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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


After undergoing his lifestyle change and extreme weight loss, Aleksander has specialised in sustainable weight loss and management.
Aleksander believes in a holistic approach to lifestyle change and will guide you through the journey with bite-size steps.

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9 March 2020

I have already gained so much confidence since working with Aleks after just a few weeks. His approach to personal training is unique and genuine. His enthusiasm for fitness is contagious and his knowledge of the body and how it functions is invaluable. He makes a comfortable atmosphere and pushes me to achieve my full potential. I have loved working with him and really look forward to our sessions. More...

9 March 2020

Personal Trainers

Also is very experience d and he know what he does. He goes out a mile to help his client to achieve his or her girls.


One can never out-train the diet.
However, when people hear "diet", the immediate association is bland, tasteless food and constant hunger.
Well, this is not the case. All favourite meals can be made into a healthy option, full of flavour and packed with well-balanced nutrients.
Yes, to lose body fat, one has to create negative energy intake, but still enjoys full and pleasant day-to-day.
Healthy diet deserves the name when you can enjoy one and with consistency and perseverance achieve results.

When you face an overwhelming challenge, it is hard to keep motivated. Breaking down a task into smaller, "bite-size" chunks or steps, gives you a sense of achievement. Achievement is the best motivation. It makes you proud and happy. And we all like a happy place, and we will do almost anything to be there. If you look it like that, then goals are not so hard to achieve.

There are no secrets. Hard work, perseverance, consistency and good support from your social circle.

Challenge of finding that common point with the client making them believe in themselves and demonstrate that they are a unique gem needing lots of self-love and respect. Because if you can't love yourself, it is hard to love anybody else.

After going through years of yo-yo lifestyle, and finally finding the way out of it, I set myself on a journey to help an endless number of people who are at exactly the same crossroad when I was 5 years ago (scared, tired, angry with myself, without motivation and on the brink of serious health issues). I understand why really PERSONAL and HOLISTIC approach is paramount to achieve the desired result.

I understand why a PERSONAL and HOLISTIC approach is paramount to achieve the desired result. I work based on science and reject fad(s) and novelty gimmicks, with unrealistic promises and severely bent truth, flooding social media outlets.
We will work together, not just those 60 min on the gym floor, but also when you need to chat, when frustrations want you to quit, when you will try to blame yourself that you have a slice too many and when you'll need that little push to finalise your step.


A personalised exercise session designed toward achieving a specific goal(s).

A personalised exercise program and personal coaching, coupled with nutrition advice and holistic lifestyle overhaul.

Short 15 to 20 min session, focusing on one specific exercise or technique.

The very specific program, from weight loss, strengthening of pelvic floor muscles, posture correction and strength building, designed for you only. Additionally, to help you achieve your goal, you will receive full nutrition advice.

Do you have: Tight neck? Headaches? Shoulder pain? Lower back pain? Not to worry anymore!
A specialised exercise program, to strengthen and correct your posture and feel full of energy again!