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9 April 2018

Mark was awesome!! He came to a corporate party for our clients. He brought all his own equipment assured me that we would not have to do a thing. He was engaging and friendly with our clients. Very reasonably priced. A good time was had by all!!! Five stars! More...


1 November 2017

Mark did an excellent job at my party. My friends have already told their family and friends about him because he was so good. I will definitely use him again.

Thank you Sheila, It was my pleasure. Shelia hired me through BARK for a very nice Scottsdale house party she threw for her friends. Everyone had a great time... including me!


Ms. Carole Turley

25 September 2017

I have known Mark Hamilton for over 25 years. I worked as his Personal Manager in the entertainment business, he as a Professional Top Quality Illusionist, Stage Magician & Stage Hypnotist.

We performed at high dollar, top notch Venue, Corp., and Events of all types throughout the country. Now decades later he is providing Top Quality Karaoke! FAR more than simply a KJ because Mark brings his entire entertainment background with him, and that includes the best technical elements as well.

Anyone in need of this type of entertainment would do themselves & their attendees a favor by contracting Hamilton!


Paul Karpurk

3 August 2017

Outstanding SOUND quality, professional in every way! Never loses track of the singers (very solid rotations) and a HUGE library of songs to choose from! Mark Hamilton is my go-to guy for Karaoke!
Currently running in my establishment twice weekly!

Thank you Paul! (Paul is the Manager at Fuzzys Southwest Sports Bar and Grill). It's been my pleasure to serve as Fuzzy's official Karaoke host over the past couple years. You guys have been great!



3 August 2017

Quality equipment and sound system, plus expertise behind the boards makes for a more confident singing experience for both karaoke "virgins" and the more experienced.

No matter the location, his skills are ALWAYS on par, making us ALL sound our very best. He has a very good ear for ALL voice types. Honestly, other KJ's can't even compare, in my experience & opinion.
Something that I thought was pretty cool: As an added perk, you can also purchase a high quality copy of any/all of the songs that you sang that night!
Mark's very encouraging with people and his fun, lively, and infectious personality just plain FUN to be around!


John Tuminello

2 August 2017

Helped make our evening fun! He actually cares about the quality of sound and takes the time to help each and every singer. Helping everyone sound the best they possible can. More...

Thank you John, John is a friend and a working, full time professional Karaoke Host/DJ himself. He has been working 5 night per week at the same club for many many years. He is also listed on BARK and another great choice if you want a quality DJ, Wedding DJ or Karaoke host. Look him up.



2 August 2017

Mark has an amazing sound system and music collection. He is also one of my very good friends with a wonderful personalty... Loves to make his guests sound the best they can be! Five Stars! More...

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Music, interacting with people and making them the star of the show. Bringing out the best in their voices and making each person feel special and appreciated.

I've been entertaining and singing most of my life. I'm now semi-retired and this is just a natural evolution of my love of entertaining and interacting with an audience.

Because I'm a perfectionist and very good at what I do. One of the best sounding Karaoke shows in the business. Singers love the way they sound and I go the extra mile to make them sound great. I'm also a professional singer. My musical entertainment services provide many unique feature options not available elsewhere. Such as:
1. Optional ability to provide high quality "Live" audio or video recordings of the event or singers.
2. Shows can be broadcast via Internet Radio and TV for friends and family anywhere in the WORLD to watch and enjoy "Live".
3. Mobile App for searching and requesting songs available (eliminates the need to wait for or wade through hard copy books).


Top quality Karaoke for parties, clubs, weddings, corporate and special events. Fully self contained.

Classics that Baby Boomers Love. Visit http://Singer4Hire.com for actual "Live" audio samples.

Wedding DJ services to help you make your special event hassle free and enjoyable.