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Alex Csompo is a highly skilled and experienced fat loss specialist based in the West Midlands region of the UK. With a passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals, Alex has assisted clients from all over the world in shedding unwanted fat and adopting healthier lifestyles through the use of innovative fat burning techniques and rigorous exercise regimens.

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5 customer reviews

7 July 2019

Alex is more than a personal trainer, he’s a body coach and a great one at that.He appreciates that everyone is different and have different goals, different weaknesses as well as different strengths. Alex is understanding but won’t let you get away with doing the training less than 100% correctly. He will push you and push you some more - he will do what ever it takes for you to succeed.Alex is always positive, motivating and enthusiastic!. He makes exercise fun, keeps you focused on your goals and accountable for achieving them. You won’t go wrong contracting Alex to get you on the path to fitness and good health. More...

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20 June 2019

Fab instructor! I have lost weight and feel so much more confident with myself and my eating habits. No matter what time of day it is he is always there to help me when I have questions or want workouts to do at home.

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5 June 2019

Whilst still going through rehab for a ongoing knee condition, I really wanted to get back into training property again, Alex listened understood and designed a training plan tailored around my specific goals which would still, and has given me results even with the restrictions I have. He is a dedicated trainer and push's you to achieve the best of your potential. Be it you are looking to improve on your current fitness and take your self to the next level, or looking to find a trainer to help you take the first steps into getting fit and keep you motivated along the journey, Alex will support you all the way. More...

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7 March 2019

Can't recommend Alex highly enough. Workouts are varied and challenging every time and he pushes me harder than I would myself. Also a great guy generally, very easy to talk to and get along with so the sessions fly by. More...

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7 August 2017

Regardless of your goals, you definitely see results with Alex, my aim initially was to 'lose weight' and slim down which I'm not only doing but I've also realised through my sessions with him that it's not just about weighing lighter on a set of weight scales. He has definitely helped me learn that a lot more importantly it is about gaining strength and becoming fitter and making better choices. You quickly learn that you sometimes see changes in your body that does not correspond with your weight on a scale and not to become discouraged. He's good at changing the sessions up and making sure it's diverse so that you don't dread a repetitive workout or doing something that maybe you didn't enjoy again and again. It's also very beneficial being in the privacy of a private gym and the ability to have space and complete one to one attention. Whilst you might not appreciate it at the time, if you need a kick up the arse you get it from him and learn that you need to make every session count but equally not to be too cruel or hard on yourself as you are making a change. He is non judgemental and I would definitely say that whether you are 12 stone or 24 he is not there to judge your weight or what you look like or your previous decisions that landed you at his gym but to make you realise from then on how to change your lifestyle completely and make you realise that you're doing that for yourself. Whether you want to get fit or get lean, he will tailor your training to whatever goal it is that you aim to achieve. Thanks Alex! More...

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