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Xenios Charalambous Fitness is a London based celebrity personal trainer and online personal trainer. For clients worldwide we offer online personal training for anyone that is willing to lose fat and build muscle. We specialise in personalised diet plans and workout programs.

Xenios Charalambous Fitness Reviews


Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Abby-kun Espino
5 12/02/2018 Abby-kun Espino

I started training with Xenios with the aim to tone up a bit ahead of my business events. I had particularly high expectations as I needed to have a certain look for my event, look fit and most importantly healthy. Xenios approach is phenomenal. The way he structured the diet and my workout programme was fully according to my busy day and goal, and most importantly easy and enjoyable to follow. The change I saw was incredible, my body shape changed dramatically in the space of 10 weeks, my strength has gone up and I was fully ready for my business event. Xenios is amazing at encouraging and supporting me throughout the duration working with him and I highly recommend him for people that are looking for a quality of trainer that knows what he is doing.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by mista mehdi
5 13/11/2017 mista mehdi

Great trainer very knowledgeable and always available to help you... He is honest and gives u all the keys to be successful... I Will miss training with him... I highly recommend xenios as your pt.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Justyna Bieniek
5 28/10/2017 Justyna Bieniek

The 12-Week Body Transformation program have made profound and lasting difference in my life. Xenios as a personal trainer and person, with his custom made program has brought positive, permanent transformation in my body, mind and as a side effect - in the quality of my life. Xenios, program not only transformed my body, it is a direct cause for unique power - the power to be effective in areas of my life that matter to me, the confidence to live my life and create life I love, my personal productivity. Working with Xenios I have found my self to think and act beyond what I thought is possible for me! Working with him and get resolute you have to be committed to do 3 things: show up, work hard, listen what he is saying!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Andrew Sherman
5 22/06/2017 Andrew Sherman

Xenios was high professional with his work ethic and very quick to respond to any messages I may have needed answered. I don't have anything bad to say about him, and if you are someone looking to change your life with fitness and nutrition, Xenios should be a top consideration to pursue. He will push you and encourage you to keep going when things get tough.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by ibrahim marey
5 25/05/2017 ibrahim marey

Xenios' is professional in every sense of the word, timely responses and great workouts personally tailored to you are just 2 things you can expect from him. His meal plan is easy to follow, you don't get bored of the food because he will suggest substitutes when you need them! Great workouts, straight to the point and rigorous. amazing app that really guides your progress and makes you feel like you're doing work!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by David Reaves
5 24/05/2017 David Reaves

As an online client, Xenios is always there for you and quick to answer messages. I've spent my whole life around 160-165 pounds and I've managed to put on about 10lbs of mass over the last 3 months following his custom meal plan and workout routine. The best part about Xenios is that he changes your workouts and meal plans as you progress, so you don't stagnant, your body always has to adapt and grow. I would give him 10 stars if I could.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Tim Butz
5 24/05/2017 Tim Butz

I've been working with Xenios since late November 2016. My goals have been muscle building/fitness, but first weight loss. When I started with Xenios, my weight was about 220 lbs. My current weight is 183, so I've lost nearly 40 pounds under his guidance.

Xenios is very thorough in his preparation of exercise plans. I've had several different exercise plans with him...excellent for keeping things new and challenging my body in different ways. When I have questions about exercises or about his fitness application, he's there usually within 24 hours with answers. He'll tweak plans to meet my needs, or to adjust to equipment that's available in my gym.

At first, I thought it would be difficult working with a personal trainer who wasn't right with me when I was training. But Xenios uses technology to help me past most of those challenges. Also, Xenios bases his work on facts and science and not on "bro science" and alternative facts.

In the end, I'm very happy with my choice of Xenios as my personal trainer. One look at the scale or in the mirror tells me all I need to know!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Ali Issa
5 24/05/2017 Ali Issa

Simply THE best. Xenios is not only a great coach, but he's even a greater person. I had the privilege to be his client for the last year and I can't but recommend him for anyone who wants to improve and to have a better lifestyle. His workout and meal plans are customised, he's always available to help you and motivate you and, unlike most of the online coaches, is down to earth. I'd say Xenios is the best coach I could ask for, but he's also become my friend, I wish him nothing but the best and highly recommend him.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by burim hykaj
5 21/05/2017 burim hykaj

I found Xenios to be highly professional and very proactive. He was clear in all of his communications and also had a very friendly, but efficient manner. He helped me to achieve all my goals. He is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him. If you are looking for an awesome personal trainer, he is the right person! Keep up the good work!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Fakhri Hijjawi
5 11/04/2016 Fakhri Hijjawi

There are no words in my mind right now to describe how much Xenios helped me achieve my transformation from a skinny person to an athlete body, i like the way how he works hard to give you your nutrition plan, and workout plan. He's also connected with you as your personal coach through social media. He's awesome. I gained 7 Kg using online coaching, and i still his client, and i hope i'm gonna achieve my goals using his help and information. I encourage you to sign up to his online personal training, a personalised program that works or your money back, that is his slogan.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Savvas Antoniadis
5 11/04/2016 Savvas Antoniadis

I have been working with Xenios for the last month and I have noticed a huge difference regarding my approach to the food and the work out. I am not a fat guy, but I always had a BMI in higher normal levels.I had tried so many diets and work-out programmes in the past-herbalife, freeletics, atkins diet- and the result was the same: Losing 3-5 kilos and after a while, gaining them. Xenios is an excellent coach for both nutritional and work-out advice and he is able to create individual customer programmes. He is very professional and extremely approachable and encouraging. I have already lost 3 kilos and my body is being currently transformed. Additonally, he is polite and keen to reply to all my queries in the same day!Highly recommended for the online programme:)

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Wolfain Sam
5 11/04/2016 Wolfain Sam

Excellent job on providing the diet and workout plans. Really passionate about what he is doing and wants to help everyone achieve the best about their physique.

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by andrea anastasiou
5 10/04/2016 andrea anastasiou

Definitely my favourite personal trainer! I worked with other personal trainers in the past and didn't get quick results! Xenios gave me the most detailed program and. Guided me through the whole process, couldn't be happier with the results. Just AMAZING!! Totally will recommend! P.S he is dedicated on his job and would always answer my questions and kept on track my process!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Panayiotis Loizides
5 10/04/2016 Panayiotis Loizides

Xenios has been my personal trainer for more than a year and I can assure you that you can definitely see results by working with him. He is dedicated and passionate on what he is doing and he knows well how to treat his customers. His website is amazing as well, and you can find a lot of tips on how to transform your body. The best online personal trainer out there! Thank you Xenios!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Owais Ahmed
5 10/04/2016 Owais Ahmed

One of the best online trainer available on internet, very friendly and understanding individual.
Highly expert in creating personalized/customized diet and work out plans.
Helped me in achieving my goals, I went from 76 kg to 68kg in few months.


Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Sergios Charalambous
5 10/04/2016 Sergios Charalambous

I had the opportunity to work with Xenios for 6 months, he is very knowledgable trainer and I managed to lose over 10kgs during the period I was working with him. Thank you Xenios!

Review of Xenios Charalambous Fitness by Gagan Chahal
5 09/04/2016 Gagan Chahal

Xenios has been a really good fitness coach and helped me transform my body. He is always there to talk to whenever i have any questions. He does not consider you as "just another client", he is a friend and cares for you. His meal plans/workout schedule is all based around YOUR schedule. NO BS. If you follow his plans you will make gains. Xenios has helped me take my fitness to the next level. Highly recommend!!!! ☺

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