirements were explored indepth and then carried out in a way to maximise them and then transformed into stunning images. I am more than satisfied that my brief was met and I will be using this professional company again and recommending Darcy whenever possible without hesitation. More...

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Bespoke Visual photographers and videographers take pride in finding the scenes that make an event truly important to you. It's all well and good having a picture of everybody lined up next to each other like The Usual Suspects, but it's sights like a young bridesmaid stealing icing off a wedding cake or a grandfather falling asleep in a very comfortable chair that truly stay with you for a lifetime.

What style(s) do you specialise in?
I use a blend of several different photography and film styles. In terms of medium, I always shoot on a digital device which greatly cuts down on the time needed to get your photos and videos to you, allows me to shoot in a greater variety of conditions regarding lighting, angling, format and technique while I adjust the settings of my camera to adapt to them on the fly. In the post-production stage, I can mimic the softer, dreamy quality of film and pass the time and cost savings to you.

My style is a mix of classic images built to infuse tiny, little moments with all the emotion you felt while living them; artistic pieces which can involve functional cuneiform-esque, Victorian, moderne, post-modern, and contemporary styles; and a emotionally driven documentary form developed from techniques that were pioneered by Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo journalism

Will the photos be retouched and colour balanced?
Yes. All photographs and videos will be digitally polished before you see them, and additional editing can be done after you've seen the corrected product.

How many weddings have you shot?
I've photographed two weddings, I've recorded one on video and the other featured a diary room set-up in which the guest left messages for the bride and groom.

Do you do packages?
No. Our first question will always be "What do you want?" Every project is designed from the ground up around the customer. There are, however, some consistencies. For example, we have no limit to the number of photographs and videos taken during a session, and the session lasts as long as the customer wants it to last.

How many hours do you work before charging overtime?
Bespoke visuals don’t charge overtime.

What is the deposit?
The deposit covers transportation and equipment costs, so it is directly proportional to the size of your project. If the assignment takes place in our Bespoke Visuals studio with no additional equipment, you will not be required to make a deposit.

Will you follow a shot list, or do you prefer free reign?
A shot list can make my job a lot easier but it's just as important to be able to adapt to new situations as they develop.

What are the restrictions for sharing photos online or for publication? Do you own the copyright to the photos?
I'll hold onto the commercial copyright. Otherwise, I would encourage you to post your content wherever you like and I would be pleased if you attached our name and contact details to it.

Do you bring your own lighting?
I have some lightweight gadgets for extreme scenarios but a digital camera can take good pictures in a good range of lightning conditions and post-production can correct those that are two light or dark.

I like to innovate. My work provides me with the variety of environments and challenges that ensure I am always evolving. I enjoy feeling a sense of accomplishment when I am up against a brick wall with a deadline and a quickly draining series of resources but then everything just clicks and there is this all-powerful sense of clarity.

I thought that it would be a lot of fun, and it turned out to be very enjoyable.

I have experience in a unique range of fields which means you're not just getting the good qualities of a photographer and videography but the meticulousness of a forensic scientist, the imagination of physicist, and the interpersonal skills of a teacher just to name a few. Not to mention, I have over a decade of experience with camera work from the day that I got one for my tenth birthday and half that using editing software as well as an additional for month of fast tracked formal education in media production where I brought a professional quality to my work that shocked the professors. I have also worked with a range of charity organisations, private companies and successful political candidates during the last year alone.



Bespoke Visuals provides the most versatile personal and corporate photography available.

Dazzle your customers or relatives with an adaptable videography and film-making service

You'll never stress about deadlines again. Lie back and relax knowing the project will be perfected in 7-days so you can implement it faster, and start profiting sooner without having to constantly follow up on the process.