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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


The personal touch delivering a variety of media from videography and photography to thermal imaging, solar inspection and construction related reporting and mapping throughout the north of England.

Keen to support developers provide clients with progress reports of construction developments throughout the build phase through to sales transition.

5 hour response time

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25 June 2020

From the off Steve was brilliant to deal with, he guided me to the best package for my needs and fully explained what I would get. Very knowledgeable and went over and above. Would definitely recommend and I will be using again. Cheers More...


Patience, the ability to understand the potential of post edit from an image where data cannot always be seen in the initial view.

What would you like to gain from the service I am giving you, is it merely images and data or would you like support in presenting progress.

Do you have a particular idea in mind for your final presentation or are would you like me to take care of this for you?

What are the timescales for delivery, and do you need me to work around any special events or milestones of the project?

Sometimes the best light is before most people are out of bed or way after the end of a normal day, can I access the area out of hours to give you the best success.

I enjoy meeting new people and helping them to capture a mement or enhance a project using cameras whether ground based or mounted on a drone.

I have worked in housing for many years and have always found it difficult for people to understand what is required with the supplier working to a brief and not going of piste.

I have a keen eye for detail, experience in property and house development which has given me the insight to understand what clients, developers and the end buyer is looking for. I will ensure that you are dealt with personally and I have a commitment to collaborate with clients as opposed to just providing a service.


Using a variety of Drones or poles I am able to provide elevated angle photography to meet your needs. In most cases a drone can be used, however there are limitations. I will ensure that the correct device is used and the images produced are amazing.

Many construction sites are looking at ways to capture progress and report remotely. I have access to a variety of software that enable you to provide standard photographs, panoramic photographs, 3D renders and point clouds to support your site management. The volumetric analysis that using a drone provides speeds ups your workflow whilst keeping people away from busy site traffic and the risks of slips and falls clambering over large stockpiles to measure them.

Each site visit will provide a series of images, along with a bonus panoramic each visit. In addition to these the packages for 3D renders and volumetrics are available.

Using AI&I Ltd will give your site the full image tracking of your site for the duration of the project.

I am able to provide basic level thermal surveys to flat roofs and cladding. The thermal imagery can also be used to assess solar panels to review the temperature across panels to identify if further investigation may be required. The added bonus of side by side RGB capture, ensures that time is not waste investigating soiled or shaded cells.

The data can also be used to survey cladding and carry out analysis of large scale roofing projects to ensure there is even insulation to all areas.

Please feel free to contact in relation to this service

I am able to provide homeowners, contractors or landlords with a safe service that ensures no one has to work at height. I eliminate the need for access equipment to look at raised areas for visual inspections.

As a customer you can watch a live feed and direct me to show you the areas you wish to review. I am able to provide video and photograph data that will support your investigations and also can follow the initial visit with a confirmatory visit to demonstrate the work carried out is complete and satisfactory.

I am also able to provide images and footage for insurance underwriters where site access may be hazardous and claims may be delayed due to lack of access.