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Arna van Goch is a business automations coach. She helps online service-based entrepreneurs scale by streamlining their businesses and strategies to work less & earn more. Over her own entrepreneurial journey she has worked online businesses to land 6 figure contracts and supported businesses reaching 7 figures.

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15 August 2020

Working with Arna is a real privilege, she is really focused on results and will always keep you accountable to actions needed in order to achieve what you're after. Arna had helped me greatly when I started my networking business and was always there for me when I needed support, advice or just a friendly chat when things weren't going well. Thanks to this I've gained much needed focus and sought for solutions instead of struggling with my bad mindset. She is a genuinely good person seeking to help others as much in business as in their personal life. I'm very grateful for every minute of our friendship. More...

12 August 2020

Working with Arna to put it simply is a joy! She’s extremely insightful and has fantastic ideas and useful tools to help you achieve whatever it is you’re striving for. She often knows what you need before you do!
I would most definitely recommend her services to any individual or forward thinking organisation that needs her help.


I love the impact that I get to make on people's lives. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a job fulfilled, a goal achieved. I've fallen in love with the process especially, because through coaching we often find that the results we are after are perhaps, not the results we want at all!

I wanted to live a life on my own terms and pursue passions that I care about. My passions, experience and skills are so much more than the cookie-cutter boxes of the '9-5 world'. I wanted to give myself a chance to explore other avenues and besides that, make a real impact.

Having lived across 3 continents in 5 different countries, I have learned more about human behaviour and business trends simply bo association. In my travels I have come across failures and successes- and even been there myself. I know that when I commit to making a coaching relationship work, it's because I am 100% committed to driving that outcome.


Automating your business is a key component to finding more time back in your life, having that balance that you always wanted.
In this 4 week program we look at 3 key areas of your business:

We find ways to plan ahead, putting systems in place, and automating the sales process in order to make life much easier for you.

This program takes 4 weeks with weekly 45 minute calls as well as unlimited slack support. You will receive call recordings and walk-through videos (if not provided during calls) to support your journey towards making technology you friend.

Depending on the timeframe that you are able to commit to, we will grow your business to include passive income that still makes your work meaningful and makes sense for your business.

From creating online courses to membership sites to low-cost offers, BeingDutchanese will be able to coach you (and even have a done-for-you-service available) for the process.

This process can take between 6 weeks - 6 months, it depends on both the outcome and the client. Please enquire for more details.

In this

In this workshop, we will work through an entire CEO day in real time. Taking up to 3 hours, we will first look at the numbers of your business and interpret them to constructive feedback.

We then use the feedback to make a plan for the coming month, watching out for common pitfalls. We also use this time to plan out some personal goals.

In this CEO day you will receive handy templates to complete the work as well as how to do this yourself going forward.