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Andrew has led teams through stressful times, through growth and restructuring. My goal here is to help you to define what is the important stuff, and what is the noise. Defining projects and goals by what you will be judged on, and how you will be seen to deliver, allows you to focus on the quality, not the numbers.

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You.. sounds corny - but actually I am really fascinated by how well a great idea can be brought to market. I have over the years seen so many great ideas fail due to the fact that they were not fully though through - or presented in a way that allowed people to pull them apart. I have seen so much talent wasted by other people trampling over it. Business have failed, not because the are bad, but because the management got beaten to the point that they ran out of energy. It needs to stop - so come talk to me, lets put you and your goals back together so you can drive the world.

Working in business banking, I discovered that good ideas work as much on how they are presented, and how well thought through they are. I have seen some really great ideas fail, and others really fly. The goal is to build you - your job, your company your goals. So many ideas failed the original developer because they were not fully thought through, others have come back and been re presented, without the original person, and their passion. Passion make the business fly - no one believes in you like you do.

To me the role of a coach is to help develop your decision making skills. Yes I understand the process needed to run a business, but that would be my business. I not going to act as a business consultant - some one who advises you on your business, nor am I going to act as a Mentor - some one who gives you the benefit of experience and wisdom. The role of a coach is to benefit and develop you - so you can do it yourself. This is in your confidence, you skills and your thought process.

Yes - Zoom would be my preference - I will send you a the links, however I can also support teams/Skype and Google Meet

All sessions are currently remote, this will continue, I have offered in person coaching previously, and no doubt will again.


A coach will start with you, what do you need to do to deliver your ideas, are there things you need to develop in yourself? As a coach I start with you. The goal of a coach is to listen to what your idea are, then to challenge them - with the goal of giving you a deeper review you, your goals, what it is that the goal, how to deliver it, and how to present it so that you maximise the impact.
A coach will not tell you what or how to do it. What I will do is walk with you through the ideas so that we can focus and refine your ideas, maintain the goal that you are looking to achieve or deliver, and keep the ideas that have a chance of working, in confidence.