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Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park, Harris County


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Jim B.

22 April 2019

I just boarded my puppy Louis V from Thursday until Monday. He got daycare everyday while we were gone. We also got him bathed on his last day. There's nothing like a tuckered out fresh smelling pup when you're back from vacay. More...


Pamela S.

25 March 2019

Yuppie Dog is a great place for daycare and overnight boarding. The staff is very friendly and kind to the   and the owner is very thorough with keeping vaccination and health records up-to-date.My  loves it here!


Jennifer M.

21 January 2019

Awesome place for daycare and boarding. The staff is very welcoming. They take really good care of our Bleu, she LOVES  it there and so do we!


J A J.

14 December 2018

Me & my pup love Yuppie Dog! Best staff, best management, best training & my dog loves to go swimming in the warmer temps. I have tried other doggy daycare's in the Houston Heights even those highly recommended by vets & pet supply stores. And in trying some of the other daycares, I found myself taking my pup to the vet for a variety of ailments just a few days after a visit. One can tell the level of cleanliness a facility maintains by your pups overall health. When you spend more $$ at the vet than at the daycare this should tell you something. Duh I am glad to have found Yuppie Dog. They vet their new visitors well & their facility must be clean because my Veterinarian bill is now under control. Amazing what a little care will do! Thank you Yuppie Dog! We wov u! Woof! More...


Melissa Donaldson Fantuzzo

20 August 2018

Thanks Yuppie Dog and Sara for two great doggie grooms! The boys look great!


Lauren Jaramillo

20 August 2018

I love Yuppie Dog and so does my fur babe, Jake! He always has a great time when he's there and I always love the way he smells after his baths. I would recommend this place for your pups any day! Thanks so much to all the staff at Yuppie Dog! Jake loves y'all and so do I! � More...


Rebecca Fiszer

20 August 2018

Thank you for taking care of Harley overnight! As always, he has a wonderful time & is exhausted (bonus)!!


Richelle Collins

20 August 2018

I love Yuppie Dog and my puppy child does too! My dog would always be sad to leave whenever I dropped him off at the boarding place we used before. But ever since we switched to Yuppie Dog he barely turns back to say bye to me because it’s like his home away from home. They took great care of him during Hurricane Harvey and I am forever grateful for that as I was out of state and none of my friends could pick him up due to the flooding. I love the pictures they send to let you know how your pup is doing. More...


Katie Markovich

20 August 2018

My little pup, Berkman, loves Yuppie Dog! He has the best time playing with his friends while I am at work. He is happy and tired after daycare. I no longer feel guilty while at work, or worried that he is getting into something at the house that he shouldn't be getting into. Yuppie Dog gives me peace of mind that my little guy is well taken care of and having a blast! Not to mention the staff are great! Thank you! More...


Maura B.

29 May 2018

I have been taking my 2 dogs here for boarding for the last two years. Yuppie Dog takes really good care of the dogs and lets them be boarded together at night so they can be comfortable and don't get lonely. I was always anxious about boarding because one of the dogs has pretty severe separation anxiety, but the yuppie dog staff takes really good care of them and will send photo updates throughout the stay to ease my nerves.This will definitely continue to be my go to spot for boarding! More...


Elizabeth D.

9 May 2018

I am so so relieved to have a daycare and boarding place that my Aussie puppy, Theodore, LOVES. We started off with a few half days of daycare to ease him in, and boarded him for his first time recently. I was happy to see that when we took him back to daycare, after being boarded, he was still bolting to go inside! He even sometimes cries when we pick him up after daycare. I really like the smaller community feel, the staff already knows him and greets him when he comes in! I had actually taken him to HBP down the street first and I don't think it was a good fit for him since he had some separation anxiety. I wish Yuppie Dog had cameras, but then again I would be much less productive watching all day. Overall - Very satisfied dog mom! More...


Kk N.

25 April 2018

I love Yuppie Dog! The staff is incredible. All of their knowledge has really helped me with my rescue dog- a breed in which I was not used to. My furry baby can't wait for her daily playtime at day care. I am not sure if she wants to go to play with dogs or just hang out with the staff.Also, she always has a great experience when I board her. More...


Angelica Y.

27 February 2018

My dogs love it here! The doggie pool helps cool them down and there is always a timely drop of and pickup.


Jayne N.

16 September 2017

I cannot begin to thank Melanie and her team.  During Harvey, they took care of Gucci as if he was their dog. I was unable to return to Houston and they kept in constant contact with me.They showed true love and compassion. Thank you...  Melanie ..."you are a true hero" More...


Ruth M.

14 September 2017

Yuppie Dog is fantastic for my crazy Labrador. We utilize both day care and boarding for her. She loves the pool, the groomer and is always excited to go. Never any hesitation from her when walking in ( we stopped going to a different kennel when she balked at going into the kennels door.) We were out of the USA on a trip prior to Harvey, but they made arrangements for our emergency contact to pick her up, and even managed to get her bathed prior to pickup. I understand that the owner took the dogs who remained to her home and kept them safe until they could be reunited with their owners post hurricane. More...


Diana H.

1 September 2017

My puppies are always fine at Yuppie Dog, ....when I have to board them, but have never given it much thought until now!!Because of Harvey, we were stuck out of town, as we found out that Yuppie Dog was flooding and had to evacuate!   Melanie, the owner,  took 15 dogs to her house, including mine and I couldn't be more thankful!She sent me updates and pictures and when I could finally pick them up,  she said "It's my job to take care of your doggies!"  I just cried! There are no words to express my gratitude and I am soooo happy to recommend them to anyone .  Yes... they do a good job,  but most importantly they really care! More...


Alicia F.

9 July 2017

I have a rescue dog that has some issues and I board my pup here sometimes for short trips. She is not able to do the doggie daycare as there are just too many dogs. The staff is always sweet with her, and I can buy an upgrade so she gets one on one play time with the staff. I have also had my dog groomed here, and they have done a good job. I just wish there was a way to get her more exercise when she stays here. The staff is always prompt in getting back to me, and I have often been able to get her in here last minute (not holidays). More...


Cristane M.

6 April 2017

We adopted a 3 month old Catahoula last month. As mentioned by another reviewer, it's harder to find places that will take younger puppies (less than 4 months) without all rounds of puppy shots, so we decided to try Yuppie Dog with the intention of moving him to the daycare I originally wanted to enroll him in when he was old enough. Mylo has been going the past two weeks and comes home a tired and happy pup. He practically leaps out of the car when we pull in and runs right to the front door. The staff emailed me pictures and an update his first couple of days and it was awesome to see him in action enjoying himself with his new puppy friends (and helped reduce my anxiety about leaving him).Staff is incredibly friendly and you can definitely tell they care about the dogs here. My dog is a testament to that. We've found our home now and will not be moving after all. Thanks, Yuppie Dog! More...


Anthony M.

29 March 2017

My 4 month old Corgi needed doggie daycare. No place checked took puppies that young or still intact or not complete, but up to date on shots. Then I came to Yuppie Dog. They have a fantastic puppy squad. Eddie comes home happy, socialized and exhausted every time. The personnel is professional and seem to care a lot for the animals in their charge. More...


Dennis L.

1 March 2017

I randomly adopted a dog last year with my girlfriend.  She's the first dog I have ever owned and it was a major struggle initially.  I was way in over my head.  She had so much energy and some socialization issues.  Yuppie Dog did a really great job taking care of her during day care and she learned to trust a lot of people that work here.   Somewhere in the middle of last year, they also started occasionally sending pictures of Ginger to me during day care which always brightened my day.  I boarded GInger during Xmas 2016 without any issues.  I typically use Rover but every person I met on Rover ends up boarding way more dogs than what their calendar says for that specific day.  Even though I'm paying more, I know that Ginger will at least get some walks and have some attention paid to her.  I highly recommend Yuppie Dog and the people that work there. More...


Melissa T.

12 December 2016

This place is awesome!My boyfriend and i dropped our pups off for boarding for the weekend and were extremely excited to use Yuppie Dog. We've used boarding services before, specifically locations that are close to major airports and claim to be paradise....ahem. The last time I boarded my bigger dog, he came home in a funk and acted funny for a few days. The place we used seemed overworked and as if they didn't pay individual attention to the dogs.All of the five star reviews pointed me in the direction of Yuppie Dog for the weekend. We have a 50 pound ridgeback/retriever mix and a 25 pound deaf Eskie. Since our Eskie has special needs, we wanted to make sure she was in good hands. We filled out the paperwork on the website and also gave more information and double checked everything once we arrived to drop them off.From start to finish, Yuppie Dog was professional and worth the five stars. They knew our Eskie would be skittish and standoffish at first, but let her take her time to sniff around to get accommodated. When I went to pick them up they were excited and seemed like they had a wonderful time. They were so tired from all of the fun that they passed out as soon as we got home.We will definitely be using Yuppie Dog in the future! :) More...


Alice S.

1 December 2016

I have been taking my Lab here for the last 3 years, 1-3 times a week.  The staff is very friendly and caring.  He is always excited to get to daycare and happy (and ready for a nap) when I pick him up.  I have noticed some great changes over the last few months with the new owner.  He is often on-site when I'm dropping off or picking up and knows the dogs by name.  I will also occasionally get photos of my pup relaxing at daycare during the day which I love.  Another great thing is that they don't require reservations for daycare like a lot of places do, so if my schedule changes at the last minute, I can bring him in, and it's no problem.  Thanks Yuppie Dog! More...


Teresa S.

30 November 2016

Yuppie Dog rocks! My coco always has a good time there and I know she's in great hands when being boarded. Great prices too!


Lynda T.

27 November 2016

When you drop your dogs and they can't wait to go in?  That's a good sign!!  Yuppie Dog has been my "go to" for boarding for years.  They allow my dogs to stay together over night which is key.  They cannot be separated.  They come home happy, no stress and tho' ready to see me, I know they've been well cared for.  The staff knows them well even tho' we don't board that often.  They always remember us which makes me feel special.  I know that translates to how they care for my two.  Thanks Yuppie Dog!! More...


Brenda F.

9 November 2016

Yuppie Dog is my dogs' home away from home.  All 3 of my dogs love spending time at Yuppie Dog, but especially Zoe, who is very anxious in general, loves the Yuppie Dog staff.  I feel relaxed knowing she is getting the love and attention she wants and needs when I'm out of town on business or vacation. More...


Katherine M.

2 November 2016

Our yellow lab Cotton adores this place, and we do too! He goes a couple times a week for daycare and has also had grooming and boarding services there in the past. He gets so excited if we say the word "daycare" that he will run and wait by the door and won't calm down until we arrive. The second we get there he is in heaven. He plays in the pool, runs around with his buds, and pretty much never stops. They occasionally send us photos of him playing which are so fun to receive at work. The folks at Yuppie are super friendly and really fast; they have him ready to go as soon as we arrive for pick-up. The reason we chose Yuppie Dog in the first place was their excellent daycare hours. Drop off begins at 6:30 am and pick up goes until 7 pm. This makes it so easy to work into our schedule and my husband and I both have time to workout before coming to pick him up. They also make it reasonably priced with their 5 pack and 10 pack offerings. A coworker recommended Yuppie Dog to me, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else in the area looking for a fun place for your dog to stay, for daycare, pampering, or boarding! More...


John D.

28 October 2016

My dog, Siyar loves it here. he gets so excited when I pull up to the parking lot. he forgets all about me when we get there. Gustavo has always made my visits pleasant and he is genuine. As a nice perk, they send me pictures of my little guy, to put me at ease and show me he's having a great time. The best thing is, my little guy is so tired after a full day, he rests for 2 days afterwards. I'll be traveling for 2 weeks in December, and I have no doubts that Siyar will be well taken care of there. More...


Angelique H.

25 October 2016

My big girl Kate has been at Yuppie Dog for about seven months now. She started out as a puppy in their little puppy section and then moved up to the big dog section. She adores her dog friends along with the people that work at Yuppie Dog. They all treat Kate like a princess and she knows she is loved and happy when she is there! More...


Janet D.

24 October 2016

Yuppie Dog is THE BEST in Houston if you need day care or boarding.  Debbie has been going there since I rescued her.  Mary is a wonderful person and so is Gustavo, the manager.  Debbie loves them all.  I think Debbie thinks she is a member of the staff.  When I travel, I always board Debbie there, knowing she will have the BEST care and attention.  They are wonderful, and I would recommend them HIGHLY.  I wish I could put more than five stars, because they deserve it. More...


Gemma B.

10 September 2016

Yuppie Dog has been our go to pet care place for the last couple of years.  Sadly our beloved dog passed,  but when our new puppy is old enough and in need of daycare, Yuppie Dog is on our A-list.  It is worth noting that after informing them of our dog's passing,  Mary from Yuppie Dog took time out of her busy day to call and personally extend her condolences.  Can't tell you how much we appreciated that, and the care we and our dog received from the folks at Yuppie Dog. More...


Noemi M.

22 August 2016

I must congratulate Yuppie Dog for such wonderful changes and especially their staff and management, Great Job!!! My dog Daisy has been going to Yuppie for almost 4 years and every morning she is excited to jump in the car and gets incredibly happy when she sees we are approaching Yuppie Daycare, she gets her weekly baths there (note: on Thursdays they have a discount price). She loves playtime and the pool they have there, needless to say, when we get home she sleeps well the entire night since she played a lot. Overall, I am so happy, pleased and relieved knowing that my baby is taken well care of there. Highly recommend them. More...


Cynthia S.

18 August 2016

Love Yuppie Dog, and my puppy Rocky loves to come here, too. He is well taken care of and everyone knows him by name. I have boarded Rocky there on several occasions and he seems to not mind being there for the duration. Everyone here seems to like their job and enjoy being with the dogs. I really like that they know and understand my pet. I get a picture occasionally and it is much appreciated! I would recommend them to any one looking for a good daycare or boarding facility. Really good folks here... More...


Polly K.

7 June 2016

New and great changes are taking place at Yuppie Dog! My dog has attended daycare off and on and boarded there many, many times in his 4 years. He and I have always received wonderful care and service. The new manager, Kristof (not sure of spelling), seems to be implementing new procedures to help parents feel less separation anxiety when they babies are there visiting. Just recently, I received a darling pic of my baby hanging out on the playground during daycare when he was there for a long weekend.  Thank you!One suggestion - mandatory name tags for staff members. We'll definitely keep coming back. More...


April K.

20 March 2016

I stopped by the Yuppie Artisans market. It was small but had some neat finds and friendly folks to talk to. Additionally they welcome pets and I'm always happy to take my Great Dane with me.


Bobby S.

29 February 2016

This is the best dog boarding place in Houston.  I have tried several others previously and they cant compare.  The staff is courteous and helpful, the kennels are spotless and the dog playtime is well supervised. The other boarding places don't have the play area and quality of staff Yuppie dog does.  I hate to leave my dog anywhere, but ay least with Yuppie Dog I know my German Shepherd is in good hands. More...


Alisha M.

4 January 2016

I have taken my dog in for grooming on multiple occasions. He always leaves looking and smelling great! And he seems well adjusted. When he's been in for grooming at other places he acts a little whacked out, probably because he was caged all day. At Yuppie Dog, they allow the dogs to roam outside and play, like a dog should. More...


Chrissy R.

22 July 2015

Great location, not bad pricing for daycare, but most of all, the dogs that come here are family. I've been taking my dog here for a little over a year for 1-2/week day care or occasional boarding. I own a three-legged dog and they make sure that Shasta is always having fun with the little dog group. Although she could go in the bigger side, they want to make sure she's safe while playing. You see, that's love.I just wish they would post pictures and videos more often! Or at least give us report cards for how are dogs acted/what they did that day since we don't know what they actually do all day there lol I do know my little devil must be running a muck all day because she passes out as soon as I pick her up. More...


Christine L.

29 June 2015

I've been boarding my two terriers for several years only $20 for each dog.  I've been gone at most 2weeks.  I've had a pleasant experience.I bring their own food.  I don't pay extra for day care- which is $20 extra a day.  Their baths are a little pricey -@$35 for each dog so I usually just take them home for their post boarding bath.It's close to home and by the freeway so it's convenient and they have good hours.It's the only place I trust for my furbies!u More...


Chris N.

22 September 2014

I've been leaving my dog there for over 2 years now and trust them entirely with her.  When she's not been well... I receive a call and/or an e-mail immediately.  Or, if they require her shots to be updated.... they let me know well in advance so she can board.While travelling quite often, and if it's longer than a week, they will send me photos and keep me up to date.... which means so much.I can't thank Cynthia, Mary and her staff enough!  Highly recommend them... my pup loves going there. More...


Courtney N.

2 July 2014

I took my very hairy collie here earlier this week--they got him in with short notice. They did a great job and their price was much more reasonable than other groomers we've been to. It took a little longer than normal (but I dropped him off late). The groomer called to confirm the "haircut" I wanted for my dog and I was impressed with how he looked.I picked him up during the evening rush of people getting their dogs from daycare and I was really impressed with their customer interaction--the staff knew which dogs belonged to each owner and seemed to really care about the dogs. We might be trying out daycare here! More...


Andrew E.

20 October 2013

This was my second time taking our mini schnauzer for grooming to Yuppie Dog.  The facilities are great and the staff seem pretty nice. At $57 to make our mini go from scraggly to presentable, it's not a bad deal considering she always comes out happy as opposed to scared when we had taken her to Petsmart MANY moons ago. My only gripe is that I we dropped her off at 9am on a Saturday (opening time) and they didn't get her back to us until 4:15 or so (they close at 4pm). The front desk lady told us to come by around 3:45 so it was kind of lame waiting there for 30 minutes. However, I do understand cutting dog hair is much less predictable than cutting human hair since these guys don't like to sit still and probably don't like getting groomed. I'd give Yuppie Dog a 5 star rating otherwise for their grooming services. More...


Shandi R.

22 August 2013

We love Yuppie Dog Daycare! It's been a life saver for my husband and me because our boxer has a ton of energy and day care is a great way for her to release her energy and stay socialized. Our boxer gets to go once or twice a week and she loves it. We cannot even say the words "Day Care" around her anymore because she gets too excited. The facility is clean and I know my dog will be safe and well cared for when we drop her off. The staff is friendly and you can tell that they all love dogs We have also used Yuppie Dog's overnight boarding and grooming services and both are fantastic.My only criticism is that it is pretty pricey (more costly than other daycares in the Houston Loop) but it doesn't bother me enough to deduct a star because you pay for what you get! More...


Jamie E.

19 May 2013

So I'm reviewing the grooming, not the day care, because when I was waiting to pick up my dog from being groomed, a dog attacked another dog (read: bit another dog) and the staff was scrambling to fix the bite. So, I would not, unfortunately, take my dogs to the day care.The grooming was great though! I've never seen my dog look so much like a schnauzer than I did today. In fact, we were actually suspicious that our dog wasn't really a schnauzer, but ever since she was groomed we have been reminded. Also, the price for her was only $55, which based on a lot of the different grooming places was really inexpensive for the breed. More...


Harley D.

27 April 2012

Mary Kegarise, who is on staff here, is a dog whisperer.  We hired her to train our dog and are so grateful for it!   She speaks dog.  She knows dogs.  I suspect she eats, sleeps and breaths dogs- a dog lover through and through.  AND, she teaches dog owners to speak dog as well- or at least enough.  Through her process she not only transforms dog behaviors but the nature of the entire relationship between owners and their dogs as well.   In our case she corrected the problem behavior and gave us the tools to communicate what behaviors we want from him in the future.  But, more importantly, our dog is convinced he's found a new BFF in Mary, he LOVES her.  I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to correct or change a behavior in their dog... she's pretty amazing.  I would definitley trust any dog institution, such as Yuppie Dog, that Mary endorses, much less works at! More...



26 March 2012

I've only been to Yuppie Dog to purchase food for my dog but every time I go, the staff is extremely helpful and they let me know about different specials they have as well as new products. Yuppie Dog has healthy grain-free food like Orijen and Acana, and they sell cool treats like Venison bones. More...


Lesley N.

25 January 2012

Love this place!  My dog was initially VERY nervous and anxious around other dogs, and in the daycare setting, but the staff at Yuppie Dog understood and really gave her extra attention until she became more comfortable.  After a day care visits, my dog had made a complete turn around!  She loves the pool, and starts wagging her tail like crazy as soon as she sees the staff.  My pup goes to daycare about once a week, and is usually worn out for the next two days afterward.  The location is really convenient too- right near I-10. More...



24 October 2011

We love this place! My baby has been going here 5 days a week since he was a couple of months old (April timeframe) and he is always excited to play all day in Doggie Day Care. They offer grooming (which I have done weekly for him) and has always been perfect. They also offer training with Mary (he has taken both group and private lessons). Mary has done so well training him and he is crazy about her! He loves the the staff there and believe me, he may look cute, but he is not so fond of strangers and will let you know it. It amazes me at how good they are with him on a day to day basis. The guys and girls in the play area with him send me pictures and videos every so often, which is always really cute and puts a smile on my face. I know when I have to travel for work, he is in good hands at Yuppie Dog! More...



19 October 2011

My dog LOVES this place!! The KTs who brings my dogs to me are always friendly!! They all remember my dog's name and they know that I'm their mother! They treat my dog like a baby so I know she's in great hands!! More...



14 October 2011

I Love Mary, my dog's trainer. She has really turned my 1.5 year old dog around. He was becoming a bit aggressive and protective but with a few sessions, he has really made progress. I am looking forward to continuing our sessions and I just know he will grow up to be the perfect dog with Mary's help. We boarded him at Yuppie Dog for a week and he came home happy and healthy. I would not have a hesitation to use this facility again. More...



12 October 2011

Our trainer took our dog to Yuppie Dog for the first time because she works there now. He had playtime and got groomed. He was a very handsome, happy dog when she brought him home! Knowing what an excellent trainer Mary is, I knew this place wouldt be great! More...



12 October 2011

Our dog's first trip to Yuppie Dog he had playtime and grooming. He came home happy and handsome ! Best daycare in the area and very good prices.


John V.

29 September 2011

Five stars for taking care of my dog for a weekend get-away or a two week Euro vacation.  I tested the waters first and started with weekends.  Once I was sure she was well taken care of for the weekend then I was all in for the Euro trip.  I even emailed Yuppie Dog from Austria and got a very quick reply reassuring me that my dog was doing great.  You don't see service like that anymore. More...



22 September 2011

I have taken our 2 dogs to Yuppie Dog daycare about 4 times now, and they love it! And I love it because they are really tired out when I pick them up after work! What really impressed me was the 2nd day I took them, one of the staff greeted them by their names. And every time I go, they remember me and my dogs. They really have a friendly staff and great service. More...


Leena C.

22 September 2011

When my "niece" Chi-Chi needed to be boarded while her parents were out of town, Yuppie Dog to the rescue.As I walked towards the door, all the dogs in the yard seemed so calm and quiet. There was a worker cleaning out the "pool" (which reassured me that they were a sanitary place). When I walked in, the lobby area was clean and the staff quickly acknowledged me.I told them I was there to pick up Chi-Chi and they all smiled and said they loved her and what a great girl she was! They immediately went to get her and began telling me stories about how sweet and well behaved she was :)When they brought her out, she looked so clean and happy. And they sent a cute letter with a pic (via email) which just added to the overall experience. More...


Leslie C.

21 September 2011

I have taken our 2 dogs to Yuppie Dog daycare about 4 times now, and they love it!  And I love it because they are really tired out when I pick them up after work!  What really impressed me was the 2nd day I took them, one of the staff greeted them by their names.  And every time I go, they remember me and my dogs.  They really have a friendly staff and great service. More...


F R.

31 May 2011

Miranda got her summer cut.  Great job!


statchel Andrews

13 December 2010

Recently,Our pet was groomed at Yuppie dog.We spoke to the Groomer/Manager about our special instructions for our baby.Sarah took that into consideration and really exceeded our expectations!She truly has God given talent with those scissors.He looked like he feel out of one of those pet magazines.Amazing Groomers are hard to find.I dont think ""Amazing"" does Sarah Justice!Kudoz young Lady! More...



13 November 2010

Amazing facility and great staff. They offer everything: boarding, training, day care....And they carry dog food hard to find elsewhere.



2 November 2010

My Boss has a dog and recommened me to Yuppie Dog because i am a freak about my dog and very picky about my dogs haircut. Well after taken my dog there and seeing the final results, I love this place. The young lady at the front was great, i can clearly tell she loved her job and cared for the dog and respected the parents. The groomer came out and spoke with me about the haircut for my dog, which i thought that was nice of her "" Finally"" someone listens. I am so glad my Boss told me about this place.. Wonderful, a place we all love... More...



8 September 2010

Since moving to Houston Yuppie Dog has been our choice for Grooming and Boarding. The facility is very clean and animal friendly and the staff is extremely polite and welcoming. Even though we passed several groomers on the way to yuppie, they are the best..... I have and will continue to recommend Yuppie dog to all who will listen. Thanks to all the staff for the care given to our additional family member. More...


Roberta S.

7 August 2010

Yuppie Dog is an outstanding facility! Its spacious, clean and there is a small pool there, which is a fantastic addition!The staff are wonderful and more importantly, my dog absolutely loves the place...He is only a puppy and therefore it has been great in getting him socialized with other dogs. And the best part is that he comes home and passes out!I could not speak highly enough about Yuppie Dog...you would be a fool to go elsewhere! More...



27 July 2010

This place is awesome! How can I start? The facilities are super clean, spacious, they have indoor and outdoor play areas and to top it all off, they have a great outdoor salt water pool. The best thing is that the pool is included in the cost of daycare for all the water loving dogs. The staff is very friendly and very caring with my dog. My dog Max loves to go there and becomes very excited every morning when he hears me ask ""Do you want to go to Yuppie?' The staff even sends me the cutest pictures of Max playing during the day. I've also boarded Max at Yuppie Dog and what I like the most is that they include playtime which make me feel at ease that Max is not locked up all day. The boarding area is spacious and they are very hip and urban. I've also groomed Max at Yuppie Dog and they are very good at it. Their prices are all inclusive and they also clean Max's teeth every time he goes. Honestly, I found the best place to take Max. We LOVE IT! More...


Nathan r.

27 July 2010

This place is awesome! How can I start? The facilities are super clean, spacious, they have indoor and outdoor play areas and to top it all off, they have a great outdoor salt water pool. The best thing is that the pool is included in the cost of daycare for all the water loving dogs. The staff is very friendly and very caring with my dog. My dog Max loves to go there and becomes very excited every morning when he hears me ask "Do you want to go to Yuppie?' The staff even sends me the cutest pictures of Max playing during the day. I've also boarded Max at Yuppie Dog and what I like the most is that they include playtime which make me feel at ease that Max is not locked up all day. The boarding area is spacious and they are very hip and urban. I've also groomed Max at Yuppie Dog and they are very good at it. Their prices are all inclusive and they also clean Max's teeth every time he goes. Honestly, I found the best place to take Max. We LOVE IT! More...


N R.

26 July 2010

This place is awesome! How can I start? The facilities are super clean, spacious, they have indoor and outdoor play areas and to top it all off, they have a great outdoor salt water pool. The best thing is that the pool is included in the cost of daycare for all the water loving dogs. The staff is very friendly and very caring with my dog. My dog Max loves to go there and becomes very excited every morning when he hears me ask "Do you want to go to Yuppie?' The staff even sends me the cutest pictures of Max playing during the day. I've also boarded Max at Yuppie Dog and what I like the most is that they include playtime which make me feel at ease that Max is not locked up all day. The boarding area is spacious and they are very hip and urban. I've also groomed Max at Yuppie Dog and they are very good at it. Their prices are all inclusive and they also clean Max's teeth every time he goes. Honestly, I found the best place to take Max. We LOVE IT! More...


Michael Brown

14 July 2010

It is hard to find a place that REALLY likes the animals -- here Cynthia and her staff do such a great job! Any time you need anything or have questions -- just ask for Sarah, she is the manager and it seems like she is always there. If you ever pass by and see a crazy Jack Russell in the pool - it is probably my dog. She and her friends play all day, and she comes home exhausted, what more could a parent want. And don't forget to check out the 'toys' - haha, the collars, treats, etc. in the shop, they always have the coolest stuff. Give them a chance and check them out - tell them you heard about it from Jezebel - they will get a kick out of that! More...


Ana-Carolina C.

16 February 2010

The best place you could ever take your dogs! The staff is great and the space is fantastic



29 January 2010

Best Dog Care Facility of all time. Facilities are clean, actually spotless, staff is friendly, attentive, knowledgable and they love, really love dogs. My Golden Loves Yuppie Dog. Gotta see the pool, what fun for the dogs. We are here to stay and won't ever go anywhere else! Thanks Yuppie friends. More...



7 January 2010

We recently adopted a dog who is still pretty wary of new places and people. The staff at Yuppie Dog took the time to make her (and us) feel comfortable. They emailed me with updates. We will definitely be back. More...



23 December 2009

Out of all the groomers, my dog feels very comfortable at this place. Our dog had bad experiences with other groomers and gets very anxious when going to groomers. The owner spend the entire time with our dog to make him feel home while the groomers were working on him. Hands down the best dog care place we have seen. We are very impressed and would recommend this place to all pet owners. More...


ss m.

11 September 2009

This is a very awesome place for all services related to dog care...I am impressed!!!My pooch had some much fun she was reluctant to come home. The facilities are new and well maintained - and the staff is awesome. There is drop-off where there is no need to even exit the car....the large animals are separated from the small animals and there is lots of attention paid to cleanliness and the animals are always supervised. When a dog gets a bit rough - there are time-out areas they are put in. I was really impressed with the boarding facilities - they are clean, well-maintained first class facilities. They even have play areas for rainy days...don't judge the business from the street - take a few minutes and come inside...guaranteed you will be impressed. I want to come back and live at Yuppie Dog in my next life. More...



25 August 2009

I took my two big dogs to Yuppie Dog for a day of grooming and daycare and was very happy to pick up two very clean and happy dogs. The staff obviously took great acre of them and size was no issue as they were able to wash and clip both dogs nails. They were even wearing ties (like in their logo) when I picked them up. Nice touch Yuppie Dog. One other thing to mention is that there is a saltwater pool on property for the water loving dogs (my dogs are not water dogs). Seems like a great bonus for labs, goldens, or any kind of water/ bird dogs. Next time I leave town I'll be dropping the hounds at Yuppie Dog for boarding. Thanks for great (much needed) service! More...

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