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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Aureus Ventures is the UK’s leading partner for new tech start-ups. Aureus Ventures helps entrepreneurs build and launch all their business functions with a primary focus on designing and developing the technology for you – App and/or website.

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19 January 2021

As one of the start ups working with Aureus, it's a pleasure working together so far.

From the beginning, they have been able masterfully implement a laundry list of development. The position I am currently in wouldn't be possible without their vast experience in tech and knowledge to guide me though impossible tasks making it very streamline for me to accomplish.

Moreover, I could use a lot of adjectives, but I think the main ones for me are proactive, efficient or better yet, resourceful.

At this point, I can certainly put my trust in the team to support me in making my start-up a continued success.

Thanks for your help thus far and cannot recommend them highly for tech developments.


14 January 2021

I didn't know how much I didn't know!

In retrospect, my project would never have gotten off the ground without Aureus Ventures. I needed a team to make a website and an app but all the extra business, marketing and legal knowledge and experience brought to my business from them has been unexpected and invaluable.

From the start they have been exactly as involved and proactive as needed. Whilst bringing a different perspective to the table I have never found their ideas intrusive.

I will enjoy the continued work with Aureus Ventures and trust they will help make my start-up a success.

12 January 2021

As one of the first start ups with Aureus Ventures i can easily say i wouldn't be in the position i am in without the support of Xan and the strong team he has built to support a range of start ups. The vast knowledge of everyone on the team has helped me make important decisions and feel more comfortable in the journey of building a business. With a team coming from all backgrounds and different types of business sectors, there is always connections to be made through the team and business relationships to be built when joining Aureus Ventures. I highly recommend anyone looking to build their business or has a foundation of a business to get in touch with Aureus and find out more. Cant speak highly enough of the experience I have had and the knowledge gained from working with Aureus Ventures so far. More...


I just love my job as I am always up at 5 am in the morning and 'burning the late-night oil' into the early hours of the morning. There are so many reasons why I do, and I cannot imagine doing anything else, below are my top 5 reasons:
1. I am motivated by real-world challenges and problem solving
2. I love building and creating new business solutions
3. I am excited by opportunities arising from innovation and new technology
4. I enjoy helping others and doing work that matters
5. I get a buzz from creating winning teams by connecting awesome people

I was inspired to start my own business because I love problem-solving. As a historian and avid chess player, I cannot resist researching a problem in-depth, and then the challenge of creating a winning solution that reaps benefits for all.

Clients should choose Aureus Ventures because: 1) We have a passion for working with entrepreneurs, new start-ups, and businesses and helping them bring their tech idea to life. 2) We have an experienced in-house tech team ready to build the technology for you, in exchange for a nominal fee and a reasonable equity share in your business. 3) Our model means we are invested in your start-up’s success.

Aureus Ventures work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses all over the world, and our operations are therefore set up for remote work. We use Google business services for document storage, document sharing, and meetings. We use Slack for daily project communications and Trello/Jira for our project management. Our clients are given access to these and other tools required to support our engagement with them.

All Aureus Ventures staff are currently working from home using technology for collaboration and communication.
All business is currently being conducted on-line and remotely.


Mobile application development for iOS, Android and Cross-platform. Innovative, highly responsive UI/UX solutions. Extend desktop and web applications to a mobile platform.

Be it an enterprise software for organizational use, or a customer-facing SaaS product, we can help develop
your custom solution from the ground up.
- Native Mobile App Development
- Cross Platform App Development
- Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Stunning and scalable websites and web applications built from scratch. Create your own cutting-edge web software to accelerate digital growth for your business.

Be it an enterprise software for organizational use, or a customer-facing SaaS product, we can help develop
your custom solution from the ground up.
- E-Commerce Development and Design
- Web-based Platform Development
- Cloud Application Development
- Custom Web Application & Website

Custom software development services from bottom to top, including architecture planning, project management, quality assurance and maintenance. We are problem solvers, working with you to overcome your business challenges using technology.

Be it an enterprise software for organizational use, or a customer-facing SaaS product, we can help develop
your custom solution from the ground up.
- AI & Machine Learning
-Internet of Things (IoT)
-ERP Application Development
- Business Process Digitalisation
- Cloud Development Services


You have an entrepreneurial idea or start-up you want to advance. Aureus Ventures supports entrepreneurs and start-ups with the development, build, launch, refinement and scaling of their businesses.

We use our unique formula of technology development and experienced advisors across; Business Strategy, Marketing & Sales, to address entrepreneurs’ challenges and create highly investable businesses.
- Idea Generation & Validation
-Concept Development
- Product Design
- IT & Product Development
- Launch and Commercialisation
- Scaling and Investment Raising
- Mentoring, Coaching and 1-on-1
- Partnerships