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Yasin Chhabu Photography

London / Northwest UK, Middlesex

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Yasin Chhabu Photography

London / Northwest UK, Middlesex


A bespoke photography service across several sectors - Weddings, commercial & marketing shoots, events, portraits & family portraits and PR

I work with all industry standard professional equipment, all shoots can be taken place indoor or outdoor as I can accommodate both types of lighting equipment.



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Everyone tends to repeat the same old 'ensure you create a great composition and master the light that falls onto your subject'. In my experience I have found that the pictures I have taken which receive most attention are the ones that I've dared to take. Stand somewhere for a photo where the average wouldn't stand, or taking a step into the realms of the irrational for that photo.

One of the favourite pictures from my collection has to be when I stood centre of a hectic stream of mopeds, on a busy road in Saigon during the rush hour. Blocking out the sound of my wife screaming at me to get off the road- I knelt down and captured incoming and outgoing traffic of Mopeds framed by the colourful lights from hundreds of stacked businesses to either side.

When photographing events/people I engage with the group to get them relaxed hopefully enthusiastic - it helps working with people to get them active and further encapsulating the evening/event with a series of characteristic shots.

It is important to know the dates and times of the event including location so I can inform the client if it would clash with any other pre-booked events. or if expenses may be charged if far travel is required.

For weddings or organised events an Itinerary is VERY helpful. As a photographer the more I get to know about your event, the better I am prepared to capture those special and key moments. Sometimes the client may not have time to meet me ahead of the event, so it is essential to be aware of all the details of the event, especially all the moments clients want captured.

Establishing if they are any cultural factors that need to be considered for the day - e.g being respectful during any ceremonies where photography may not be appropriate.

Key family members that need to be captured.

Gauging personalities of the clients to get a feel of what type of photography they prefer and be comfortable with.

Any special requirements

Getting to meet a varied range of people and experience different cultures. I have always been within the line of the creative arts, with a camera body and lens I get to express my work through capturing still moments and telling a story - expression, emotions and locations all help stitch together the final product. but most importantly - always getting to eat the best foods during photography shoots the events!

I am an avid photographer who had had this interest as a hobby since 2004. What started as a hobby on my travels across the glob studying and photographing architecture, then led to an ever increasing demand for capturing significant events for family and friends!

ALAS I took my skills and experience professionally and have enjoyed every minute. Unfortunately the market has become very saturated anyone that can get hold of a camera, nevertheless I continue to love what I do and I am rewarded with wonderful projects.

I treat each individual shoot as a unique project. As I am very fortunate to have gained experience across several sectors, I strive to know my client ahead of the shoot to understand their requirements. Without due preparation and research it would be very difficult to capture their vision, therefore I work diligently to understand the project to help deliver the goals and expectations of the client.

The final product is not just for the client but also a statement of my skills, competence and reputation. I never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure my work is complete, whether that means staying longer on the event to ensure all is captured, or getting knee deep in mud to capture a special composition!

Finally - Photography and Design has been a part of my life since studying architecture at university. My love for Travel, Culture and Architecture has trained me to draw out the detail that we are surrounded by every day. From my humble beginnings of a Sony Coolpix to the Fujifilm S980, which paved the way to my current Nikon D810a. I’m very fortunate that my passion for photography continues to grow.
Think out of the box, be irrational with your ideas. It’s all worth it for that ‘Money Shot’! I bring this vision to each of the events I shoot.